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  1. Tim S

    Heey Bernhard,

    I just wanted to thank you for the documentaries you have made. Personally Ive seen hundreds of documentaries but all those of you were incredible. They learned me alot, for a part the information but mainly the insight on how important objectivity reality is and how to deal with it.
    Thank you for making myself be able to help myself.
    Loads of respect to you!

  2. cathy s

    i just got done reading your article on Relationships and the Shadow and it brought ears of sadness and joy to my heart because I felt like I was reading my own story. The shadow describes my relationship with my husband and I and I am deeply saddened but am also happy because the article has allowed me to see things more clearly.

    Cathy S.

  3. Scott Ranger

    Your work is truly outstanding and is absolute with regard to more than 30 years of my own research – very well done!

  4. julia z

    I just wanted to thank you for “Know Thyself” — the video. It was an unexpected surprise that through a potent shot of truth I could begin to realize the hope of your message. Here’s to the pain of the journey.

  5. Alise

    I wish to thank you for your work with your video Time of Transition as it is spot on amazing. All the quotes you have used are from writers I have followed over decades and this is the first video I have seen that pulls it all together as to the integration of the physical [un]reality with the spiritual reality and our investment and responsibility concerning life itself and the planet on which we live. The entire video was edifying of decades of my own experiences in the awakening process and I thank you for your effort in sharing what you know with the world. It’s always nice to know one is in good company regardles of what the world is doing. Cheers from Australia.

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