Money, Spirituality, and Energy


Keep in mind that the conditions of your life reflect who you are inside.

“You will see that in life you receive exactly what you give. Your life is  the mirror of what you are. It is in your image. You are passive, blind,  demanding. You take all, you accept all, without feeling any obligation.  Your attitude toward the world and toward life is the attitude of one who  has the right to make demands and to take, who has no need to pay or to  earn. You believe that all things are your due, simply because it is you!  All your blindness is there! None of this strikes your attention. And yet  this is what keeps one world separate from another world.”

– Jeanne de Salzmann

Nearly everything that the average person thinks about money and prosperity is loaded with falsehood and hypocrisy. As Gurdjieff said:

“No, even if we needed no money at all it would still be necessary to keep  this payment. It rids us at once of many useless people. Nothing shows up people so much as their attitude towards money. They are ready to waste as much as you like on their own personal fantasies but they have no valuation whatever of another person’s labor. I must work for them and give them  gratis everything that they vouchsafe to take from me. ‘How is it possible  to trade in knowledge? This ought to be free.’ It is precisely for this  reason that the demand for this payment is necessary. Some people will never  pass this barrier. “

Keep in mind that money represents energy.

“It should be noted that the STS system (Service to Self) can only be penetrated by becoming  “wise as serpents and gentle as doves.” There is nothing negative about networking. Details of a network include the necessity for those who are involved to invest “energy” in the exchange. If the individual comes upon the life work of another and expects to benefit and gain by that work, they will naturally wish to have their own position balanced by putting forth a commensurate amount of energy. Otherwise there will be an imbalance of  energy. This then leads to an STS pyramid.

An example of this principle in reverse is a teacher who demands payment for no real work on their own part. The fact that both of you have devoted yourselves to this work for not just  a short time, but literally your entire lives, and have not asked for the support that this intensive labor earns has, in effect, created an imbalance for those who are benefiting. Many of those who are experiencing blocks in their own lives would find those blockages dissolved by the action of opening the flow of energy in the exchange. In your world, money equals  energy!

The fact is that the idea that “you cannot be spiritual and have money too”  is part of the psychopathic control system incepted with the Christian church.  It was useful for them because it kept the common people down and out and made them accept the yoke of church control.  The psychopaths  promote such ideas as:

“A person is closer to God with nothing.”

“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man  enter the kingdom of heaven.”

“No honest man ever made a million dollars.”

“Nothing GOOD ever comes easy.”

“He’s lousy with dough.”

The implication is that God favors the poor and looks with disdain upon the wealthy. And so, anybody who might have the spark of spirit is programmed to not ever be a threat to the control system.

The so-called Christian idea that there is something inherently dirty or wrong with having substance is contradicted in the parable of the loaves and fishes.  Jesus was showing in a story that abundance is good and that when one has abundance, how much can be done for others.

One of the side-effects of the particular “money inhibition” program is the  prevalent idea that a spiritual teacher should not have any money at all.  (And notice I’m not talking about obscene riches, jets, helicopters, multiple houses, but simply a comfortable life where the ability to work on  behalf of the students is made possible.)

The fact is, charging or asking for payment IN ANY OF ITS VARIED FORMS for an honest service is not only not evil but necessary in a network. If you block the flow of energy, it is blocked returning to you.

To NOT receive payment for work is a violation of Cosmic Law and NEGATES the service given.

The concept that money – i.e. ENERGY – is not “spiritual” exists to some degree in all of us because it has been deeply inculcated into us by this  Western Christian psychopathic control program.

This unconscious attitude actually blocks us from success no matter how much we may consciously desire to have enough to pay our bills or have a life where we have enough for ourselves and our families and to help others.

The conscious mind may know that money is needed, but the unconscious mind holds firmly to the idea that money is basically evil. This creates the condition that even if money is made, the individual is unable to utilize it effectively.

George Bernard Shaw, in reaction to the obvious pseudo-Christian money ethic  wrote: “Lack of money is the root of all evil.”

Fact is, cliches – psychopathic paramoralisms – buffer us against the cold,  hard facts of life.  Belief in them actually perpetuates poverty in our consciousness and in our lives.

For example, if you believe that no honest man ever made a million dollars,  your unconscious mind accepts that you must “become dishonest” in order to  make money and that your “honesty” will keep money away from you.

If you believe that nothing good comes easy, your unconscious mind will cause you to work harder and longer than you should have to just to produce a modicum of convenience in your life.

If you believe someone is “lousy with dough” then your subconscious mind  will demand that you must become “lousy” to get money, and of course,  because you are good, you cannot have money.

The primary problem here is a failure to correctly identify the symbols of reality.  The real value of money is not in the symbol – money – itself, but  in that for which it stands: ENERGY.

We have to stop confusing the symbol with reality and, at the same time,  stop confusing our present self-image – the false personality – with what we  are in reality.

Most people do not even know what money really is.  They think that it is  ONLY material.  They think it is ONLY the “acquisition of status symbols”  such as a gigantic bank account or a lot of houses, cars, furs, jewels,  prestige positions, jet set lifestyle and so forth.

Certainly, an individual who accumulates all those things has “symbolic  wealth,” but not real wealth which is a proper “flow of energy” into and out  of their lives in a constantly increasing exchange with others. And we should note that the symbols can be lost or taken away at any moment but a person with the “inner wealth” will be easily able to replace them because  they are not attached to the symbols but know what they stand for.

Most people are so conditioned by their upbringing that they think they are inadequate, unworthy and inferior so it becomes impossible for them to  accept the fact that, proper use of energy will always and inevitably  provide for them the external conditions that match their internal state.

Some people are so thoroughly conditioned that they actually cannot stand the idea of prosperity or success. Their unconscious mind is so programmed to  poverty living conditions, poverty habits, and poverty thinking that when  there ARE opportunities to make money, to manifest their own creativity and energy, they always reject them or pass them by.  When they get money, they  compulsively spend it in ways that do not lead to any long term benefits for  themselves or those they love.  Anytime they have some kind of success, they  compulsively undo it.  Some people even get sick “on cue” so that they must  spend all their money or lose a good job.

Many people seem to be actually afraid of money and success because their subconscious is so conditioned to being a “loser” that it actually hurts them to be a winner. It becomes uncomfortable to be comfortable. This is a devastating form of self-hypnosis that can rule and ruin a person’s entire life by causing them to take the wrong job, marry the wrong person, live in the wrong area, act in the wrong way, have the wrong friends, for their WHOLE LIFE.

Certainly it is true that an academic education can be totally unnecessary  and most often it stifles creativity, but there are also situations where  this can be used as a stepping stone, a platform for other things and energy  invested into it wisely can give a good return in terms of helping others.

For some two thousand years, Christianity has foisted upon mankind the  fallacious and destructive belief that their memorized rote prayers to an anthropomorphic God will bring them rewards and salvation in the “world to  come.” The truth is: Christian praying and beliefs have caused more poverty, more ill health, and more unhappiness than any other single factor  in our Western civilization.

The same is true for the whole New Age idea of “positive thinking, ” “affirmations” and so on.

If you look at it carefully you will see that praying or affirming or working on “positive thinking” is a VIGOROUS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF PRESENT LACK  OR EVIL and it will only cause more lack and unhappiness to come into your life.

Positive thinking, visualizing, affirming, and meditating can NEVER rid the unconscious mind of the rigid thought patters that keep people in lack and limitation. Sure, you might feel “euphoria” or a transitory “feeling of success,” but it will never bring permanent results.

The more force or emphasis you give anything, good or bad, the more it will inevitably outpicture in your life and experience. That is just simply how the unconscious mind works.

TRUE prayer is “thinking straight without prejudice or bias of any sort.” Real prayer is objective thinking. PERIOD.  As the C’s say:

“Life is religion. Life experiences reflect how one interacts with God. Those  who are asleep are those of little faith in terms of their interaction with  the creation. Some people think that the world exists for them to overcome  or ignore or shut out. For those individuals, the worlds will cease. They  will become exactly what they give to life. They will become merely a dream  in the “past.” People who pay strict attention to objective reality right  and left, become the reality of the “Future.” “

Now, consider this a long time: “Life experiences reflect how one interacts with God.”

A person living in poverty is directly expressing their interaction with God/Cosmos. Period.

You cannot be truly spiritual and poor at the same time. It’s that simple.

An authentically spiritual person cannot experience lack of any kind.  And I’m not just talking about someone who has been so hypnotized that they think a robe and a begging bowl is all there is to life, either.

The word “spiritual” is derived from the Latin root “spiritus” which means to be spirited, full of life, alive, animated, ENERGETIC.

A truly spiritual person is RICH in every sense. He thinks rich thoughts, he has rich feelings, rich sensations, rich emotions, rich relationships of every kind.  His entire attitude emanates wealth of ENERGY.

The truly spiritual person lives RICHLY in everything he does.

And don’t misunderstand and think I’m talking about obscene amounts of money piled up in a bank, rolls royces or private jets here.

What I DO mean is having the means to meet ones needs – ESPECIALLY those needs that relate to being able to pass the energy through one’s life to others, to be of service, to be a “good and well-paid workman” for the  Cosmos.

The truly spiritual person is a person of plenty… a competent “debugger of the universe”. Look around you and consider the tremendous, unending creativity of Nature: flowers, trees, grass, plants, forests, animals, people, rain, sun, moon,  planets, stars, galaxies.

Nature is infinitely and endlessly prolific.  It is the involuntary and effortless nature of Nature to constantly and abundantly create and give of  itself to ALL.  This activity never stops for an instant.  From a single acorn grows a majestic oak, from a single cell comes the complex and  fantastic human body.

This is Nature at work—creative work. Behind the visible Nature is the invisible nature of spirit guiding, prodding, and compelling Nature to express itself in myriad designs, forms, and patterns.


Perceiving the world this way makes all of Life one creative encounter after another. No other vision is valid. No other experience is authentic. Life is Universal Creativity at work everywhere at the same time. The Universe constantly reproduces itself, a new self, over and over again.

There is Invisible intelligence everywhere in the Universe that knows how to make every living thing. It possesses the power – the ENERGY – and the KNOWLEDGE to impress in Nature the living forms of all things.

Nature is infinitely creative and prolific because SUBSTANCE is everywhere.  There is nowhere it is not. Substance is universal also. The Universe is opulent and affluent. Infinitely perfect substance is eternally available.

The source of all supply is the same principle that creates the Universe: consciousness, intelligence, knowledge. The true nature of the spiritual being is the same nature as that of the  Universe – infinite creativity and everlasting substance.

“All there is is lessons. This is one infinite school. There is no other  reason for anything to exist. Even inanimate matter learns it is all an  “Illusion.” Each individual possesses all of creation within their minds.  Now, contemplate for a moment. Each soul is all powerful and can create or  destroy all existence if know how. You and us and all others are  interconnected by our mutual possession of all there is. You may create  alternative universes if you wish and dwell within. You are all a duplicate  of the universe within which you dwell. Your mind represents all that  exists. It is “fun” to see how much you can access.  Challenges are  fun. Where do you think the limit of your mind is?

Q: (L) Well, I guess there is no limit.

A: If there is no limit, then what is the difference between your own mind  and everything else? …. And when two things each have absolutely no limits, they are precisely the same thing.”

OPULENCE is the nature of the Universe and when you are spiritually aligned with the Creative principle the OPULENCE is YOUR nature as well.

And so, let’s look at some things:

  • Know that money is, indeed, spiritual as is all that exists when perceived correctly. Remember that to be “spiritual” means to be alive, vigorous, energetic.
  • The real nature of money is to INCREASE.  A child sees only part of the world, as an adult he sees more of it.  So, too, will abundance in your life increase for you as you progressively discover more of the infinite Universe in Truth, which is aligned with the creative principle. This means that as you shed your illusions, you will unlock your own creative potential in all areas of your life.
  • Know that your TRUE nature is “rich and affluent,” just like Nature. The  Universe itself is infinite and unending, and so are you. By becoming your true self, your real, permanent “I”, you will have the only real security and happiness available in the Universe.  This will reflect in your outer life. Because certainly we know that the material expression –  the symbols – are material and impermanent and constantly change in the flow of life.
  • Money is made of “mind stuff.”  The fact is that nothing exists external to you. Money consists of consciousness of energy and thus is part of you.

In the final analysis, Knowledge is acquired by the expenditure of energy. “Knowledge application generates energy, which, in turn, generates light.”

Knowledge protects. The more knowledge you have, the more you APPLY it, and the more “richness” you will have in your life in ALL respects, including money. Acquiring knowledge is like building a magnet inside you.  It will attract people and circumstances that will change your life.

Regard everything in your life as an opportunity to be as creative as the  Universe is. And never forget that giving of yourself must be done as the Universe does it: completely and infinitely and without strings. To give of yourself is to receive.

If you are unable to receive without immediately offering something in return or becoming embarrassed, or you accept something from another without appreciation, you violate the law and it means that you do not know how to give.

At the same time, if you are constantly giving your work, time, money, or energies of any kind away without expecting and receiving proper payment (which doesn’t always mean money), you are violating the law. That which you give, therefore, cannot and will not be appreciated by the recipient. To be ONLY able to give is selfish and egocentric. When you understand that it is your true nature to share your life with all of Life, you will give intuitively to the right people at the right time.

Learn and practice the Law of “Tithing.” Traditionally, this meant giving a percentage of one’s income to something you believe in. But the fact is, it is not just ordinary giving; it is giving to the Universe with no strings attached, for the love of giving, as Nature does it. It is a giving that is done in demonstration of the inner knowledge that the Universe is infinite and opulent.

It is aligning oneself with Nature by doing as Nature does. More than this, giving to the Universe creates a vacuum which immediately causes more substance to begin to flow toward you. If you worry about how your money will be used or if you will be paid back or if you will be praised, you are not giving as Nature gives, freely and opulently.

Never resent anyone else’s success. Because others exist in your consciousness, any resentment of their success is self-resentment.  Always be glad for the success of others because their success is your success.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, gamble with ideas, test ideas and concepts,  try new things, and invent new products or services. Using the law of averages, if you try enough things and expose what you do to enough people, eventually, you will succeed. Each time you fail in something, you learn what NOT to do and this means you are getting closer to having the KNOWLEDGE of what works. You can then apply this knowledge to generate “energy” in the form of money.

Live always in a state of pure possibility.  “Impossible” is not an option. Just start doing things, experimenting with ideas.  As Goethe said:

“Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward; they may be beaten, but they  may open a winning game.”

Always equate yourself with the infinite. Constantly remind yourself that opulence is the nature of Nature.

And finally, remember this:

“Money is of no value: it cannot spend itself.  All depends upon the skill  of the spender.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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