Bernhard Guenther has had a lifelong interest in exploring the mysteries and hidden knowledge surrounding our planet and humanity’s origins, questioning the roots of what constitutes “reality”, and how social (and spiritual) conditioning impacts upon our collective search for the truth in all aspects of life.

His blog “Piercing the Veil of Reality” is a wide-ranging collection of articles, essays and films, ranging from spirituality, psychology, politics and history, to the UFO phenomenon and hyperdimensional realities.

Bernhard feels that in order to make a collective shift in consciousness, we need to do the work to separate truth from lies, both within and without; to raise awareness about these deeper topics; and to bring the darkness to light whilst making the shadow conscious, so that we can truly heal, evolve, and grow.

All of these values are pursued in order to achieve humanity’s collective emancipation, which involves every individual becoming fully-embodied sovereign Beings, playing our unique parts in this evolution of the heart-space, anchoring a higher frequency of love and compassion for self and others.

Besides reading, researching and writing his material, Bernhard works as a professional bodyworker in Topanga Canyon, California, helping individuals in their path towards healing and holistic wellness.

8 responses to “About

  • jeff soule

    Hello Bernhard, I like your writing and am pusuing a similar line of learning. Krishnamurti is inspiring and perplexing at the same time, as self awareness is not easy at all. It’s good to meet you.


  • Mr. Lee

    Keep it up!

    A lot of good work here.

    I enjoyed the “know Thyself” video so much. If you have some pre-knowledge about conspiracy, spirituality, psychology and consciousness you can not find any better 15 minutes than “know thyself.” It’s short but powerful and spot-on.


  • Simon.

    Hello there,

    Your ‘know thyself’ video is AMAZING!
    Keep up the good work!

  • David

    I Loved your video. Beyond that, I feel need to say this – I felt an emotion related to the grief of not being heard through it. I know this in myself, I have this… so maybe it resonated through the plea even though it was very subtle, or perhaps it’s just me. But I really think it was a wonderful provoking piece that I’m sure has already made shock waves and has made people question how they see themselves in a different way – it did for me… thank you so much :)

  • Frank Andersen

    ‘know thyself’ video is nothing more than a MASTERPIECE
    Frankly Speaking


  • wayki

    most intelligent documentary i have ever seen on the “higher entity” agenda. well done. i touch upon some of the related issues on my site http://www.waykiwayki.com


  • swoo

    thank you so much for your honesty and hard work to alert those who seek the truth!

  • forlight

    I just watched the Know Thyself video and wanted to say thank you, it was quite inspiring. I was wondering what your background was, whether you had studied Samael Aun Weor or Belsebuub’s teachings, and whether you knew about the 3 keys? If your background is in self knowledge but you don’t know about the elimination of the egos and alchemy then I think it’s something you would be very interested in.

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