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Will Spencer joins Bernhard Guenther on the Cosmic Matrix Podcast to talk about his journey of self-discovery which lead him to find his higher purpose of helping men become exceptional versions of themselves in light of the renaissance of men to embody the real masculine principle that has been suppressed and distorted in today’s culture.

Will Spencer is an entrepreneur, traveler, and storyteller. His path has taken him from Stanford University to the Dot-com Boom, the warehouse rave scene of San Francisco, and through 33 countries on 6 continents. Along the way, his passion for personal growth led him through the traumatic loss of his mother and into the exciting world of men’s personal development and transformation. Now he helps men become exceptional versions of themselves through discipline and self-knowledge.

Twitter: @will_renofmen
Instagram: @renofmen
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Part 1:

  • Will shares what he learned and experienced backpacking 33 countries over 6 continents for 4 years
  • Using the Covid lockdown as an opportunity to get in shape, study, and learn
  • The importance of being authentic, not being silent, and finding your voice
  • The birth of the renaissance of men
  • The core challenges of men in this day and age
  • Two types of men: Sensitive/vulnerable men vs edgy/confident men and the necessity to embody both parts
  • The bad guy/nice guy syndrome and how women are socially programmed to date either guys
  • Narcissistic wounding
  • The missing rite of passage/initiation for boys to men in modern society
  • Childhood wounds and the process of individuation
  • The “feminine” and “masculine” approach to healing
  • Hyper-feminized society and Patriarchy
  • The importance of discipline
  • Mommy government and disempowering people
  • The toxic Feminine power of shaming has become normalized in society
  • What is real toxic masculinity?


In Part 2 (only for members) we go deeper into:

  • The 2016/2020 elections, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and the [toxic] Hyper-feminization of society
  • The shaming power of women in today’s Woke society
  • Donald Trump as the main target for toxic feminism
  • The war against men by the Woke cult
  • This distortion of “white supremacy”
  • Logos and Divine Order
  • The destruction of families
  • Identity politics, gender dysphoria, and Trauma
  • The unconscious pain of the Leftist Woke projected externally
  • The importance of boundaries and saying No!
  • The victim/blame trap
  • Being nice [people pleaser] will kill you
  • Pathological Woke ideologies are infecting the Therapy space
  • Stoicism
  • Shame as an entry point for occult forces
  • What can men do?
  • The importance of physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual integration
  • A healthy physical foundation is key to build on
  • Men friendship and brotherhood
  • Competence hierarchies and the healthy sense of humility
  • Leadership, interdependence, and working together

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