Voting, Cognitive Dissonance and Fear of the Unknown

“One phenomenon all ponerogenic groups and associations have in common is the fact that their members lose (or have already lost) the capacity to perceive pathological individuals as such, interpreting their behavior in fascinated, heroic, or melodramatic ways. When the habits of subconscious selection and substitution of thought-data spread to the macrosocial level, a society tends to develop contempt for factual criticism and to humiliate anyone sounding an alarm.”

– Andrew M. Lobaczewski, Political Ponerology

The presidential elections in the US are coming up soon. Many people argue for their chosen candidate to vote for. As usual it is Republicans vs. Democrats. Romney vs. Obama. I’ve written before about the futility of engaging in this circus side show that is designed to give the illusion of choice and simply re-enforces the prison without bars where people get distracted by the shadows on the wall in a global Stockholm Syndrome. It doesn’t speak much for a “shift in consciousness” or “global awakening”, especially if many self-proclaimed “spiritual” and “aware” folks still ignore the facts and are driven by identification and wishful thinking, participating in a system that is deeply ponerized.

Lately I’ve received some messages and comments from such individuals on Facebook stating that I should stop the “Obama bashing” because it’s important that Romney doesn’t win.

“My bro, agree and disagree. … However Romney MUST be stopped by any means necessary. Please do not bash Obama this month, Romney must not win.”

or this one:

“So, I recognize the limits of our system and the many pathologies within it and, like you, do what I can to change things. Core question: would you prefer to vote for Obama, Romney or not vote at all? (I’m already decided as I work directly with some Obama appointees who are as committed to system change as I am….)”

and this one:

“Given that our current political reality is so grim that we are locked into either Obama or Romney (as in, there’s no way that a 3rd party candidate will win in 2012), is it not most appropriate to actively opt for the preferable candidate WHILE working as hard as one can to transcend this broken system? As in, as long as we are stuck in this game, for now, why not play the hand we’re dealt as best we can, for now, while we put our full effort into transforming the system itself…? […] So, I can certainly see why it would be clear to opt for opting out of the election-system if one only could only choose between buying fully in or buying fully out, but isn’t there a more ‘mature’ option: to play the game as best we can while we’re stuck in it WHILE doing everything we can to get unstuck from it? […] My take is that to get to where (I think) you (and I) would like to get, 4 more years of Obama would be a preferable environment for that process of transcendence of our current ‘Matrix’ to occur inside of than a Romney environment. …”

There are more messages and comments of the same kind I’ve received lately. What they are saying basically comes down to this: “I agree with what you are saying…..BUT I’ll vote for Obama anyway since he’s the “lesser evil”.

If they’d truly recognize the “limits of our system and the many pathologies within it“, then they would understand that voting and supporting any of the two candidates is not only a waste of energy, but also does more harm than any good, despite their well-meaning intent.

When I receive messages like that I provide information that would help them to see the point clearer. The system cannot be changed from within or without until the most important topic for humanity is addressed and understood: Psychopathy, Political Ponerology and how it affects our society. Rarely do any of the people writing me take the time to study this crucial subject. Either their ignore the information or just skim over it, filtered through their already made-up beliefs and convictions. It’s the classical mistake of putting one’s logic (conclusions) before grammar (research).

The main issue is this: It’s not really about ideologies, socialism vs. corporatism vs. capitalism, republicans vs. democrats, Romney vs. Obama, rich vs. poor, etc. . It’s also not about just looking for new systems or economic models, ecological or otherwise. Neither is it about the tea party vs. occupy movement or any movement for that matter. Many well-meaning folks who introduce “solutions” or new models to change the system still mistake the symptoms for the cause and do not go deep enough.

I’m not saying not to look for solutions of that kind, however, nothing will change fundamentally until we educate ourselves about Psychopathy and Political Ponerology and how it affects society and “normal” people, for the “virus” of Psychopathy will also spread through any alternative models/movements. Many people make too many assumptions about this topic or deny it off hand without having sincerely researched it. About 6% of humanity are genetic psychopaths, most of them to be found in positions of power. They have no inherent ability to feel compassion, empathy or regret, but they can emulate and fake these characteristics to manipulate and control “normal” humans. In short, they have no conscience by birth.

This knowledge (based on science that has been suppressed for obvious reasons), combined with offering sustainable economic solutions, would initiate true lasting change. It’s the foundation to work from. Anything else will eventually disintegrate, even if it looks/sounds promising at the beginning. Many may accept willingly that psychopaths exist. What they don’t seem to accept is the extensive research on psychopathy, how common they are, how untreatable they are, and how they affects all of us. Knowledge protects! Would you still vote for Obama or Romney, knowing they are psychopaths, hiding behind a “mask of sanity“?

The system is also not broken. It is designed that way to keep people imprisoned out of their own choice in a global Stockholm Syndrome. It’s not an irrational “conspiracy theory” but fact that can be proven with a careful study of our real history (not the one you learned in school) including Psychopathology. The word “conspiracy” alone has been so distorted that people don’t even understand its basic definition anymore. Entirely reasonable questioning can be ridiculed by labeling it a conspiracy theory. In the popular imagination the word conspiracy theory has been given a connotation of paranoid delusion. This has been done by deliberately circulating implausible allegations, giving them press and then shooting them down, by character assassination attacks against people asking inconvenient questions, by intimidation and by a host of other manipulation techniques.

Most people have “opinions” about something they haven’t sincerely researched or looked into. The fact that many people don’t recognize that there is essentially NO difference between Romney and Obama and that the two party system is a set-up where we essentially have NO choice, also shows that they don’t fully “recognize the limits of our system“.

It is quite tragic, because their way of reasoning and that of many other well-meaning people is based on wishful thinking and projecting qualities into Obama he doesn’t have. Both, Obama and Romney support the big lies, which none of them address. The ONLY difference they have are in irrelevant issues that are merely distractions and straw man/red herring arguments.

For example, I asked the person who claimed to work with “Obama appointees” the question, do you and the Obama appointees you work with address the following issues?

– The lie of 9/11

More than anything else 9/11 is responsible for the the majority of political decisions made by any given administration since that event. It has been used to start wars, killing millions of people under the pretext of the fake “war on terror”. It has taken freedoms away with Obama having actually a WORSE record in that regard than Bush. Just at the end of last year he signed the NDAA into law authorizing the White House’s ability to indefinitely detain American citizens without charge or due process. He also said “The fact that I support this bill as a whole does not mean I agree with everything in it. In particular, I have signed this bill despite having serious reservations with certain provisions that regulate the detention, interrogation, and prosecution of suspected terrorists.” He’s giving the illusion that he’s actually a “good guy”. It doesn’t occur to many people the utter contradiction in his words (not fully supporting that bill) and actions (signing it anyway). This is a good example of Obama’s politics in general. He says one thing and does another. In fact he’s a pathological liar. Just looking at his “promises” and what he has actually done or not done should be giant red flag.

Nothing will change until the truth about 9/11 comes to light. It is the ultimate litmus test. This is the one thing that defines everyone over the course of these early years of this new century. Everyone in government and every field of endeavor the world over is defined by their position on this event. The official 9/11 story is a lie that has shaped the world in ways that affect EVERYONE. Being silent about it at this point after 11 years is equivalent of complicity in one of the biggest crimes in history. More importunately do you believe in the official 9/11 fairy tale? Anyone who believes the official 9/11 story after over 11 years is living in a world of illusion and denial and actually contributing to entropy. Have you done sincere research about this topic? And if so, do you bring it up to your Obama pals without the insincere contrived need to stay “politically correct”? There is no such thing as “politically correctness” for the ones who sincerely seek truth and speak out about it. Nothing will change significantly if the truth of 9/11 doesn’t come to light and ALL presidential candidates continue supporting that lie. Period. It’s about making the darkness conscious. In short, people who still believe the official 9/11 story are either willfully ignorant, brainwashed or have simply no conscience.

– Monsanto and GMO

It’s ironic that many anti-Monsanto activists support Obama, the man who has appointed Monsanto chills into government and who has supported Monsanto from the beginning. The publicity stunt by his wife about “organic gardening” was just another distraction to strengthen the hypnotic slumber of the masses. To ask Obama to stop Monsanto is the height of ignorance and wishful thinking. It won’t happen through “writing your congressman” either. In terms of Prop. 37 to label GMO foods, sure go ahead and vote for it. But the real issue is NOT to have GMO foods to begin with. People get so distracted fighting the symptoms that they never look at the cause. I do support food labeling, however, voting for Prop 37 and if it passes will just give the PTB (powers that be) an excuse to make GMO foods and justify it by being “honest” about it and labeling it. The fact is you cannot control GMO foods like that, because non-GMO foods and crops will get infected by it because it will spread to native vegetation through natural pollination. Nature does it regardless of what is GMO or not. In other words there will be GMO foods and no one actually knows they are GMO foods, even if they are labeled as “organic”.

– Obama’s support of the Zionist regime of Israel

Most people do not understand what Zionism is and how it influences world politics and especially US politics. Criticism of Israel is not anti-semitism or anti-jewish. There is a difference between Judaism and Zionism. No one gets to be president who doesn’t support Israel, a true terrorist state which keeps committing systematic ethnic cleansing in Palestine under the pre-text of “defense” because they claim to have an absurd “right by God” to illegally occupy a land. Obama’s “critique” of Israel here and there is simply empty political rhetoric with red herrings (as from any other given president), never addressing the root of the issue. Just in July Obama approved $70 million in extra military aid to Israel. Again, a sound understanding of Zionism and its history is imperative before even beginning to discuss this issue. The fact that Vice-President Joe Biden can openly admit that he’s a Zionist without anyone challenging him on that statement shows how far removed society is from reality and how little they have an understanding of Zionism.

These are just three points out of many more that are never truly addressed by his administration. But then again, they won’t be addressed, for Obama is merely a corporate puppet with strings attached and so is Romney. Presidents are being selected, not elected, and your vote doesn’t really matter much in that process. You’re running against a wall, trying to work with Obama appointees for the REAL issues will NEVER be addressed. It’s how the system is set-up ever since it’s been put in place, including the irrational identification with a country/nation, which is the basic trap to begin with. If you see yourself as an “American” then you are already starting off the false foundation and the house you build will be shaky and off balance, despite any social and personal “success” it may bring you within the matrix.

The reply I received after my lengthy post (there is more than I posted here) with many links and resources for him to check out was this:

“Well, I have many years of experience the system changing from within… And as a beacon of such evolutionary change, I am more than aware of all that you speak of I remain true to my self and my truth while involved in a culture of denial, deception, ignorance and pathology. Thank you.”

He didn’t address any of my questions nor read any of the information I provided, although HE ASKED for my take on it. Apparently the asking was not sincere. On the contrary, he claims to be a “beacon of evolutionary change” with “many years of experience the system changing from within” (without stating what that actually entailed), justifying it with the usual distorted new age bit of “my truth” and “true to myself” which merely creates more buffers and lies to the self. Self-deception and self-importance comes in the weirdest disguises. But people feed off that and so does the Matrix.

It usually says a lot about someone who makes certain claims, asks questions, but does not take the time to actually read what has been posted but instead responds with over-generalized statements that actually avoid the issue altogether without addressing the points and questions of what has been said. This interaction is a good example I have with most Obama supporters, especially as of late. They claim to be “aware” of all the issues I point out but STILL vote for him. It’s a contradiction. Never mind that none of them actually read the information I provide and go deeper with it. They either just skim through it or ignore it all together, putting their logic (conclusions) before grammar (research), which relates to what I keep posting:

When getting into “discussions”, I’ve found that most people:

  • don’t read the all links/information and resources provided or just skim over it.
  • do “selective reading”and have “selected hearing”.
  • do not address what has been ACTUALLY said. In other words, many people “talk” without “listening” first.
  • make quick assumptions and hasty conclusions.
  • twist words around and read into words something else than what they actually mean.
  • engage in ad hominem attacks, straw man/red herring arguments
  • are not aware of their own conditioning (for example national identification), tunnel vision and how it results in lack of critical thinking, lack of objectivity and logical fallacies.

However, as mentioned before, the issue is not really about Obama vs. Romney. It goes way deeper. If we want true change we need to get to the root of the issue, not trying to cut the branches for they will grow back. Like in Plato’s allegory of the cave, most people are distracted by the shadows on the wall, mesmerized and hypnotized, taking reality for illusion and illusion for reality. All kinds of defenses usually come up when I point out these things to others, from being called “judgmental” to “negative” and anything in between. It’s where psychology comes in and mind control, for the mind controlled victim (as is most of society) doesn’t know that he is mind controlled and hypnotized. You can present endless facts and information to such a person, but he/she will refuse or not able to SEE it, no matter how others point it out and ring the alarm clock:

“America, you have become a nation of enablers and apologists for tyranny and mass murder. You condemn the Nazi and gulag guards of times past even as you celebrate your own mercenaries and torturers, even as you explain away, if not outright cheer, the unspeakable crimes committed by your sons and daughters. You don’t care who you kill, as long as your soldiers are paid, and your munitions, bomb and tank factories are humming.

Safely ensconced in academic luna parks, your leading intellectuals lean slightly right or left, but never enough to rock this blazing gunboat, lest they sour the cocktail parties or, god forbid, have their tenure revoked. Mouths stuffed with antipasti, they’re expert at sidestepping Israel’s prolific crimes, 9/11, Bin Laden’s faux death or the parasitic Federal Reserve, and as another joke election nears, they’re all gung ho about candidates who back illegal wars and banking frauds, since each is supposedly the lesser of two evils.”

from USA: Voting for Death

“I’m awfully disappointed. In terms of civil liberties his record has been shockingly, alarmingly disappointing. He has carried on the policies initiated by Bush’s justice department of suppressing information under the guise of state secrets. I’ve been witnessing his personal appeal to pass the National Defence Authorisation Act, an unspeakable legislation that would give him the power to detain any US citizen indefinitely without charge or trial. He’s covered up efforts to investigate torture. And Guantánamo still has almost 170 men in it who have never been charged or tried, and there’s no hope of getting them out anytime soon.”

from Naomi Wolf on Obama: ‘His record on civil liberties is shocking’

“No matter who “wins”, humanity loses. Every four years, the deck chairs of the political Titanic that is the American empire get rearranged in the choreographed spectacle of another presidential “election”. The 2012 charade is particularly disgusting; the lies more blatant and shrill, as the world continues to burn.

It is critical to focus on the cold, ugly reality facing the world with either prospective White House occupant.

On one side, the Obama administration, and the traditional brand of neoliberal imperialism and international consensus, and false domestic populism. On the other side with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, militant right-wing extremism, an apocalyptic war agenda and the politics of sadism at home.

The interests of the elite (Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberger, etc.) is dutifully served with either Obama or Romney in the White House. The question for the elite is purely over style and execution.

Obama has been a servile facilitator and protector of the political establishment; an insidious capitulator and “consensus man”. For Wall Street’s billionaires, the Pentagon’s warmongers, and Washington’s most shamelessly corrupt, there has been no greater gift than Obama and his presidency. But with Romney and Ryan, the agenda simply speeds up and destroys faster, more violently, with true theocratic maniacal fervor.

The final choice will not be made by voters (who will be disenfranchised again, via electronic vote fraud and other manipulations), but by the criminal elements who seize final control of the apparatus over the final month of the “contest”.

The “children” are being allowed to fight it out amongst themselves. The side with ultimate command of the corporate media propaganda, the most effective back door deals, and the most effective dirty tricks and election night shenanigans, will prevail, the pre-determined result promptly encrypted into the software of controlled Diebold voting machines.

from The 2012 U.S. Presidential “Non-election”: Which brand of “fascism” this time?

Seeking truth in the world implies to seek truth within. In other words, one needs to separate truth from lies within and without. Most people lie to themselves and do not know they do so. They dream to be awake, but are sound asleep, and so the blind lead the blind and follow lies and “leaders” like Obama or Romney eventually off the cliff.

“A man must first of all understand certain things. He has thousands of false ideas and false conceptions, chiefly about himself, and he must get rid of some of them before beginning to acquire anything new. Otherwise the new will be built on a wrong foundation and the result will be worse than before. To speak the truth is the most difficult thing in the world; one must study a great deal and for a long time in order to speak the truth. The wish alone is not enough. To speak the truth one must know what the truth is and what a lie is, and first of all in oneself. And this nobody wants to know.”

–  G.I. Gurdjieff

Looking deeper into all the topics I mentioned, unbiased, confronting the lies in the world, the lies Obama tells and most importantly the lies people tell themselves with all the buffers, wishful thinking and justifications, WILL open up a can of worms many people are not willing or even able to follow through with.


Because it WILL conflict with virtually everything they believe in. It will conflict with their career, their associations and friends, their status, public image, etc. They WILL get attacked and ridiculed for speaking the truth about these topics, for no one really wants to hear the truth. They want to hear “comforting” and “inspiring” words that agree with their already made-up beliefs (based on lies) and anyone who dares to question these deep-rooted beliefs and sacred cows is being ridiculed and/or attacked for reasons that have nothing to do with the facts at hand. Then there is self-importance, political correctness and people’s inherent NEED to be recognized and praised for what they do or say, so truth usually takes a backseat for ambition, status and narcissistic admiration.

It’s cognitive dissonance:

“The theory of Cognitive Dissonance is one of the more proven theories showing a truly human phenomenon. At it’s simplest it can be explained as such: The brain does not like contradictory information which causes dissonance and adjusts competing facts to relieve dissonance so as to strive for a singular world view. This phenomenon works alongside a complimentary phenomenon known as the confirmation bias. The confirmation bias is the tendency to remember information which confirms your beliefs and ignore information which contradicts your beliefs…. There are a few commonly held beliefs due to a bias of the self that almost everyone has. They believe they are smart (even if they got bad grades and have low IQ scores). They believe they are good and moral. They believe they rarely make mistakes. They believe they are important. Some may not hold these due to self esteem issues but regardless of the evidence most will hold these near and dear to their heart.”

– Benjamin Buehne

As I wrote in 2012 – Collective Awakening or End of the World? , where I summarize 3 important topics that need to be confronted and understood before we can have any true change or shift in consciousness:

“The path of seeking truth within and without is not an easy one. It goes literally against everything we’ve been told and taught by society and governments. The indoctrination of lies, the conditioning and programming is deep and far reaching. It has been going on for millennia. It takes tremendous effort to wake up from the hypnotic slumber, where most people dream to be awake. At this Time of Transition, as more and more knowledge is coming to the surface, there is the potential to create a new earth. However, this is also the age of deception for there are forces at work that do not want this to happen. They do their best to vector us away from truth and the most effective way to swallow a lie is to sandwich it between some truth with some emotional hooks. As mentioned many times before, lies are mixed with truth, hence discernment is essential. We need to engage our higher emotional center connecting us to divine intuition and also activate our higher intellect, engaging in sincere, open minded critical thinking, fusing the heart and the mind, mysticism and science.”

It’s fear of the unknown that drives people to support lies and psychopathic presidential candidates who don’t know anything else BUT to lie disguised behind their “mask of sanity“. It gives them some sort of comfort and they don’t even see that there is another way possible altogether. Again, Plato’s allegory of the cave comes to mind. It is fear and desperation that drives people to vote for the “lesser evil” without actually understanding what “evil” is to begin with. You can see that in remarks like “Anyone but Romney” or “Romney must not win!“. They are afraid to realize that they have no choice by participating in the system and so they rationalize and justify their decision by any means possible which keeps them away from “Disillusionment”. Yet disillusionment is necessary and the first step before any true change can happen.

I realize now more and more that most people actually do NOT want change, or to state it better, they want change as long as it doesn’t interfere with their lives, their beliefs, their world view. They are not willing to give themselves to seek truth sincerely but focus on changing the tapestry of the prison (they are not even aware of) instead of breaking out of it. They prefer comforting lies over harsh truths, not facing reality as it is. They don’t want to give up their so-called authority, their status, and image. They are terrified (unconsciously), realizing that their whole life may be based on lies and so self-calming takes precedence over truth. It’s an unconscious self-defense mechanism of the ego or false self and they can’t see themselves clearly.

For the most part it’s not about the external information that people reject, but they can’t “receive” it to begin with because of cognitive dissonance, not questioning their own “thinking”. This also ties into this whole “resonating” idea in the New Age. I lost count how many people have rejected factual knowledge in “discussions” (not really a discussion) because it didn’t “resonate” with them or they “resonate” with stuff that is “not even wrong”, so to speak, but just dreamy castles in the air that confirm their inner landscape based on lies to the self.

However, this relates not only to “New Agers” but literally EVERYONE in varying degrees since we all are subjected to lies and social programming since birth. I’ve fallen into this trap myself, especially in the early days, where I thought I “know” and have “figured it out”, not being very discerning about certain information and not seeing myself clearly. I WANTED certain things to be true and that emotional charge is what I mistook for “resonating”. The same like many people WANT Obama to be the “savior” and “good guy” while ignoring all the facts that speak against that. Again, it’s the necessity of disillusionment before we can actually “do” as it has been so well written about in this article.

I’ve been reading “Strangers to Ourselves – Discovering the Adaptive Unconscious” lately, which is a real eye-opener. It shows how mirroring and networking is crucial in “the work” to evolve, wake up and truly get to know ourselves and the world, facing the lies we tell ourselves as we all have our blind spots. I think the hardest realization for anyone is to face to that we cannot truly trust our own thinking and alone we can do nothing.

“Why it is that people often do not know themselves very well (e.g., their own characters, why they feel the way they do, or even the feelings themselves)? And how can they increase their self-knowledge? There are undoubtedly many reasons for a lack of self-insight; people may be blinded by their hubris (a favorite Greek and Shakespearean theme), confused, or simply never take the time to examine their own lives and psyche very carefully. The reason…is that much of what we want to know about ourselves resides outside of conscious awareness….

People develop habitual ”tendencies of thought” that are nonconscious and that these thought patterns can lead to “unconscious prejudices which we thus form, [that] are often stronger than the conscious; and they are the more dangerous, because we cannot knowingly guard against them.“…

It can thus be fruitless to try to examine the adaptive unconscious by looking inward. It is often better to deduce the nature of our hidden minds by looking outward at our behavior and how others react to us, and coming up with a good narrative….

In fact there is evidence that it can be counterproductive to look inward too much. We will see evidence that introspection about feelings can cause people to make unwise decisions and to become more confused about how they feel. To be clear, I am not disparaging all kinds of introspection. Socrates was only partly wrong that the “unexamined life is not worth living.” The key is the kind of self-examination people perform, and the extent to which people attempt to know themselves solely by looking inward, versus looking outward at their own behavior and how others react to them….

A disadvantage of a system that processes information quickly and efficiently is that it is slow to respond to new, contradictory information. In fact we often unconsciously bend new information to fit our preconceptions, making it next to impossible to realize that our preconceptions are wrong….

It is fair to say that the tendency for the adaptive unconscious to jump to conclusions, and to fail to change its mind in the face of contrary evidence, is responsible for some of society’s most troubling problems….

The adaptive unconscious is an older system designed to scan the environment quickly and detect patterns, especially ones that might pose a danger to the organism. It learns patterns easily but does not unlearn them very well; it is a fairly rigid, inflexible inference maker. It develops early and continues to guide behavior into adulthood….

The human mind is an incredible achievement, perhaps the most amazing in the history of the Earth. This does not mean, however, that it is an optimal or perfectly designed system. Our conscious knowledge of ourselves can be quite limited, to our peril….”

from “Strangers to Ourselves – Discovering the Adaptive Unconscious” by by Timothy D. Wilson

The book basically describes in modern cognitive science language exactly what G. I. Gurdjieff was talking about in terms of humans being machines. It is also somewhat frightening to realize how mechanical we really are, how we do, indeed, lie to ourselves all or most of the time, and that the only way we have of knowing what is going on inside ourselves is by inference and feedback/mirroring from a network engaged in the work to sincerely seek truth within and without. That’s the real terror of the situation: that you are nothing BUT a machine that thinks in programmed loops and lies to your conscious mind which then lives and breathes lies itself.

“People are machines. Machines have to be blind and unconscious, they cannot be otherwise, and all their actions have to correspond to their nature. Everything happens. No one does anything. ‘Progress’ and ‘civilization,’ in the real meaning of these words, can appear only as the result of conscious efforts. They cannot appear as the result of unconscious mechanical actions. And what conscious effort can there be in machines? And if one machine is unconscious, then a hundred machines are unconscious, and so are a thousand machines, or a hundred thousand, or a million. And the unconscious activity of a million machines must necessarily result in destruction and extermination. It is precisely in unconscious involuntary manifestations that all evil lies. You do not yet understand and cannot imagine all the results of this evil. But the time will come when you will understand.

The evolution of man can be taken as the development in him of those powers and possibilities which never develop by themselves, that is, mechanically. Only this kind of development, only this kind of growth, marks the real evolution of man. In speaking of evolution it is necessary to understand from the outset that no mechanical evolution is possible. The evolution of man is the evolution of his consciousness. And ‘consciousness’ cannot evolve unconsciously. The evolution of man is the evolution of his will, and ‘will’ cannot evolve involuntarily. The evolution, of man is the evolution of his power of doing, and ‘doing’ cannot be the result of things which ‘happen.’

People do not know what man is. They have to do with a very complex machine, far more complex than a railway engine, a motorcar, or an aeroplane—but they know nothing, or almost nothing, about the construction, working, or possibilities of this machine; they do not even understand its simplest functions, because they do not know the purpose of these functions.

[…]“You often think in a very naive way,” [Gurdjieff] said. “You already think you can do. To get rid of this conviction is more difficult than anything else for a man. You do not understand all the complexity of your organization and you do not realize that every effort, in addition to the results desired, even if it gives these, gives thousands of unexpected and often undesirable results, and the chief thing that you forget is that you are not beginning from the beginning with a nice clean, new machine. There stand behind you many years of a wrong and stupid life, of indulgence in every kind of weakness, of shutting your eyes to your own errors, of striving to avoid all unpleasant truths, of constant lying to yourselves, of self-justification, of blaming others, and so on, and so on. All this cannot help affecting the machine. The machine is dirty, in places it is rusty, and in some places artificial appliances have been formed, the necessity for which has been created by its own wrong way of working. These artificial appliances will now interfere very much with all your good intentions. They are called ‘buffers.‘…

‘Buffers’ are created slowly and gradually. Very many ‘buffers’ are created artificially through ‘education.’ Others are created under the hypnotic influence of all surrounding life. A man is surrounded by people who live, speak, think, and feel by means of ‘buffers.’ Imitating them in their opinions, actions, and words, a man involuntarily creates similar ‘buffers’ in himself. ‘Buffers’ make a man’s life more easy. It is very hard to live without ‘buffers.’ But they keep man from the possibility of inner development because ‘buffers’ are made to lessen shocks that can lead a man out of the state in which he lives, that is, waken him. ‘Buffers’ will lull a man to sleep, give him the agreeable and peaceful sensation that all will be well, that no contradictions exist and that he can sleep in peace. ‘Buffers’ are appliances by means of which a man can always be in the right. ‘Buffers’ help a man not to feel his conscience.

from “In Search of the Miraculous” by P.D. Ouspensky

If all the researchers out there (everyone in their respective field) and everyone who wants to truly be a “beacon of evolutionary change” would lay aside their personal ambitions based on self-importance or career goals and come together to seek TRUTH together sincerely without agendas, but with the sole intent to find out truth, no matter what it is, understanding that this process also includes sincere self-work, mirroring, giving each other feedback (without falling into the trap of the “make nice” program which relates to “political correctness), we’d make a true shift in consciousness. But for now that is just wishful thinking.

A mirror generally is perceived as shocking or socially disagreeable. This comes from the fact that if the mirror is any good, it will conflict with the subjective filters of perception most people maintain concerning themselves. In other words, people’s self image is more or less based on lies to self and in the degree the mirror reaches its intended truthfulness, it will challenge these lies. It would entail for many people to admit to themselves that they are/have been wrong about some things. However, this realization will conflict with their career, image and book sales, opening a can of worms, which may lose them some of their “fans”, friends, status and money.

There is this contrived “niceness” in today’s “conscious movements”, where people don’t want to say anything “negative”, in their subjective understanding of it of course. In general, some folks hide behind a “social etiquette” and mask without wanting to say anything “bad” or touching on any “taboo subjects”. They speak around issues in order to be spiritually or politically “correct” so as to “not step on anyone’s toes”. It shows in popular over-generalized sayings like “let’s be conscious of what we say, and if we don’t have anything nice to say, it’s better to be silent” or “don’t be judgmental!” or “we need to get out of the us vs. them thinking“. That is a good example of the distortion of “being conscious/aware” and relates to the fact why more “spiritual-minded” people do not look at the world more objectively, speaking out and standing up against the lies and psychopathic ways of our culture. They claim that there is no objectivity and truth is relative, which is simply not true (no pun intended).

We can see now, looking into cognitive science and how it mirrors ancient esoteric teachings as transmitted by Gurdjieff and others, that claiming to “follow one’s truth” and “being true to oneself“, as many people justify their actions and decisions with, can be buffers and lies to the self, justifying the programming and conditioning they are not even aware of, dreaming to be awake, but being sound asleep. It’s how the over-generalized and watered-down New Age teachings these days actually work in favor of the PTB (powers that be) and it seems very likely that they have manipulated and distorted TRUE spiritual teachings for that very purpose for thousands of years. Be it religion or the New Age. Same thing, different packaging, an opiate for the masses to keep them hypnotized and asleep; sheep dreaming to be men or gods.

For that reason most of the COINTELPRO “agents” are not consciously aware that they are spreading disinformation, but become “useful idiots” and tools for the matrix, despite their well-meaning intent.

“When a person has lied for a long time, the time comes when he can no longer distinguish between what is false and what is true. People convince themselves of their own lies, becoming victims of their own inventions as they begin to direct their lives by standards of behavior, ideas, feelings, or instincts which do not correspond to their inner reality.

What is truly serious in this matter is that the individual loses all points of reference regarding what comprises truth, and what comprises lies. He becomes used to considering as true only that which is convenient for his personal interests; everything that is in opposition to his self-esteem or in conflict with already established prejudices, he considers false.

A person lies in order to avoid difficult problems, to evade responsibility, or to avoid damage to his self-esteem. So the individual constantly lies to himself and to others, and becomes entangled in an illusory world born out of his personal fantasy. He forms concepts, ideas, judgments, aversions, and attachments that have no relation to actual events, but are only the reflection of a life full of lies and listening to lies.

One of the most powerful reasons for lying is to create a good image of oneself, and to prevent others from seeing us as we really are beneath the mask of appearances. Each mask is a lie, and there are thousands in each individual’s collection of disguises. It is necessary to be conscious of this phenomenon of lying, and to realize its magnitude and frequency, as well as the enormous damage it causes.

People are always infused with all kinds of fantastic ideas about themselves, the world, people, love, idealism, society, etc. Led by his eagerness to evade a disagreeable reality, man gives free rein to his imagination and is inclined to believe the first agreeable lie he encounters along the way. The individual projects his personal illusions onto a cold and immutable reality, and thus deceiving himself, he endeavors to contemplate reality through rose-colored glasses.

“Disillusion” is a painful process and can be prolonged, depending on how much time the individual takes to realize he is living artificially and that this condition is a product of his internal dreams. Great courage is required to face reality and to destroy the mirage of a pleasant dream.

from “The Stellar Man” by John Baines

There is another issue that come with voting in a corrupted system and believing in lies. On a deeper level (metaphysically speaking), by voting and by identifying yourself with a party (left or right) you actually give validity to the corrupt system, two-party set-up, and essentially your “permission” to keep it in place. In a sense you actually give up your free will by believing in lies (taking the false for the true and the true for the false) and supporting them with your vote. It’s how the “matrix” works and keeps itself in place: By the consensus of the people believing in it and supporting it through their actions and beliefs.

No matter how good a lie sounds, how good it feels or what “positive” effect you may think it has (wishful thinking), there are metaphysical repercussions that affect everyone and the whole world “negatively” and actually feed entropy, essentially keeping the false system and control in place by giving it “energy”, regardless if the people who support/believe lies (unknowingly or not) are very loving, positive and mean well. In a sense, by voting and buying into the illusion of “free choice” people tend to do more “harm” than any “good”. The exact opposite of what we’re being told (“Rock the Vote!”) and have been conditioned to believe.

Obviously it’s not about just not voting and doing nothing. It’s about gaining knowledge, educating ourselves, and seeing the fraud and the lies for what they are. Only then will we know what to DO and, most importantly, what NOT to do. The more people engage in seeking Truth and working together in that regard, the better the chance that reality (as a whole) will change for the “better”, because we DO create our own reality. However, it’s not as simple as portrayed in the many distorted New Age “You Create Your Own Reality” bits. This is a topic on its own, however, this article touches upon that subject in more depth: Order Out of Chaos.

The only question that remains to anyone who wants to vote for the “lesser evil” (or 3rd party candidates, who never have a chance, which is also a distraction, giving the illusion of choice) is this: If you sincerely read/study what is written here including all the linked articles and references, are you willing or even able to admit to yourself that you have been/are believing in lies which cloud your judgment and perception? It may go contrary to everything you believed in and your life is based on. It’s not an easy process and it never is/was for anyone, who is sincerely seeking truth. But that is the work to be done and our only hope before we can “do” and present “solutions” that will help us to make “The Shift” before mother nature presses the reset button.  It has happened before and it is happening now, while the masses are distracted by the political circus side show of two clowns who argue about who’s the “nicer” psychopath. Having good intentions is not enough. In fact, in can do more harm than any good for the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Most “evil” is done and supported by well-meaning folks with good intentions who are not aware of their conditioning and who lack objective knowledge of our world.

“Half the harm that is done in this world
 is due to people who want to feel important. 
They don’t mean to do harm. ­ 
But the harm does not interest them.
 Or they do not see it, or they justify it. 
Because they are absorbed in the endless struggle 
to think well of themselves.”

– T. S. Eliot

National Pride and The Bogeyman

“Patriotism is a pernicious, psychopathic form of idiocy.”
– George Bernard Shaw

The public reaction to the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden has revealed once again the darker side of America, reminiscent of the response to 9/11 in 2001. Flags everywhere and national pride being displayed with an undeniable disturbing undertone glorifying murder and revenge. This video reminds me of a time in the past in Europe, where people were also blinded in an emotional high of nationalism.

Despite the fact that the official story of the killing of the “biggest enemy of the free world” has just as many holes and questionable reports as the official story of 9/11 and that all the evidence leads to the high probability that Bin Laden has been dead for years, not many people seem to see anything wrong with glorifying the death of another human being. Millions of innocent people have died in the almost 10 year-long war on terror. Where are the voices for those voiceless, the ones that have suffered and died because of lies and American imperialism under the disguise of bringing “freedom” and “democracy”?

The hero and man who will go into history as the president who hunted and killed Osama bin Laden, Barack Obama, decided not to show the picture of Bin Laden’s corpse in respect to the sensibilities of the American people since the pictures are apparently too gruesome, if they exist to begin with.

I think (and it’s certainly not the most popular view), we need to see more of these images, regardless how graphic they are. Not for the sake of voyeurism, but to SEE what is really happening in the world, what this “great country” is doing to the people in other parts of the world in the name of “freedom” and the “war on terror”. Let us see the real images of millions of children and women killed, raped and mutilated in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let us see the pictures of the genocide happening in Palestine under the psychopathic apartheid state of Israel WITHOUT censor. Why not? There is death and blood on TV, video games and so-called entertainment. People pay for movies to see action, shooting, killing, gore and blood, but they get offended when they see it in real life and Obama is protecting us from a picture of an alleged killed “terrorist” because it’s too much? What hypocrisy!

We need to see more of reality, more of what is really going on without getting distracted by filtered and fake news. It’s been almost ten years now and the 9/11 lie is still in place, a lie that has cost millions of innocent lives and the loss of freedom worldwide. How can that be? How quick would all the wars and terror end if people would truly SEE and REALIZE the suffering!

This is life. And things will only get worse if we don’t start taking an honest look at the world as it is and ourselves as we are. With this Bin Laden scam we may have an opportunity to do the right thing. Maybe the PTB (Powers That Be) shot themselves in the foot with their conflicting stories, but if we keep silent they just keep going, bringing more misery to the world as the masses cheer them on. So, what are we really going to do about it? It’s really up to each one of us and all of us together for these are precious times.

The truth won’t be seen or realized as long as we try to stay safe, in our comfort zone and just playing “nice” in order not to disturb our sensibilities, which ultimately only leads to complacency and conformity.

It all comes down to 9/11 again and the fact that the official story doesn’t hold up at all, nor is Bin Laden the mastermind behind it. Osama bin Laden is just another chapter of “enemy creation” in the history of false flag attacks. You need a bogeyman to distract the masses and the announcement of his “capturing” and “killing” seems to be essentially a publicity stunt to kick off Obama’s election campaign and is merely a distraction from other issues affecting our world. It is a test for critical thinking beyond the herd mind of blind acceptance. On the other hand, it’s also not surprising how many people believe it and cheer “USA!” in blind nationalistic fashion. Hook, line and sinker. Very predictable. Like Plato’s allegory of the cave, people get distracted by the shadows on the wall as history keeps repeating itself.


“Naturally the common people don’t want war neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

– Herman Goering

It seems like a long way to go in terms of “shift in consciousness” and it feels like the collective has taken a step back when looking at the public reaction to Bin Laden’s death. But there is always opportunity to wake up from the slumber and maybe this incident will not work for the PTB and may backfire on them, revealing the man behind the curtain. But as I said before, that depends on each one of us and if we make our voices heard.

4th of July seems to be a big deal here in the country of the brave. People pack out their stars and stripes, organize parties and barbecues, ignite fireworks, flags are being raised left and right. So what are people celebrating on the 4th of July? What are Americans so proud of? The general public thinks it is the Independence from England and the birth date of the “free country” called USA. Is that really so?
 Is the USA really independent and are its citizens free or is it merely a smokescreen for something else, a distraction to make the public believe and act in a certain way? And even if this would be the truth (the “Independence”), why would it be a reason to celebrate?
 Can we look at some little forgotten facts? This country was basically founded by privileged white men who stole the land, committing genocide on millions of Native Americans and most of them to this day live in reservations, forgotten, their culture raped, while the citizens watch fireworks in the horizon in celebration of the “birth” of this country? 
Something seems very wrong with this picture.  But it’s not only the past, America’s empire conquests in the name of corporate capitalism, profit and ultimately greed has cost millions of deaths and suffering all over the globe. No other country in the world has started more wars than the USA.

So how does the American public usually react to that on the 4th of July? By outrage, protest and standing up for truth and justice? Yes, some people with conscience and concern do stand up and say “no more!”, but unfortunately they are usually over-shadowed by the majority of brainwashed Americans who just do each year what they always do, waking up with a hang-over the next day after partying a bit too much in celebration of this country. “God Bless America!”. And we saw a taste of this blind nationalistic fever in the recent celebration over Bin Laden’s death. When will people come to their senses and stop cheering and waving their flags?

All the romantic stories they tell people and kids about this “great” country in school, media and from”official” sources are mostly fiction and distorted facts in order to make people complacent and ignorant to what really happened and is actually going on.

War means business. That’s why Roosevelt provoked Pearl Harbor to have an excuse to go to war. Same with the Inside job of 9/11, the CIA creation of Al Qaeda and the phony war on terror, America’s support for Israel and its genocide on the Palestinian people and so on. No soldier in this country is actually fighting for freedom or for the country, but for interests of a small psychopathic elite that sells the lie of patriotism and “honor”. The troops are being duped and die for lies, not for protecting or defending a “country”, nor for bringing “freedom” to another country.

“Flags are bits of colored cloth that governments use first to shrink-wrap people’s brains and then as ceremonial shrouds to bury the dead.”

– Arundhati Roy

But this is done on purpose, and it is part of the” dumbing down” of America, the necessary social control to keep the sheep in the herd, satisfied with material comfort, so no one asks uncomfortable questions.

“They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them. That’s against their interests… . Forget the politicians, they’re an irrelevancy. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you.”

– George Carlin

And so the “dumbing down” continues until we make an effort to seek truth and act upon it. Sadly, many nice and honest people swallow the lies and can’t see their own conditioning. The whole Obama hype is a good example for that. Many well-meaning folks have put their hope into this guy and believed all the slogans of “change” and “unity” he uttered like a hypnotist, without really clearly seeing behind the smokescreen of this two-party system.

That’s how the political system works, twisting reality in such a way to make people believe they have choice and freedom within the system, when in fact they have none. The best way to control a people is to make them believe they are free, while controlling their choices, behavior, desires, opinions and options through conditioning of official culture, the control of education, media, religion, science, history and economy. Control through force in the past became Mind Control as the people police each other and are not aware of the prison they’re in.

“The ultimate tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.”

– from ‘Bringers of the Dawn’, Barbara Marciniak

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Jidduh Krishnamurti said it well, over forty years ago, in regards to politicians and belief systems. Paraphrased from a talk he gave:

“It is like you are in a prison cell and all you do is re-arrange the furniture, maybe put up a new tapestry, but essentially you are still in prison, though for the moment it may seem new and fresh, but you are still behind walls. How about breaking out of the prison and seeing what’s up on the mountain, behind that forest, down that lake…….?”

People just keep re-decorating their prison cell based on illusory security their government promises them. But let’s not get caught up in a political debate. The roots of the problem are deeper than choosing a puppet on election day. We all know that, but as George Carlin said:

“If honesty were suddenly be introduced into American Life, the whole system would collapse! No one would know what to do. Honesty would screw this country up.”

Very true words. If people would realize that they have been living a lie for the majority of their lives, they wouldn’t know what to do. They rather deny it than face it. It’s like a psychological unconscious defense mechanisms to avoid truth, regardless of the facts presented.

Let’s go deeper than just focusing on America, and look into the whole notion of belief in a country, nation and the question of patriotism, no matter what country you belong to or “identify” yourself with. Nothing changes when we just keep cutting the branches of the tree, for they will grow back. We need to tackle the root of the issue and the root is IDENTIFICATION and BELIEF.

Sometimes I see a bumper sticker saying: “Peace is Patriotic”. I have to ask myself, who came up with that nonsense? Peace is not patriotic. Patriotism is a lie sold to the people, which we need to let go of if we really want to evolve to a better world. Countries don’t matter anymore, nor do flags. It’s all about global corporate interest under the guidance of psychopaths in power. The leaders know that, they just play the part they need to play to keep the herd in place.

Any identification with a nation, flag or country fuels separation and hence conflict. All borders are man-made, based on outdated values and shortsighted ideologies that we as awake and aware people of this day and age need to let go of. We’re not Americans, Germans, Jews, Arabs or Chinese, we are human beings, are we not? You think this is impossible? It’s only impossible as along as you and I feed the illusion. Of course I’m not talking about a nation-less world under a totalitarian one world government, but a world based on higher values beyond control and fear. I know that this is a very idealist and Utopian idea when looking at the world objectively and I have my doubts if we ever see the return of a Golden Age. At this point it seems it has to get far worse before people wake up and anything close to a Golden Age is going to manifest. And maybe not all are even going to wake up for other reasons humanity is not aware of.

Especially in this day and age, when we realize more and more how our beliefs and intentions affect the outside world, we need to be careful who and what we feed. As long as we believe in lies or follow the lies told to us through politicians, media, religion and government controlled education, we will create more and more conflict and misery, no matter what we wishfully think to be, visualize or otherwise, regardless of our well-meaning intentions.

Before we can “change” anything we need to see clearly the world not as we like it to be, but as it is, without rose-colored glasses on and that entails questioning our long-held beliefs. The question of national Identification, the absurdity or patriotism and worship of a flag is becoming more and more absurd.  No one, no leader, no government, no army, no guru,  is going to change the world unless we fundamentally change ourselves and act upon it. The emphasis is on FUNDAMENTALLY, not just avoidance and trying to be politically correct or retreating to some very questionable New Age “Teachings” to create the “reality” we desire in our subjective tunnel vision. This goes beyond re-decorating the prison cell (a.k.a. voting) or just focusing on ourselves without looking at what is happening in the world and the crimes committed in this country by its own government. There is too much at stake in this day and age and I’m not sure if people actually realize the great danger we are in.

I suggest looking at this whole Bin Laden frenzy in a different light, and see how we’re being manipulated through nationalistic and patriotic identification, so we can break down the walls of this prison we’ve put ourselves in.

“The nationalist is a curse because through his very nationalistic, patriotic spirit, he is creating a wall of isolation. He is so identified with his country that he builds a wall against another. What happens when you build a wall against something? That something is constantly beating against your wall. When you resist something, the very resistance indicates that you are in conflict with the other. So nationalism, which is a process of isolation, which is the outcome of the search for power, cannot bring about peace in the world. The man who is a nationalist and talks of brotherhood is telling a lie; he is living in a state of contradiction.
What causes war religious, political or economic? Obviously belief, either in nationalism, in an ideology, or in a particular dogma. If we had no belief but goodwill, love and consideration between us, then there would be no wars. But we are fed on beliefs, ideas and dogmas and therefore we breed discontent. The present crisis is of an exceptional nature and we as human beings must either pursue the path of constant conflict and continuous wars, which are the result of our everyday action, or else see the causes of war and turn our back upon them. Obviously what causes war is the desire for power, position, prestige, money; also the disease called nationalism, worship of a flag; and the disease of organized religion, the worship of dogma. All these are the causes of war; if you as an individual belong to any of the organized religions, if you are greedy for power, if you are envious, nationalistic, you are bound to produce a society, which will result in destruction. So again it depends upon you and not on the leaders; not on so-called statesman and all the rest of them.”
– J. Krishnamurti

The Illusion of Choice

“I voted”.  I saw that update coming up a lot the other day on Facebook at election day, neatly put on a red/blue/white button. What is the underlying message of someone who posts that? To show that one is an upstanding American Citizen doing the “right thing” by executing one’s right to vote? To feel good about oneself? To entice others to vote?

What strikes me as curious is that most of the people who had the “I voted” update never really post anything relevant to what deeper issues this country and the world faces in order to help spread awareness and understanding which could actually result in true change. Just this one day, all of a sudden: “I voted”. Voted what? who? why? Of course I’m not implying that Facebook posts and updates are a real life reflection of what people do or don’t do, but it still is an interesting observation. I’m also not saying that people don’t have the right intention. But as the saying goes, “the path to hell is paved with good intentions”. In a ponerized society with a corrupt political system, good intention, hope and voting don’t result in positive change, but merely wishful thinking and denial.

Obama’s election in 2008 should have taught that lesson, but many people still seem to be mesmerized and hypnotized by his persona, hype and slogans that they can’t see him for who he is: a corporate puppet and just as big of a liar as his predecessor, if not worse. The last two years speak for themselves as he supports the same agendas as Bush, most of all the phony war on terror. How can it be that the masses are so easily duped? It didn’t come as a surprise as I wrote in my article two years ago when he got “elected”: The men behind Barack Obama: Hope and Reality

“President Obama does one thing, and Brand Obama gets you to believe another. This is the essence of successful advertising – you buy or do what the advertiser wants, because of how they make you feel. He’s a marketing dream, but like Calvin Klein or Benetton, he is a brand that promises something special, something exciting almost risqué, as if he might be radical. As if he might enact change. He makes people feel good, he’s a postmodern man with no political baggage, and all that’s fake.”
– John Pilger

In regards to the latest election there is something else I noticed. I’ve seen more posts on Facebook about Prop.19 to legalize Marijuana (or not) here in California in the last days than posts on the anniversary of 9/11 to expose the biggest lie of the new millennium. A lie that has cost more lives and affects the world and us more than the issue about pot being legal or not. I’m not against pot being legalized, but it is interesting to see where people’s attention and focus is.

So some of you have voted. May I ask you what you expected by casting your vote, besides focusing on propositions? That your favorite party gets more seats in the senate/house? Which side did you choose: left, right, blue or red or maybe some “independent” liberal party? What do you expect is going to change by casting your vote once or every two and four years?

Let me ask another way. What do you do the rest of the year? Where do you get your information from? How do you educate yourself about what is going on?  What are you telling or would you tell your children and kids in general? What do you speak out about, when are you silent, what do you ignore? Do you really know who and what you support by voting? Do you question what you are being told, what you have learned in school and what society, official culture, government and the mainstream media is trying to make you believe?

Just some questions and food for thought. Questions I ask myself all the time. I’m not saying that any of you are not doing their best in their own ways and lives to make this world a better place. Most people’s intention and heart is in the right place, but maybe there is more to consider, something we haven’t honestly looked at?

The American left is a phantom. It is conjured up by the right-wing to tag Barack Obama as a socialist and used by the liberal class to justify its complacency and lethargy. It diverts attention from corporate power. It perpetuates the myth of a democratic system that is influenced by the votes of citizens, political platforms and the work of legislators. It keeps the world neatly divided into a left and a right. The phantom left functions as a convenient scapegoat. The right-wing blames it for moral degeneration and fiscal chaos. The liberal class uses it to call for ‘moderation.’ The corporations that control mass communications conjure up the phantom of a left. They blame the phantom for our debacle. And they get us to speak in absurdities.” – Chris Hedges

There are no free elections in this country. There hasn’t been in a long time. The Voting System is a fraud sold to the public to give them the illusion of choice. The same goes for the two-party set-up. Democrats and Republicans. Back and forth. Two sides of the same coin. Despite popular belief we actually don’t live in a democracy anymore. People are so caught up in this left/right tunnel vision that they don’t see how they’re being duped and played with.

Brent Kopenhaver Jr. also gives insight in his article “Your Vote Doesn’t count“, addressing some major issues and pointing out:

Elections are nonsense. Not only are they nonsense – they serve to maintain an illusion that we still live in a free, democratic society.”

The political system is an illusion to keep people in bondage. Most people fight to defend the very beliefs which are established by the controllers to keep them enslaved, just like Morpheus said in “The Matrix”:

“You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it

What I hear at times when I bring up the issue of control and manipulation is: “But I’m not enslaved, I’m free and can do what I want. That’s the beauty of this great land of freedom!” Enslavement in this day and age is not by force or martial law. It’s by the control of consciousness, by implementing beliefs and desires, forming your mind and behaviors to act and do a certain way, making you believe you are “free” and essentially keeping you complacent and distracted from Truth and the real issues this world faces. It certainly is not man-made Global Warming (one of those implemented beliefs to control/distract the masses) which so many Liberals like to focus on these days. Being “environmental conscious”, “green”, striving towards self-sustainability, permaculture, recycling, composting, driving a “Hybrid” car or planting veggies is not enough if we want true change. There are more pressing issues that cry for our attention and awareness.

Sometimes when I mention these points I’m being called a “conspiracy nut” and ridiculed by the ones who have “faith” in the system and believe themselves to be aware and conscious “good Americans” because they act with good intention and “love” when they cast their vote. However, there is no Love where there is no Truth. There is also no Love where there is Wishful Thinking. Love comes from Knowledge and Understanding, to see the world as it is and to see oneself as one is, not as one likes it to be.

“Give these people a voting day every year, so they have the illusion of meaningless choice. Meaningless choice, so we go like slaves and say “I voted”. The limits of debate in this country are established before the debate even begins and everyone else is marginalized and made to be seen as “communists” or some sort of disloyal person…and now it’s conspiracy [theorists]. You see they made that something that shouldn’t be even entertained for a minute that powerful people might get together and have a plan. Doesn’t happen. You’re a nut case! You’re a conspiracy buff!”- Geroge Carlin

The illusion of National Identification and Patriotism is also something that many people are chained to. As Krishnamurti said “Patriotism is a Disease”. It keeps us separated just like religious identification and belief. The leaders of this country and the world couldn’t care less about America and other nations. These beliefs are just part of the circus show to keep people confined. What rules the world are Transnational Corporations and other interests.  Wars are also not fought for National Securities or Patriotism, but the lie of “Patriotism” (with its emotional attachment of “Pride”) is being sold to the masses to follow without questioning.

“Flags are bits of colored cloth that governments use first to shrink-wrap people’s brains and then as ceremonial shrouds to bury the dead.” – Arundhati Roy

There is much information available to show the truth in these matters that need to be exposed before anything will change. Everything else is justre-arranging the surface or like staring at the shadows on the wall in Plato’s allegory of The Cave.

Be it the futility of voting, corporate take-over (also called Fascism), the 9/11 inside Job, Israel’s influence on America’s politic and Zionism in general, especially how it affects the Media, The Global Warming Agenda and the most underestimated topic of all: Psychopathy in Power and Political Ponerology. Political figures and even every day people who have no conscience (by birth, not through upbringing or conditioning) and who do not feel or think like me or you do, no feelings for empathy, compassion, love or remorse. However, they can pretend and act “as IF”. The effects of Psychopathy on Society and the world is underrated and hardly understood, mostly even ignored because people want to believe in the “good” of all people. After all, “we’re all one and we just need to recognize that and focus on “love” “, as it is proclaimed by many “New Age” folks. Yes, we are all one, but we are not the same and some people have a different inner “wiring” than others that is not due to environmental influences or psychological disposition. We’re not talking about serial killers or convicted murderers, but successful charismatic Individuals that can be found in all parts of life, even under Liberals, the New Age and Conscious Movements of today. This has nothing to do about “us vs. them”, but understanding how complex humanity actually is, what we choose to believe/wish for and what we avoid to look at and confront, within and without. Check out these links for more on that:

The Mask of Sanity

Reflections on Political Ponerology

Political Ponerology

Too many people hold the idea that psychopaths are essentially killers or convicts. The general public hasn’t been educated to see beyond the social stereotypes to understand that psychopaths can be entrepreneurs, politicians, CEOs and other successful individuals who may never see the inside of a prison.” – Dr. Robert Hare

This is just skimming the surface. There is more information, articles, essays, books, videos and research that examine each of the points I mentioned in-depth, much of it what others and I post on FB all the time. But who will actually make time and look into it? This is the age of fast food information, of twitter and quick Facebook updates, of texting, ADD and short attention spans. People are too busy with all kinds of trivialities in their lives. Most of them can’t be even bothered to THINK and many are too concerned with themselves to keep an eye on the world. I know life is not easy at times and we do need to take care of ourselves. There is much to do, but “having no time” to look into these matters seems to be a quick excuse these days, especially considering how they affect us and the world at large on a daily basis. Truth can’t be spoon-fed, nor will it be on Oprah anytime soon or neatly packaged in a five min. youtube clip. It is up to each of us to make an effort to seek Truth and speak out about it, even if it contradicts with our cherished long-held beliefs.

I had people saying that these “conspiracies” are “unwarranted claims”, but the same people do not look into the evidence and research that is out there and so debunk something they haven’t even looked into sincerely. There is an unconscious psychological protective mechanism that prevents people to face certain truths about the world and essentially about themselves, because the Truth will shatter much of what they believe in and they’d have to adjust their lives accordingly, most of all admitting to themselves that they have been believing in lies. Of course there is also the question of what “others” may think, peer pressure, friends, family, colleagues and so on. People don’t want to “rock the boat”. This is how the “matrix” protects itself and the “sheeple police the sheeple”, so no ones steps out of line. But in the end only Truth will truly set us free and help us to embrace a brighter future for ourselves and our children. Denial and Avoidance will essentially backfire as it is already.

“The scientific discourse misses the fact that the ability to deny is an amazing human phenomenon, a product of sheer complexity of our emotional, linguistic, moral and intellectual lives. Denial is a complex unconscious defense mechanism for coping with guilt, anxiety and other disturbing emotions aroused by reality.” – Stanley Cohen

There is another issue that come with voting in a corrupted system and believing in lies. On a deeper level (metaphysically speaking), by voting and by identifying yourself with a party (left or right) you actually give validity to the corrupt system, two-party set-up and essentially your “permission” to keep it in place. In a sense you actually give up your “free will” by believing in lies (taking the false for the true and the true for the false) and supporting them with your “vote”. It’s how the “matrix” works and keeps itself in place: By the consensus of the people believing in it and supporting it through their actions and beliefs. No matter how good a lie sounds, how good it feels or what “positive” effect it may have (wishful thinking), there are metaphysical repercussions that affect everyone and the whole world “negatively” and actually feed entropy, essentially keeping the false system and control in place by giving it “energy”, regardless if the people who support/believe lies (unknowingly or not) are very loving, positive and mean well. In a sense by voting and buying into the illusion of “free choice” people tend to do more “harm” than any “good”. The exact opposite of what we’re being told (“Rock the Vote!”) and have been conditioned to believe. Obviously it’s not about just not voting and doing nothing. It’s about gaining Knowledge and educating ourselves and see the “fraud” and the lies for what they are. Then we Know what to DO and most importantly what NOT to do. The more people engage in seeking Truth and work together in that regard, the better the chance that reality (as a Whole) will change for the “better”, because we DO create our own reality but it’s not as simple as portrayed in the many distorted New Age “You Create Your Own Reality” bits. This is a topic on its own, getting more into the realm of Esoterica, Quantum Mechanics and Metaphysics. This article touches upon that issue a little bit: Order Out of Chaos

“Illusion, thinking it is reality, takes reality for illusion” – Boris Mouravieff, Gnosis

One of the questions I’ve been asked is what do I suggest we DO if we don’t vote?

Well, what an interesting question, which reflects how we’ve been conditioned with basically only two options to choose from (left or right). I’m in no position to tell anyone what to do. I can give some suggestions and food for thought, but eventually the drive to seek to truth and act upon it, living life beyond personal interests but with awareness of the bigger picture needs to come from oneself.

Having said that, here are some suggestions:

1. The most important part is to gain Self-Knowledge and work on oneself to become a better person and “be the change“. I touched upon that in the blog “Know Thyself“. Self-Knowledge and Self-Work is also needed to truly understand the world “out there”. We are all works in process and all there is are lesson, but there needs to be effort to cut through our conditioning. It doesn’t happen by itself. It’s about conscious evolution.

“The change must begin with the human being, not with the outward structure. The human being is confused, the human being is conditioned. He believes, and therefore there is a contradiction in himself. He is really, deeply confused and if he wants to change the social structure, the change from confusion only breeds more confusion. Whereas, if he could bring about clarity within himself, and from that clarity act, then such an action is really a deep psychological revolution. That revolution is absolutely necessary.” ~Jiddu Krishnamurti

2. Educate yourself and seek Information and Knowledge outside the realm of official culture and mainstream media. Question everything! A very good news site I can highly recommend to check out daily is Signs Of the Times . Objective investigative Journalism with contributions from a global network. Probably the best news site on the web.

3. Turn off your TV. As a matter of fact, get rid of it. Create a meditation space there instead. This article gives some insight of how watching TV modifies and programs (literally) our behaviors, desires, beliefs and even is detrimental to your health: Want Better Health? Stop Watching Television…For Good .
Take care of your health with exercise, yoga, qi gong, meditation, massage, breathwork, healthy diet (stay away from gluten, wheat, dairy, sugar), spending time in nature, etc… . The body and mind are one. What you eat and how you live has an effect on how you think and feel.

4. Network and talk about these topics to friends and family or new people you meet. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Awareness is the first step to change, Of course it is not about preaching or forcing one’s view on another, but about raising Awareness and “pushing the envelope”, spreading some “seeds” here and there if appropriate. There is a time to talk and a time to be silent, but not falling into Complacency, Conformity, Self-Importance, Anger or Rage. Meet on a regular basis with a group of like-minded people, so you can get feedback and keep each other “awake”, discussing these issues, creating community based on Truth, Knowledge and essentially Love. Together we’re stronger.

“Cowardice asks the question:”Is it safe”?
Expediency asks the question:”Is it politic”?
Vanity asks the question:”Is it popular?”
But conscience asks the question:”Is it right?”
And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular
but one must take it because one’s conscience tells one what is right.”
– Martin Luther King

5. Blogging and using Social Networks to spread awareness and information. Facebook and other sites can be great tools to raise awareness and network beyond just talking about oneself, how much you love life or what you had for breakfast. We can keep each other informed and provide better and more insightful news than the mainstream media.

These are just some suggestions. More can be done and each of us should look deeply into oneself, of how one is being honest with oneself, others and the world at large. Everyone can do something to raise awareness and make this world a better place, each according to his/her unique talents that go beyond immediate self-gratification or self-interest that keeps one in a subjective tunnel vision. However this also entail questioning what we believe to be true or not and not mistake objectivity for negativity or wishful thinking for positivity.

The future is not set in stone. It all depends on each of us. The more people wake up to truth and see the world as it is, not as we “like” it to be, the better for all. Awareness creates change, not simply “positive thinking”, visualizing or meditating on “peace. Providing solutions without first getting a better understanding of ourselves and what is truly going on in the world can be self-defeating in the long run. Discernment is needed and separating truth from lies, within and without. This higher awareness then results in action that will have lasting positive results and not just change of “appearances”.

There is much we’ll have to come to terms with before true change can happen. Let’s not miss the opportunity during this “Time of Transition”. There is work to do, but it’s what we signed up for.

The men behind Barack Obama: Hope and Reality

Dear reader,

As you read this I ask you for a moment to lay aside what you think you know or believe to be true. In particular if you are a Obama supporter and feel “change” is in the air and things will go “better” after the Bush years. Before we can look at “change” or wanting to “change” things, it is imperative to get a good look at the situation/world as it IS, otherwise it is like the blind walking into a porcelain store. More damage is done. That means gaining knowledge and information, not only through words and speeches, appearances or hype as transmitted to us through the mainstream media. It is not about being “negative” over “positive” and looking for arguments that reflect our stand on things. It is simply about looking at a situation more objectively without mechanically projecting our “views” into it right away which are mostly based on short-sighted wishful thinking, emotional reactions and a conditioned world view/belief system.

I have noticed over the years that people are very identified with their beliefs. It is as if they are what they believe and their whole life, personality and existence is based on this. They don’t know anything else than what “official culture” has taught them and so life becomes a tunnel vision in many ways. The political system with the same two limited choices (left or right) reflects that quite well. Some people find it hard to escape the illusory paradigm of Left vs. Right. Hence many folks tend to take it very personal if you question their beliefs and what they think they know or tell them that there is really no “choice”. Some of them even react with anger if you question them, in particular in regards to long-held political views, the idea of “voting for a leader” and the deeper workings/control of governments over the people.

What is comes down to is to differentiate between lies and truth not only “out there”, but more importantly in ourselves. Most people can’t face the lies “out there” because they can’t face the many lies in themselves, which make up part of their existence, be it popular held beliefs about politics, government, religion, education, etc, up to more subtle lies we tall ourselves to make our lives more “comfortable” and justified. If one is questioned on any of the mass-accepted beliefs one may have to reevaluate ones own life and realize that one may have been living a lie for the majority of ones life. Truth is not always pleasant. However, there is no judgment in truth. It only IS, neither “good” or “bad”.

Because of the identification with certain beliefs that make up their whole life and existence, people tend to ignore truth and/or the lies they tell themselves. They build buffers, excuses and all forms of denial to keep their “world view” intact. Ultimately they defend and argue for their limitations and the prison they are in. The political left/right paradigm and people yearning for a “leader” is the best example for that.

Carl G Jung was right when he said:

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to stop from facing their souls.”

In short, if people can’t face the lies within themselves, they will never be able to face the lies in the world and find truth within and without. Their whole life just becomes way of shutting oneself out from anything that may be a “threat” to their beliefs and way of life. As the Russian mystic Gurdjieff wrote:

“In order to understand the interrelation of truth and falsehood in life, a man must understand falsehood in himself, the constant incessant lies he tells himself.”

Hence, the most important aspect in life life is to Know Thyself.

In “States of Denial”, (Cambridge), Stanley Cohen remarks that “the scientific discourse misses the fact that the ability to deny is an amazing human phenomenon […] a product of sheer complexity of our emotional, linguistic, moral and intellectual lives.” He writes that Denial is a complex “unconscious defense mechanism for coping with guilt, anxiety and other disturbing emotions aroused by reality.

I have to make clear that I do not like to see what I uncover, but it is there and needs to be looked at. I certainly can’t just look away. My conscience doesn’t allow it. This has nothing to do with being negative or pessimistic.

Now let’s go straight at it.

Here is one biggy, it is THE issue most people never question:

By design, governments are not really in place “for” the people and never really have been in the past, but they are merely a tool for the elite to keep power and wealth to a few. Nor do the main “leaders” think/feel like you do, although they may do their best to appear as such, however their main interest is not you. I’m not saying that everyone who is working for the government is “evil”, no, many well-meaning individuals with conscience do their best, but are caught within the system and being used by it. Compartmentalization is the name of the game. The pyramid system, where the few control the many, not by martial or force control, but by suppression of knowledge and mind/consciousness control, shaping the beliefs of the masses to accept their version of reality.

Be it in kingdoms or governments. The power structure is still very much the same, only the details have changed and there seems to have been “progress”, more “freedom within the prison”. If there is any true choice through voting and true democracy is highly questionable. As a matter of fact, democracy becomes the perfect system for control if you are able to shape the beliefs of the people through “official” culture, media, entertainment and education, give them certain choices and control all aspects of the choices, especially if there are only TWO. Governments has we know them take care of their people like a farmer takes care of his pigs. He feeds them and seems to care for them to an extent (and certainly keep that at a minimum, although I may add that many pigs on farms have a better life than most people on this planet), but essentially the pigs are imprisoned until they are sold or slaughtered.

When looking deeper into it all, including a careful analysis of history (not the one they teach you in school), then one will see that a government has never been truly in place by the people for the people.
People are just conditioned to believe this and it happens right at birth when the newborn “becomes” an “American”, “German”, “Russian” or whatever other label is being put on. The conditioning occurs right there and continues with education and official culture, the conditioned norm, so to speak. Don’t kid yourself, the ptb (powers that be) couldn’t care less about Nations, Identification or Patriotism. On the higher level it is all about global control, especially in this day and age. National Identification is a lie sold to the people to keep them separated and confined, easier to control….
The idea of the ultimate “invisible” prison has been referred to in ancient esoteric stories as well:

“There is an Eastern tale which speaks about a very rich magician who had a great many sheep. But at the same time this magician was very mean. He did not want to hire shepherds, nor did he want to erect a fence about the pasture where his sheep were grazing. The sheep consequently often wandered into the forest, fell into ravines, and so on, and above all they ran away, for they knew that the magician wanted their flesh and skins and this they did not like.

At last the magician found a remedy. He hypnotized his sheep and suggested to them first of all that they were immortal and that no harm was being done to them when they were skinned, that, on the contrary, it would be very good for them and even pleasant; secondly he suggested that the magician was a good master who loved his flock so much that he was ready to do anything in the world for them; and in the third place he suggested to them that if anything at all were going to happen to them it was not going to happen just then, at any rate not that day, and therefore they had no need to think about it.

Further the magician suggested to his sheep that they were not sheep at all; to some of them he suggested that they were lions, to others that they were eagles, to others that they were men, and to others that they were magicians. And after this all his cares and worries about the sheep came to an end. They never ran away again but quietly awaited the time when the magician would require their flesh and skins.”
[Gurdjieff quoted by P.I. Ouspensky, In Search of the Miraculous]

Now, the usual reaction I get if I say such things is “that’s all just conspiracy theory garbage”. It’s an interesting reacting and mostly comes from people who have not really looked into it deeper and more carefully, because if they would have, they’d see that there is not much theory. Behind layers of disinformation and lies, there are many facts that point to truth and a different view of reality than the masses believe in.

The only conspiracy “theories” I know of are the many official and mainstream promoted ideas about “war on terror”, “Al Qaida”, 9/11, etc…. all of which is based on the idea that a group of people (Al Qaida) is conspiring against the “greatest” nation on earth and the western world via terror (9/11, Madrid, London). However, as deeper research undoubtedly proves (if one takes the time to do this and most mainstream journalists simply don’t or they’ll loose their job if they ask uncomfortable questions) is that the official explanations of all this are the actual conspiracy theories. It’s garbage at its best. They don’t hold up in light of the facts.
So, yes there are conspiracy theories. They are the ones your government is telling you about the “danger” and the “enemies” that are a “threat” to you and your “nation”. These conspiracy theories are the the real garbage, the ones you read on any mainstream media outlet.

A very good insight into the idea of “conspiracy theories” and Debunkers gives Laura Knight-Jadczyk in “The Secret History of the World”[redpillpress]:

[…]The first thing we want to think about is the fact that the word “conspiracy” evokes such a strong reaction in all of us: nobody wants to be branded as a “conspiracy thinker.” It just isn’t “acceptable.” It’s “un-scientific” or it’s evidence of mental instability. Right? That’s what you are thinking, isn’t it?

In fact, I bet that the very reading of the word even produces certain physiological reactions: a slight acceleration of the heartbeat, and perhaps a quick glance around to make sure that no one was watching while you simply read the word silently.

Have you ever asked yourself WHY the word evokes such an instantaneous emotional reaction? Have you ever wondered why it stimulates such a strong “recoil?” After all, it is only a word. It only describes the idea of people in “high places” thinking about things and doing things that manipulate other people to produce benefits for themselves. That’s pretty normal in the world of politics and business, right? So, why does it happen that certain ideas about who and what is going on “behind” the curtain result in the contemptuous dismissal as “conspiracy theory?”

There is a little known fact about hypnosis that is illustrated by the following story:

A subject was told under hypnosis that when he was awakened he would be unable to see a third man in the room who, it was suggested to him, would have become invisible. All the “proper” suggestions to make this “true” were given, such as “you will NOT see so- and-so” etc… When the subject was awakened, lo and behold! the suggestions did NOT work.

Why? Because they went against his belief system. He did NOT believe that a person could become invisible.

So, another trial was made. The subject was hypnotized again and was told that the third man was leaving the room… that he had been called away on urgent business, and the scene of him getting on his coat and hat was described… the door was opened and shut to provide “sound effects,” and then the subject was brought out of the trance.

Guess what happened?

He was UNABLE TO SEE the Third Man.

Why? Because his perceptions were modified according to his beliefs. Certain “censors” in his brain were “activated” in a manner that was “acceptable” to his “ego survival” instincts.

The survival of the ego is established pretty early in life by our parental and societal programming as to what IS or is NOT possible; what we are “allowed” to believe in order to be accepted. We learn this first by learning what pleases our parents and then later we modify our belief based on what pleases our society – our peers – to believe. Debunkers count on this “fear” of thinking independently. They play to it, pander to it, activate it, and magnify it. “Oh, THAT’S just CONSPIRACY thinking!” they will say contemptuously. And everyone becomes silent because, of course, NOBODY wants to be branded a “conspiracy theorist!” It’s just not done!

Anyway, to return to our story, the Third Man went about the room picking things up and setting them down and doing all sorts of things to test the subject’s awareness of his presence, and the subject became utterly hysterical at this “anomalous” activity! He could see objects moving through the air, doors opening and closing, but he could NOT see the SOURCE because he did not believe that there was another man in the room.[…]

One of the first things we might observe is that everyone has a different set of beliefs based upon their social and familial conditioning, and that these beliefs determine how much of the OBJECTIVE reality anyone is able to access. Families that are very concerned with social acceptance will frown heavily on any thinking that takes one outside of what is socially acceptable. The same condition is propagated heavily in the public school system. Even if different “cliques” form, they still form within certain “acceptable” parameters, and to step outside of your “group” is to court rejection. And of course, rejection is associated from early infancy with loss of support, of food, of the means of survival. So, debunkery plays on this inculcated fear – this basic survival instinct – and contempt and ridicule are the chief means of keeping people from thinking and from asking troublesome questions, and from investigating on their own to discover the TRUTH.

In the above story, there is clearly a big part of that reality that is inaccessable to the “subject” due to a perception censor which was activated by the suggestions of the hypnotist. That is to say, the subject has a strong belief, based upon his CHOICE as to who or what to believe. In this case, he has chosen to believe the hypnotist and not what he might be able to observe if he dispensed with the perception censor put in place by the hypnotist. The same thing happens when debunkers sneeringly pronounce the words “conspiracy theory.”

And so it is with nearly all human beings: we believe the hypnotist – the “official culture” as represented by the “clappers” and debunkers – and we are able, with preternatural cunning, to deny what is often right in front of our faces. And in the case of the hypnosis subject, he is entirely at the mercy of the “Invisible Man” because he chooses not to see him.

Let’s face it: we are all taught to avoid uncomfortable realities. Human beings – faced with unpleasant truths about themselves or their reality – react like alcoholics who refuse to admit their condition, or the cuckolded husband who is the “last to know,” or the wife who does not notice that her husband is abusing her daughter.

Denial is a complex “unconscious defense mechanism for coping with guilt, anxiety and other disturbing emotions aroused by reality.” Denial can be both deliberate and intentional, as well as completely subconscious. An individual who is deliberately and intentionally denying something is acting from an individual level of lying, concealment and deception.

Believing anything that comes down the pike is not the opposite of denial. “Acknowledgment” of the probability of a high level of Truth about a given matter is what should happen when people are actively aroused by certain information. This information can be 1) factual or forensic truth; that is to say, legal or scientific information which is factual, accurate and objective; it is obtained by impartial procedures; 2) personal and narrative truth including “witness testimonies.”

I should add here that skepticism and solipsistic arguments – including epistemological relativism – about the existence of objective truth, are generally a social construction and might be considered in the terms of the hypnotized man who has been programmed to think that there “is no truth. […]”

Back to the topic of the “historical” event, the “election” of an african american president. Let’s look at it/him beyond appearances and the emotional high, the words of “hope” and “change” he uses, that seems so manipulative as if one is watching a Hollywood movie. Over the past year I’ve been asking Obama fans (more like fanatics) what the they want to “change” and what do they “hope” for? Interesting thing is that 4 out of 5 could not give me a direct answer, so mesmerized they were by the words alone. The ones who did answer gave the typical idea of “better economy, health care, tax reduction….many said,” anyone is better than Bush.”(duh!). Interesting to note that non of the ones I asked said anything about foreign policy.

Others said that the words “hope” and “change” alone are enought for change to come. I still have to wonder, change what into what? No one seems to be able to answer this and sorry to say most Obama supporters I talked to just repeat slogans like a parrot, without understanding the deeper issues, missing a lot of disturbing things Obama has been repeatedly saying throughout his campaign.

After the “emotional” and quite predictable acceptance speech with the expected slogans (he’s good talker, I give him that), the country seems to be high on “hope” and “change”. But like any high or romantic phase, it won’t last and one has to come back to reality again. Or as a friend has pointed out at a recent forum discussion:

“I think the the feelings of “joy” and “ecstasy” expressed in response to the Obama win are in response to what is essentially a LIE, in response to a “positive” scenario that does not really exist but people have been manipulated into believing, it’s not truly a “positive” emotion, is it? I’d say it was more akin to “hysteria”, or the kind of “high” that one experiences from chemical addictions and/or addictive behaviors.
Imagine that a man has been unjustly imprisoned for ten years. One day his captors tell him that he is going to be granted his freedom, released to live a better existence. As they escort him to his gate of freedom, he experiences indescribable joy and ecstasy at the prospect of what is to come. But when they open the door, it is revealed that he has in fact only be transferred to a different prison, that the story told to him was only used to ensure his “docility” during the transfer.”

That reminds me of something Krihshnamurti said over 40 years ago, paraphrased from a lecture he gave:

“[…]People are in a prison by choice and every couple of years or so, when elections come up, they just re-decorate their prison cell, put on a new tapestry, maybe some new furniture, believing that change has occurred, however, they are still in prison, essentially being imprisoned by choice, while believing this is freedom. A prison for their mind.”

Which brings us to election day and how he got elected. Now here’s an idea many people don’t like to hear:

You have been manipulated and vectored to vote for Obama, just like McCain has committed political suicide with Palin, as if he’s been sacrificed to make sure Obama gets in (but not FOR you).

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

McCain’s choice (if it really was his) for Palin was no accident. It was a calculated move to slowly commit political suicide, saying and doing all the wrong things one could possibly do wrong.
Now, there is no hard “proof” for that, but if one has a deeper understanding of the workings behind the curtain and in light of FDR’s quite telling quote, we can assume that things may be different as they appear on the surface.
Choosing Palin as the running mate for McCain was his death seal. A calculated move or plain accident/stupidity? I leave the judgment to you after having read the rest of this blog.

To be fair, one can’t fully judge Obama yet, since he’s not “officially” in power yet, but one can look at him more closely and especially in regards to the people he surrounds himself with. You can always see a persons true character by the people he hangs out with and that goes especially for a president and his circle of “advisers”.

Let’s forget for a moment all the promises he made to make America “great” again in regards to the economy, jobs, taxes, healthcare, etc. We all know that any given president in any election gives the same promises, basically that he will “take care” of the nation’s people. The reasons why it sounds so more powerful and believable with him is because of his talent of speech and appearance. He’s likable, nice to look at and listen to, finds the right words. Not to mention the enormous hype that has been surrounding him. Because of that hype and the many emotional projections on to him, people loose their ability for critical thinking and objectivity, ignoring the words between the lines. There are many things he said throughout his campaign that showed him on many topics in the same light as Bush or McCain, namely the topic of foreign policy, the war on terror and Israel.

You see, the average american is not much concerned with what is happening in the world. It’s the basic thinking of “Me first. As long as I’m fine, have a job, health care, tax reduction, it’s all good, so he must be a good leader, because that is what he stands for”.
However, it seems that no one is really aware of the fact that he is supporting lies that have caused and will cause millions of people to die and suffer for world wide.
Be it the lie of “the war on terror” based on the 9/11-lie, the lie of “the threat of Al Qaida”, or the unquestioned support of Israel and hence the genocide of the Palestinian people. You may ask, where is the prove for all these being lies? I may turn that question around and ask you, where is the proof for all the stories you hear through government and mainstream media to be the truth? That 9/11 has been executed by a bunch of arabs with box knife cutters (what hit the pentagon again?), that Al Qaida is a real terror organization and that Israel has a right to take over the land of the Palestinians?

Obviously you won’t find answers to all this by watching TV or reading the LA or NY Times, but if you dig deeper you will clearly see that 9/11 was an Inside Job, Al Qaida is an artificial enemy creation under the guidance of CIA/MI5/Mossad and that Israel’s policies is based on Zionism/Terrorism (more an that latter). The news you hear from the Middle East are fabricated and distorted to the core. They give you a complete false sense of reality. If you haven’t heard it before: Turn off your TV and research for yourself.

Think for yourself. Don’t believe me. For each issue raised there is hours of well researched material out there that proves all this by many overlooked and suppressed facts. Many researchers dedicate their lives to find truth, only to be ridiculed and laughed at by the masses, maybe even by you. No Theory. There are many facts on other blogs on my site with links to sources provided. Some good well researched documentaries are out there as well: “Loose Change“, “From Freedom to Fascism” and “Zeitgeist“(first film) are good introductions. They free to watch in the internet (the only mass media outlet that is not controlled/censored (yet))

However, I can’t spoon feed you truth, no once can, you will only be able to SEE it, if you go into it with the right mind and that is the burning desire to find truth, as it is, even if it may oppose long held beliefs in you. If you go into it with a full cup, just to look for something to validate your already made-up mind, you are biased from the get-go and simply will only look for justifications for your beliefs, so you still can hold on to what you “believe” to be true, hence you will keep lying to yourself for the sake of not rocking your own boat of sense of Self…….which goes back to do you really Know Thyself?

You can’t face the lies in the world if you don’t face the lies within yourself, nor can you see the truth in the world if you have not looked through your own conditioning.

That’s the bottom line.

The majority of people, maybe even you, don’t want to go there. There are many cans of worms you’d rather leave untouched. But will they just go away? No, nothing ever has been healed or made disappear by suppression, the contrary, it makes it worse and the shadow thickens, within and without.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” – Carl G. Jung

The truth IS out there. It is not really that much hidden to begin with, but for reasons mentioned, most people do not want the truth. They want more lies, more illusions to feed their existence, so they don’t have to go where it is uncomfortable and vulnerable, the only place where true healing actually can occur within and without, in ourselves and in the world.

True change can only happen if one can see through the lies. Hope based on lies is false hope that morphs into wishful thinking and denial, another layer of conditioning, another “prison for the mind”.

Most people choose their lies consciously because they want to be plugged in and anything that threatens this will be ignored or attacked. An unconscious self-defense mechanism of the (social) conditioned ego.

As Morpheus said so truthfully in the film “The Matrix:

“The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy.
But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. 

The very minds of the people we are trying to save.

But until we do, these people are still a part of that system
and that makes them our enemy.

You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged.
And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

So, this was a longer kind of introduction, but necessary to see it all in a wider sense of awareness. Let’s follow the white rabbit….

Now to the title of the blog: The men behind Obama. Who is he aligning himself with, who are his advisers, etc…?

An article from The NY Times, August 24, 2007

Brzezinski Offers Support for Obama

“In an interview with Al Hunt that will air on Bloomberg’s “Political Capital” at 11 p.m. tonight, Zbigniew Brzezinski said that Mr. Obama is “clearly more effective and has the upper hand.” The national security adviser under President Jimmy Carter continued, “There is a need for a fundamental rethinking of how we conduct world affairs, and Obama seems to me to have both the guts and the intelligence to address that issue and to change the nature of America’s relationship with the world.[…]”

Zbigniew Brzezinski. Who is he and why is he supporting Obama?

Here a short intro by American Lassie in the article “The Story Unfolds 2: Obama, Biden, Brzezinski, Carter…and the Trilateral Commission?“:

I decided to search further into Obama’s background (such as we know of it) to see what I could come up with.
The tremendous amounts of money that he has raised and the protection he has been given by the MSM, along with the some of the surprising endorsements he has received lend credence to the idea that someone (or some powerful entity) with a lot of wealth and importance is pulling the strings behind the scenes. 

Let’s go to Obama’s years at Columbia University. Why is there such a secret about his transcript and the courses he took? Who were his instructors? Wonder of Wonders. At the same time of Obama’s attendance at Columbia, ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI was also at the Columbia as head of the “Institute of Communist Affairs.”
Brzezinski was national security adviser under Jimmy Carter. He left Columbia to found the TRILATERAL COMMISSION along with David Rockefeller. The Trilateral Commission is a private organization with members from the U.S., Europe and Japan.

In his book “Between Two Ages”, Brezezinski writes:

“Marxism is simultaneously a victory of the external, active man over the inner, passive man and a victory of reason over belief” (Page 72). He called for a deliberate management of the American future (Page 260), a “Community of Nations” (page 296) and a “World Government” (Page 308).

He became the first director of the Trilateral Commission. He drafted it’s charter and became it’s strongest proponent.
The funding for this enterprise came from the Charles F. Kettering Foundation, the Ford Foundation in addition to Rockefeller.

In July 1972, the first meeting of this group was called by David Rockefeller at his compound in Hudson Valley, N.Y. It was attended by 250 individuals who represented the elite of finance, media and industry. Other founding members were Alan Greenspan and Paul Volker – both eventually headed the Federal Reserve System.

Senator Barry Goldwater wrote in his book “With No Apologies”:

“In my view, the Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize the four centers of power: political, monetary, intellectual and ecclesiastical. All this to be done in the interest of creating a more peaceful, more productive world community. What the Trilateralists truly intend is the creation of a worldwide economic power superior to the political governments of the nation-states involved. They believe the abundant materialism they propose to create will overwhelm existing differences. As managers and creators of the system they will rule the future.
David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski found Jimmy Carter to be their ideal candidate. They helped him win the nomination, and the presidency. To accomplish this purpose, they mobilized the money power of the Wall Street bankers, the intellectual influence of the academic community [Hmm, sounds quite familiar to Obama’s “sponsoring”] – which is subservient to the wealth of the great tax-free foundations – and the media controllers represented in the membership of the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations), and the Trilateral.’ 

Seven months before the Democratic nominating convention, the Gallup Poll found less than four percent of Democrats favoring Jimmy Carter for President. But, almost overnight – like Willkie, and Eisenhower before him – he became the candidate.”

It was reported in the New York Sun on February 15, 2008 that Barack Hussain Obama has chosen Zbigniew Brzezinski to advise him on foreign policy.

Here’s what Mr. Obama has to say about is mentor:

So far it doesn’t sound like some big “conspiracy”, does it? Well, one has to see it in the right context with deeper research into Brzezinski and the Trilateral Commission as well as CFR and Bilderberg. Speaking of which, doesn’t seem it odd to you that there are meetings of the most powerful people on this planet held in secret with no major news outlet reporting on them? How odd. What are they trying to hide? If it is in our interest, why are we not told about it? Or is it just some big boy/girls club where they hang out and talk about the weather while sipping a drink? Regardless, if Janet Jackson’s breast exposure makes it on the headline news and the nation debating it for weeks, then I’d also like to see some news regarding these meetings behind closed doors (coincidentally usually right before a G7 meeting (the “official” one)) What’s up with that? Not News worthy?

Let’s listen to historian Webster Tarpleyand his research into Obama and the men behind him. Highly recommended to watch! Especially in politics it is of the utmost importance to try to look behind the facade: who makes up the team of the presidential candidate? The future president of the United States of America is for a large part dependent on and being fed by his team of advisors and future cabinet members. Webster Tarpley wrote a book on the men and women behind presidential hopeful Barack Obama. He argues that there is more to Obama than his charismatic appearance and that some of his advisors pose a danger to the US and the world in case Obama might be elected to become the next US president.

The men behind Barack Obama part 1
Interview with historian Webster Tarpley

The men behind Barack Obama part 2
Interview with historian Webster Tarpley


Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was kept in the closet for many months during the Carter administration because of his hideous Dr. Strangelove persona, portrayed Obama as a peace candidate who wanted to end the Iraq war and usher in peace in the Middle East. Zbig is an infamous Cold War hawk who has managed to re-invent himself in the eyes of some dupes by opposing the Iraq adventure, mainly because it is bad for imperialism.

Zbig did not mention that the reason he wants to downplay certain aspects of US aggression in the Middle East is to free up resources for use in the much bigger and more dangerous adventures which the Trilateral Commission is now directing.

In other words, Imperialism just got a new face lift. It is more subtle (for now), more cunning and more dangerous than he obvious conquest of the Bush administration.


Because Obama does it in the light of the “left” with “Hope” and “Change” and the support of liberals and peace lovers who can’t seem to see through the smokescreen. He now gained support by the ones who were so vehemently opposed to Bush’s imperialism. Change is happening, but not the “change” people are hoping for.

As someone on a discussion forum after the elections mentioned:

After witnessing the high level of fervor that people feel for Obama, it seems that they will follow whatever he says will be “necessary” to fix the Bush administrations mess, the economy etc. etc.

It is a classic set-up with the Bush = “Problem”, Obama = “Solution”

I have never seen such blind adoration for a politician before and was disheartened when encountering Obama supporters because of their “mob” or “herd” mentality. The novelty of having a black president with charisma seems to override an honest comparison of his proposed policies to the current administration.

Time will tell but from the reaction of the masses to the Obama image, it seems they are ready to follow him into hell or any new war he asks them too without question.

Let’s look at some other key players and of course Obama’s “choice” (if it really was his choice) for Vice President Joe Biden.

Tarpley gives us more insights about this man in MOTORMOUTH JOE BIDEN: WARMONGER, WORDMONGER, AND POLITICAL HIT MAN

The vice presidential candidate chosen to run with Obama is Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, a discredited, sleazy, and shopworn political hack. The ability of the Trilateral-Bilderberg machine which controls Obama to put up a person like Biden already reflects the further degradation of US political life over the past 9-12 months, largely as a result of Obama’s own demagogic, no-issues, personality cult agitation.

A year ago, there was wide agreement in the US middle class that Bush and Cheney should be impeached, that the police state be rolled back, and that the Iraq war should be ended as soon as physically possible. Thanks largely to the advent of the vapid and messianic Obama, these issues have now been thoroughly deflated.

Biden is himself an incurable warmonger who voted for the Iraq war and blathered ceaselessly in favor of Bush’s aggressive adventure to all who would listen. Naming Biden is a brutal insult to the antiwar majority of the Democratic Party, and Obama is obviously hoping that the Iraq war issue is dead, so nobody will care. Last year, Obama promised that he would work against the mentality that produced Iraq; if anyone incarnates that mentality, it is Biden.

Biden is an incurable imperialist and an eager advocate of the discredited Bush- Cheney “war on terror.” He even tried to use one of the Democratic debates last year to whip up hysteria in favor of attacking Sudan over the Darfur issue, and with some success. Biden postured in Manchester New Hampshire on June 3, 2007 in an apparent call for bombing Sudan, a coup in Khartoum, or an invasion. Incredibly, the crowd applauded wildly.

There is one more not so subtle issue with Biden. He is a self-proclaimed Zionist:

Now, what does that mean anyway? Zionist, Zionism? What is it really? When I tried to make the many Obama supporters aware of this issue, most had never even heard of that expression. Well, here’s a short introduction:

Zionism is NOT a religion, it is a political movement. Zionism is an international political movement that originally supported the reestablishment of a homeland for the Jewish People in Palestine (Hebrew: Eretz Yisra’el, “the Land of Israel”), and continues primarily as support for the modern state of Israel. (from wikipedia)

Hence it is the force behind the illegal occupation of Palestine, simply based on ideology (and madness, I may add). It has nothing to do with Judaism or Jewish religion, but hardline Zionists use distorted religious slurs for their “protection” to make sure no one questions their agenda. In other words, any time you say something against Zionism you are being called anti-Semitic. Any times you criticize Israel on certain issues or even call it a Terrorist Nation (which the government ultimately is) you are being labeled anti-Semitic, as if you are a Nazi hating the Jews. However, the real Jews, the ones not brainwashed by Zionism know the truth and some brave ones speak out loudly against the Zionists.

On Tuesday, June 3, 2008, the American Israel Political Affairs Committee, (AIPAC), the cutting edge of the powerful Israel Lobby, held its annual parley in Washington, D.C. Activists were outside the downtown Convention Center expressing their strong vocal opposition to the event. One of the protesters was Rabbi Yisroel David Weiss.
He is associated with Neturei Karta International, an Orthodox Jewish organization, which is adamantly opposed to the political ideology of Zionism. Rabbi Weiss, a spokesman for Karta International, was sharply critical of AIPAC, the Zionists and Zionism in his remarks, He was also supportive of the cause of Palestine and of the Palestinian people.

A very good insight into Zionism can be found in the article Zionism for Complete Dummies. Some excerpts:

[…]It is easy for anyone curious enough to want to do so to look into what Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, had to say. You can read Ben Gurion and you can read about the position taken by Zionist leaders during World War Two when many efforts were underway to remove Jews from Germany and the occupied regions. These aren’t secret documents. A very clear picture is painted. The events of World War 2 were a tremendous boon to Zionism. This has been repeated often by Zionists themselves and evidence of their activity during World War 2 is easily found.
There is a huge amount of literature describing how the Zionists made it very difficult to save Jews during and after World War II. As various individuals and organizations were trying to arrange departures of Jews to western countries, the Zionists worked overtime to prevent this from happening. They expressed the opinion that building up the Jewish population of Palestine was more important than enabling Jews to go to third countries, and they insisted to western powers that Jews should not be accepted anywhere other than Palestine. Indeed, Yitzchak Greenbaum, a famous Zionist, proclaimed that “one cow in Palestine was worth more than all the Jews in Poland. 

The infamous David Ben-Gurion said in 1938:

“If I knew it was possible to save all the children in Germany by taking them to England, and only half of the children by taking them to Eretz Israel, I would choose the second solution. For we must take into account not only the lives of these children but also the history of the people of Israel.”

Theodor Herzl came up with the idea of using anti-Semitism as a tool to achieve certain ends. He said it should even be manufactured when there is opportunity and used whenever possible, true or not. Whatever it took to get what he wanted was fine.

Zionism is a pretty simple thing if you strip away all of the scenery. It’s about possession of the Holy Land exclusively for the Jews and about expanding the dimensions of it to include what they have interpreted from some Biblical map they have that implies that a truly enormous stretch of real estate belongs to them. This area is far larger than the presently ‘expanded’ borders that exist today. The only other feature of Zionism that needs to be understood is the use of anti-Semitism which is employed against anyone who opposes the hegemonic intentions of Zionism. It doesn’t matter if the person opposing Zionism is actually anti-Semitic or not. They automatically become anti-Semitic by virtue of their opposition. It is permissible to do ‘anything’ to further the purposes of Zionism; the Mossad defines it’s raison d’etre as: “by deception thou shall wage war.”
Zionist behavior causes reactions because it is an ugly thing that no human being could countenance as far as its behavior and rhetoric goes. However, when you rightfully criticize Zionism you are tagged as criticizing Jews. As a result, Zionism has been able to become a world problem because they use the Jewish people as a human shield. You launch a comment and it is made to appear to hit collateral bystanders. That’s the intent.

Many Jews have become convinced that the actions of Zionists are key to the survival of Israel. This is a lie. They are the biggest threat to the survival of Israel. If it weren’t for Zionism, Israel would already have peace with her neighbors just as the Jews who lived there previous to their arrival did. It is the intention of Zionism to steal the lands of other people and that sets other people against them. That’s an observable fact.

There is a reason that the Zionists ruthlessly suppress everyone who criticizes them. There is a reason they use anti-Semitism against everyone who speaks out against them. There is a reason they set up a hue and cry against research into and publication about the truth concerning them. The reason is that they are up to no good. What other reason could there be? If you don’t care what people see then you don’t hide it. If you do care then you do hide it.

Zionism is genocide.

I mentioned AIPAC and we all know that Obama spoke there, giving his full unquestioned allegiance to Israel and the Zionist agenda. From an article on BBC News:

Barack Obama has declared an ‘unshakeable commitment’ to Israeli security.
Barack Obama has pledged unwavering support for Israel in his first foreign policy speech since declaring himself the Democratic nominee for president. 

He told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a prominent Jewish lobby, Israel’s security was “sacrosanct” and “non-negotiable”.
He also said he would do “everything” to stop Iran getting a nuclear weapon.
Mr Obama said “aggressive, principled diplomacy” was needed to deal with Tehran but added that he would “always keep the threat of military action on the table to defend our security and our ally Israel”.[…]

Here is what Raplh Nader had to say to Obama’s appearance at AIPAC in an “Open letter to Barack Obama: Between Hope and Reality“:

[…]Take, for example, your transformation from an articulate defender of Palestinian rights in Chicago before your run for the U.S. Senate to an acolyte, a dittoman for the hard-line AIPAC lobby, which bolsters the militaristic oppression, occupation, blockage, colonization and land-water seizures over the years of the Palestinian peoples and their shrunken territories in the West Bank and Gaza.
During your visit to Israel this summer, you scheduled a mere 45 minutes of your time for Palestinians with no news conference, and no visit to Palestinian refugee camps that would have focused the media on the brutalization of the Palestinians. Your trip supported the illegal, cruel blockade of Gaza in defiance of international law and the United Nations charter. […]

But Biden is not the only Zionist pulling Obama’s strings. Barack just “nominated” another Zionist and hard-liner: Rahm Emanuel, his new Chief of Staff. What can we say about him?

Christopher Bollyn writes in The Israeli Who Will Run the Obama White House:

Rahm Emanuel is named after a Zionist fighter who belonged to the Stern Gang, which was a terrorist organization linked with the Nazis. Before moving to Chicago, his father was an active member of this terrorist group of assassins and bombers, which was also known as LEHI. Don’t expect to hear these facts discussed on CNN.
Rahm Emanuel is the same Israeli who ran the White House under Bill Clinton, although he did not have the chief of staff position. He is the person who pushed through the disastrous NAFTA legislation. It should be remembered that it was during the Clinton administration, while the president dallied with his chunky Jewish girlfriend, that the foundation of the Zionist terror network that pulled off 9-11 was laid. Now, Emanuel, the son of a terrorist and assassin, will be back in the Oval Office.[…] 

Don’t expect the controlled media to tell you the whole truth about Emanuel’s family ties to real assassins. To get an idea of who Emanuel really is, I recommend my 2006 article, “Son of a Zionist Terrorist — Rahm Emanuel’s Dirty Secret.

Rep. Rahm Emanuel, the Democrat congressman for the 5th District of Illinois in Chicago is the son of an Israeli terrorist. Rahm’s father, Benjamin, was a member of the Irgun, the Zionist terrorist organization that coined a new word as they blew up hotels, train stations, and other buildings in Palestine in the 1930s and 40s.

Paul Craig Roberts writes in his most recent article Conned again:

If the change President-elect Obama has promised includes a halt to America’s wars of aggression and an end to the rip-off of taxpayers by powerful financial interests, what explains Obama’s choice of foreign and economic policy advisors? Indeed, Obama’s selection of Rahm Emanuel as White House chief of staff is a signal that change ended with Obama’s election. The only thing different about the new administration will be the faces.

Rahm Emanuel is a supporter of Bush’s invasion of Iraq. Emanuel rose to prominence in the Democratic Party as a result of his fundraising connections to AIPAC. A strong supporter of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, he comes from a terrorist family. His father was a member of Irgun, a Jewish terrorist organization that used violence to drive the British and Palestinians out of Palestine in order to create the Jewish state. During the 1991 Gulf War, Rahm Emanuel volunteered to serve in the Israel Defense Forces. He was a member of the Freddie Mac board of directors and received $231,655 in directors fees in 2001. According to Wikipedia, “during the time Emanuel spent on the board, Freddie Mac was plagued with scandals involving campaign contributions and accounting irregularities.”

In “Hail to the Chief of Staff,” Alexander Cockburn describes Emanuel as “a super-Likudnik hawk,” who as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2006 “made great efforts to knock out antiwar Democratic candidates.”

My despondent friends in the Israeli peace movement ask, “What is this man doing in Obama’s administration?”
Obama’s victory speech was magnificent. The TV cameras scanning faces in the audience showed the hope and belief that propelled Obama into the presidency. But Obama cannot bring change to Washington. There is no one in the Washington crowd that he can appoint who is capable of bringing change. If Obama were to reach outside the usual crowd, anyone suspected of being a bringer of change could not get confirmed by the Senate. Powerful interest groups–AIPAC, the military-security complex, Wall Street–use their political influence to block unacceptable appointments.

The change that is coming is the end of American empire. The hegemon has run out of money and influence. Obama as “America’s First Black President” will lift hopes and, thus, allow the act to be carried on a little longer. But the New American Century is already over.

If all of this may sound too much for you and unbelievable, I suggest to read the whole essays and articles/links these excerpts are from and research for yourself before denying it all too quick. Remember, most of the mainstream media outlets are in control by the Zionists as well, so they’ll do their best to hide this kind of information. No conspiracy theory here. Simple fact.

Well, so far Obama’s advisors are not the nicest fellas on the planet and do not seem to operate for the people. You may want to ask yourself, why does he choose these folks? Is it really his choice to begin with? Who are his sponsors and mentors, his high level supporters? So far we’ve gotten an interesting insight and “hope” and “change” may indeed look quite differently than what you’d expect.

To put it simple, with Obama there will be more misery and suffering upon the Palestinian People, more measures in the “war on terror” and invading of other countries based on lies and deception, more “Homeland Security” (read less freedom) to protect you from the “evil doers”. You don’t think so? Here’s a little clip of Obama, making his stance clear in the war on terror and 9/11:

As the late George Carlin said: “You voted, hence you have no right to complain.” But regardless of voting, he would have made it into the White House with or without your vote. It seems quite meant to be, a perfect set-up once again. I know you don’t want to hear this. But freedom of choice through voting is an illusion in this day and age, for there are other forces at work that manipulate you and your mind to act and do exactly how you are supposed to, forces that have conditioned you since birth to keep you in a confined reality box, making sure you don’t step out of line.

So what to do? Truth will set us free, no “hope” or “change” based on wishful thinking, fancy slogans and emotional manipulative speeches. The more people do the work to gain knowledge and separate truth from lies within themselves and out there, the better the chances for true change for the better of the whole world, not just your personal tax cuts, job security and health care. That is the only hope and it depends on no one, no leader, no party, no election, no counry or nation, but YOU.

It’s up to you and no one else.

Question is only, do you have the courage to go there?
Truth may interfere with everything in your life: your relations with your family, wife, husband, friends, boss, coworkers, social status, self-image, desires, dreams and goals.

But in the end only truth is true freedom, for it leads to Love of the Absolute.

It’s your choice to just follow a hype or educate yourself, gain knowledge and truth about what is really going on. Don’t believe me. Research for yourself. THINK for yourself. But before you can do that, you will have to see your own conditioning, hence it goes back again to Self-Knowledge.

Time will tell how all this unfolds. Once thing is for sure, the deception has become more cunning. With Bush it was too obvious. With McCain/Palin way too obvious, even comical. With Obama it is not, because of his “personality”, his “appeal”, his artificial making like that of a pop star. A Manchurian Candidate.

We will see his actions in the future, for talk is cheap no matter what.
Some people say he has to say certain things in order to get into power and then he’ll fix it all.
Excuse me?
Maybe in a Hollywood movie.
Don’t expect Obama to take a 180 degree turn on the war on terror, 9/11, Israel or the Zionist Agenda any time soon. He may not be aware that his strings are being pulled but his choice of advisors so far does not speak for him at all.

From “Elect a president; massacre Palestinians. No change here“:

The facade of “change” in the election of Barack Obama and more congressional Democrats is just the latest fraud in the face of those who hold out “hope” for an end to such immoral and unconstitutional policies.

Thanks, Department of Education [sic]. Thanks, think tanks [sic]. Thanks, corporate-state media. Thanks to all conditioning mechanisms of the state. No empire in history ever had it this good.

Now, back to your so-called election coverage…
Now, about that ‘sea change’ in American politics. There will be none. The US and Israeli government-sanctioned murder of Palestinians and Arabs will continue. So go ahead and enjoy your celebrations and feelings of a “new beginning”.

“Where ignorance reigns, life is lost” – Zack de la Rocha

I just focused on a couple of people behind Obama. To give the full picture would require a book, as this article still just scratches the surface. It is meant as an introduction and to make people think, in particular the overwhelming majority of Obama supporters. Other key players that are and will influence Obama’s policy are listed here in Obama’s Council on Foreign Relations Crew (Centre for Research on Globalization)

One last thing to mention. Rumors have that he will get a Kennedy or two into his administration. Before everyone jumps up in more hyped, nostalgic and romantic fashion, let me remind you that being a “Kennedy” is not equals truth and a “better world/country”. Where were all the Kennedys when there was a time to step up against the war on terror, against the 9/11 lie, against the crimes of Israel?
It may be great for his image and we know Americans love Image over depth and truth, however, cosmetic surgery doesn’t cover up the cancer that is already implemented in his administration and resulting New World Imperialism through people who couldn’t care less about YOU.

We will see how all this plays out, for this is still just the tip of the iceberg and it ain’t looking pretty once you take off the rose colored glasses of “hope” and “change”. There is something else happening here on planet earth and only truth will set humanity free, no voting, no wishful thinking or conditioned beliefs, no “positive” thinking or meditating on peace, no generic new age washed down spiritual half-truths,……. but Knowledge, which is Light, which leads to true Love of the Absolute , so one can SEE and ACT upon it. These are precious times and it will be quite a rough ride in the next years if we don’t start seeing objective reality as it is.

Knowledge protects, Ignorance endangers.