Soul Embodiment & Transcending The Matrix


Sexual Vampirism – Sex and Entity Attachments
Bernhard Guenther | 05, March

Distortion of sexual energy is one of the prime control mechanisms of the Matrix and its hyperdimensional architects. It should be no surprise then, that tantric sexual teachings have also been corrupted to vector the seeker astray and away from the true power of our sexuality when expressed in union with the Divine.

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The Reincarnation Soul-Recycling Matrix Trap – Is Earth A Soul-Entrapment Prison?
Bernhard Guenther | 28, January

This article addresses a topic that seems to have become very popular in the fringe conspiracy scene: the idea that reincarnation is a trap of the alien hyperdimensional matrix to recycle souls to keep us entrapped.

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Controlled Opposition and the Truth Movement
Bernhard Guenther | 15, February

As more people have taken “the red pill” over the past couple of years, I’ve seen these “controlled opposition/shill/psy-op” accusations being thrown around like candy by people in the so-called “truther community”. I’ve heard statements like…

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Prophetic Dreams, Visions, and The Waves of Change
Bernhard Guenther | 26, May

A few nights ago (around the new moon), I had two intense dreams back to back that felt very symbolic and prophetic. I’ve had dreams of tsunamis and huge waves before but these two dreams really stuck with me.

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Deep inner work to understand your Self, and

Deep outer work so that you can understand the larger cosmic forces that operate within this universe


A Guide Through The Dark Night Of The Soul | TCM #124 (Part 1)
Bernhard Guenther | 01, February

In this podcast we are going to cover signs of the a dark night of a soul, the origin of the term, how it relates to “purification”, the misconceptions about a dark night of a soul, share personal stories, and more.

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Spiritual Bypassing – A Guide To Spotting It And Stopping It | TCM #123 (Part 1)
Bernhard Guenther | 17, January

Laura and Bernhard discuss the big topic of Spiritual bypassing, how to become aware of it, and the solutions. They talk about the traits of spiritual bypassing, he problems with pathologizing anger, the trap of blind compassion, and more…

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Your Psychological And Spiritual Survival Guide For 2024 | TCM #122 (Part 1)
Bernhard Guenther | 02, January

Laura and Bernhard give an overview of what to expect in this new year from a physical, psychological, and spiritual perspective. They give practical tools and advice on how to align with the evolutionary forces and more.

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How Can We Wake Up Others? | TCM #121 (Part 1)
Bernhard Guenther | 14, December

More and more people are “waking up” during this Time of Transition, and many people want to wake up others. But what is a true awakening? What does it entail?

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  • The Hero’s Journey & The Process of Embodiment

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