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There is a greater awakening occurring on this planet but it requires our conscious participation. Discover your fullest creative potential through holistic self-work, connect with fellow spiritual warriors, and get a better understanding of the current changes happening in the world during this Time of Transition.

with Bernhard Guenther & Laura Matsue


USA, Freedom, And The Story Of My Father – A Lesson In History For The Times We’re In
Bernhard Guenther | 15, October

My Dad was born in 1937, in Germany, at the beginning of WWII. He grew up in what used to become Eastern Germany after WWII when Germany was divided in 1949, and the eastern portion of Germany became part of the Soviet Eastern block.

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Prophetic Dreams, Visions, and The Waves of Change
Bernhard Guenther | 26, May

A few nights ago (around the new moon), I had two intense dreams back to back that felt very symbolic and prophetic. I’ve had dreams of tsunamis and huge waves before but these two dreams really stuck with me.

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The Necessity to Surrender to the Divine and Spiritualize the Being
Bernhard Guenther | 09, October

We are in a birth canal during this Time of Transition. It may take another hundred or thousand years depending on many unknown factors and our willingness to “heed the voice of the Divine” and consciously engage in this process of the spiritualization of our being.

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The Perilous Path Towards Awakening
Bernhard Guenther | 29, January

As the cosmic energies of our planet become increasingly-infused with the contrasting expression of light and dark frequencies during this Time of Transition, many of us (whether we are conscious or not of this elevation in contrasting vibrations) are experiencing breakdowns and breakthroughs at an accelerated pace.

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How To Break The Spell Of Mass Formation Psychosis | TCM #76 (Part 1)
Bernhard Guenther | 17, January

Laura and Bernhard discuss the bigger manifestations of the mass formation psychosis, how to break the spell, the different levels of the awakening process and soul evolution, the in-fighting in the “truth movement”, and much more.

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Your Spiritual And Psychological Survival Guide To 2022 And Beyond | TCM #75 (Part 1)
Bernhard Guenther | 31, December

In this episode, Laura and Bernard talk about the bigger evolutionary cycles in light of the Pluto return of the US and the individuation process, how it is affecting the whole world, what the energies will test us with in 2022, how to navigate the times ahead, and much more.

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Common Traps On The Path Of Awakening And How To Avoid Them | TCM #74 (Part 1)
Bernhard Guenther | 17, December

Bernhard and Laura talk about the common traps on the path of awakening during these times and how to avoid them. They discuss the battle of ego vs. soul, attachment to victimhood, new level of spiritual bypassing, and more.

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Why This Moment Is The Ultimate Spiritual Test | TCM #73 (Part 1)
Bernhard Guenther | 02, December

Laura and Bernhard discuss the precious times we’re in right now and why this moment is the ultimate spiritual test. They talk about personal and collective lessons, the new “scareiant”, Psychological warfare, mass hypnosis, and more.

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We are currently in an intensified archetypal battle of Dark vs. Light on multi-dimensional levels and the war is through us. Now, more than ever, it is important for any sincere truth seeker and anyone engaged in self-work and the process of awakening to understand the hidden forces of life influencing us from unseen realms.

Protect And Clear Yourself From Entity Interferences And Psychic Attacks During These Times Of Accelerated Change And Spiritual Warfare On Multi-Dimensional Levels.

This webinar will give you the fundamental knowledge and practical tools to step into your own power during these times of accelerated intensity and will give you the necessary foundation for the times ahead.

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