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There is a greater awakening occurring on this planet but it requires our conscious participation. Discover your fullest creative potential through holistic self-work, connect with fellow spiritual warriors, and get a better understanding of the current changes happening in the world during this Time of Transition.

with Bernhard Guenther & Laura Matsue


Corona Fear Virus and the Forces of Illness
Bernhard Guenther | 28, February

There is much to be said about the recent Coronavirus “epidemic”, the origin of the virus – if it’s man-made, a bio-weapon, related to 5G, or just a “natural” mutation – or if there even is a virus, to begin with.

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Discernment in Relationships and Conscious Relating
Bernhard Guenther | 19, November

Relationships take on a whole new level for anyone who has taken the “red pill”, i.e. anyone who is sincerely engaged in seeking truth, self-work and cultural/social de-programming in order to transcend the Matrix on The Path Towards Awakening.

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The Esoteric Significance of our Moon and the Matrix Control System
Bernhard Guenther | 09, August

This is an article on the esoteric significance of our moon and how lunar phases correlate with hyperdimensional attack and the matrix control system. Much of this knowledge has been suppressed or corrupted/distorted.

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Loneliness On The Path
Bernhard Guenther | 11, August

Many of us can relate to the sense and experience of feeling alone as we shed the matrix cultural/social programming and sincerely start to seek truth. As we embark on the path we start to learn (or oftentimes “remember”), realize and begin to see a deeper reality within and without us.

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Why This Moment Is The Ultimate Spiritual Test | TCM #73 (Part 1)
Bernhard Guenther | 02, December

Laura and Bernhard discuss the precious times we’re in right now and why this moment is the ultimate spiritual test. They talk about personal and collective lessons, the new “scareiant”, Psychological warfare, mass hypnosis, and more.

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Occult Rituals in Pop Culture and the “Topic of all Topics” | TCM #72 (Part 1)
Bernhard Guenther | 17, November

Laura and Bernhard discuss occult rituals in pop culture, the “topic of all topics” and the hidden forces manipulating humanity, the doom & gloom fear frequency of the Matrix, the importance of soul embodiment and creating a new timeline, and more.

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Crossing The Threshold: What Does It Take To Transcend The Matrix? | TCM #71 (Part 1)
Bernhard Guenther | 03, November

In this episode, Bernhard and Laura discuss what it means to “cross the threshold” in light of the Great Work and what it takes to transcend the Matrix. They talk about being red-pilled from an esoteric perspective, what it means to “answer the call”, and more.

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Synchronicity, Intuition, and Divine Guidance | TCM #70 (Part 1)
Bernhard Guenther | 20, October

Laura and Bernhard discuss the nature and different aspects of synchronicity, how to tap into our intuition and receive Divine guidance, the prerequisite of sincere self-work to uncover and trust our psychic & intuitive abilities, and more.

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We are currently in an intensified archetypal battle of Dark vs. Light on multi-dimensional levels and the war is through us. Now, more than ever, it is important for any sincere truth seeker and anyone engaged in self-work and the process of awakening to understand the hidden forces of life influencing us from unseen realms.

Protect And Clear Yourself From Entity Interferences And Psychic Attacks During These Times Of Accelerated Change And Spiritual Warfare On Multi-Dimensional Levels.

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