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This is a collection of articles, quotes and book excerpts from various authors for reference relating to my work and articles. Some of them include my comments/introduction and serve as research notes for upcoming articles. Loosely grouped by category:

First Initiation

Alchemical Inner Fusion and the Parable of the Coach

The Progress of the Soul

The Last Hour of Life – A Meditation on Death

The True Vital

Beings and Forces

On the Way to Supermanhood – The Mental Fortress

On the Way to Supermanhood – The Sunlit Path

Manly P. Hall on the False Light of New Age Spirituality

Embodiment – The Key to Soul Integration and the Ascension Process

The Pilgrimage of Ascension

The Dark Half of the Truth

How Much Are You Willing To Know?

The Positive/Negative Realms of Higher Densities

Sri Aurobindo- The Hidden Forces of Life

Vibrations and The Adverse Forces

Dispelling Wetiko

Spirit Possession Syndrome

Transhumanism – The Consciousness Trap

The Great Love

Armoring and Suppression of Natural Sexual Expression

Positive Disintegration

The Importance of Touch for Emotional, Physical, Psychological, and Sexual Health

Dissolving Your Fears – Importance of Experiencing All Feelings

Reality Creation and Divine Will

Money, Spirituality, and Energy