Soul Embodiment & Transcending The Matrix

“I am unaware of any course or a program like this one that addresses self-work from a holistic — psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual — perspective. This is the recipe for real healing and transformation.

Laura and Bernhard have created a curriculum that is as precise and direct as it is comprehensive and deep. As facilitators, their personal experience over decades is invaluable, and they continue to walk their talk every day. They lead by example both as guides and as a conscious couple doing the Great Work together. 

I cannot recommend their course highly enough. I am ‘graduating’ with an expanded and more embodied sense of self as well as tools and allies for the journey ahead.”

– Robert M.

with Bernhard Guenther & Laura Matsue


The Most Important Realization On The Path Towards Awakening
Bernhard Guenther | 10, June

Over the past three years, more people have become aware of the evil in our world. There is a paradox and silver lining.

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COVID Vaccines – Consequences On The Soul, Spirit, And Life After Death
Bernhard Guenther | 24, May

“People will be inoculated against their disposition towards spiritual ideas. The materialistic physicians will be entrusted with the task of expelling the souls from mankind”. – Rudolf Steiner, 1917

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How To Navigate This Time Of Transition And The Birth Of A New Era
Bernhard Guenther | 09, March

We are in the midst of a death of an old era and the birth of a new one. What happens next is of critical importance because it will be the seed of the next cycle of this drama that we call Planet Earth.

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Controlled Opposition and the Truth Movement
Bernhard Guenther | 15, February

As more people have taken “the red pill” over the past couple of years, I’ve seen these “controlled opposition/shill/psy-op” accusations being thrown around like candy by people in the so-called “truther community”. I’ve heard statements like…

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12 Signs You Have A Wounded Inner Child And How To Heal | TCM #97 (Part 1)
Bernhard Guenther | 25, November

In this episode, Laura and Bernhard go over the common symptoms of childhood wounding and how they show up in your life and relationships as an adult, resulting in unconscious self-sabotage and contaminating your life.

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The Healing Journey Of A Child Sex Slave – Anneke Lucas | TCM #96 (Part 1)
Bernhard Guenther | 11, November

Anneke Lucas is a survivor of child sex trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). She was sold to an elite pedophile ring by her own mother. In this interview, Anneke shares her healing story based on her new book “Quest For Love – Memoir Of A Child Sex Slave.”

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Learn How To do Shadow Work On Social Media | TCM #95 (Part 1)
Bernhard Guenther | 28, October

Laura and Bernhard talk about how we can use social media for self-work and shadow work. They talk about the dark side of social media, where people project their unconscious shadow, trauma, and pathologies on each other, and more.

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Pluto In Aquarius, US Pluto Return, And The Times Ahead | TCM #94 (Part 1)
Bernhard Guenther | 14, October

Laura and Bernhard discuss the Pluto Return of the US in light of recent and current events and the outlook on the bigger picture and the times ahead. They talk about the big shift of Pluto into Aquarius in 2023, how it will affect the individual and the collective, and much more.

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We are currently in an intensified archetypal battle of Dark vs. Light on multi-dimensional levels and the war is through us. Now, more than ever, it is important for any sincere truth seeker and anyone engaged in self-work and the process of awakening to understand the hidden forces of life influencing us from unseen realms.

Protect And Clear Yourself From Entity Interferences And Psychic Attacks During These Times Of Accelerated Change And Spiritual Warfare On Multi-Dimensional Levels.

This webinar will give you the fundamental knowledge and practical tools to step into your own power during these times of accelerated intensity and will give you the necessary foundation for the times ahead.

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