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Laura and I were recently interviewed by my accountant Bob Wheeler who happens to have a podcast show called “Money You Should Ask”. Bob is quite a conscious accountant and a funny human being (he also does stand-up comedy). We had a great time chatting about a topic that many of us tend to struggle with and many people tend to have all kinds of judgments and triggers around it (especially in the “truth movement” and “spiritual communities”). In this podcast, we share a bit about our own (healing) journey and past beliefs around money, ancestral/parental programming, unconscious beliefs, the importance of investing in oneself, opening the flow, etc.

“Bob Wheeler & holistic practitioners Laura Matsue & Bernhard Guenther discuss the energy of money and how spirituality and money are interconnected. Laura & Bernhard share their perspective that money is fuel, allowing them to be of service without being drained, financially, or emotionally. They reveal that their journey to a healthy relationship with money was not immediate and not initially on the radar. Listen in as Laura & Bernhard get candid and personal about money, energy & spirituality.”

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