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Introduction by Bernhard Guenther
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A popular saying, especially in America and New Age circles is: “There are no limitations. You can be/do whatever you want to, just dream it and do/manifest it!

While this saying can help to a certain extent to become more self-motivated and inspired, getting rid of self-imposed illusory limitations, it also can actually disconnect us from our “true Self” that is connected to the Divine and the role we are here to play as soul-embodied individuals, the lessons we are hear to learn and talents to develop (which includes [conscious] struggle, especially when sincerely engaged in the alchemical process of awakening and the inevitable disillusionment/death of the conditioned personality).

Most often the idea of “no limitations… you can do/be whatever you want to do/be” comes from the conditioned egoic mind that sees itself in (illusory) control, suffering under the disease of solipsism (only “my” truth exists and reality is what “I believe” it to be) and can “manifest” or have whatever it wants. This also ties into the distortion of the idea of “You Create Your Own Reality” (YCYOR).

Out of my experience there are healthy and necessary limitations that actually help us in our spiritual/soul evolution since all there is are lessons. Friction is necessary to ignite the [inner] alchemical fire of transmutation. Sometimes there are limitations we put on ourselves that are not healthy, coming from a self-diminishing, low self-esteem place, most often based on subconscious programs due to psychological trauma as well as cultural/social/religious conditioning, and growing up in a society where pathology has become normalized. But there are also limitations reflected back to us that are meant to bring us back to humility, from our inflated ego and its conditioned desires, guiding us back to the connection with the Divine and our unique path, if we get the message and “listen” without getting into victim/blame consciousness or comparing ourselves to others.

In the end it is about aligning personal will with “Divine Will”, our soul’s purpose (including the lessons we need to learn). In other words, embodiment and true wholeness, connected to our divine nature without the ego being in the driver seat is the state where we experience “no limitations” and can tap into true reality creation. That doesn’t mean there will be no struggle, but it is conscious struggle in order to learn valuable lessons for our evolution, as opposed to mechanical/unconscious struggle that results in “fighting the world” from a place of disembodied ego consciousness, based on forceful “doing” and “willing”.

In this process of alignment (which relates to your embodied frequency/vibration) you will receive what you truly “want” and “need” (from a soul-based level), which are delivered via the lessons you need to learn as you diligently-develop the gifts/talents you have that are unique to you…most of these abilities you may not be fully aware of (yet). This is how true “reality creation” works – in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

However, it’s vital to note that this process will conflict with any desires and goals you have/had which stem from ego/personality identification and social/cultural programming “insertions”. It also requires healing/letting go of any past hurts, grudges, resentments, shadow aspects, wounds, and traumas, which are being triggered/revealed even more so now in these days of accelerated energetic activity.

In other words, you need to clear your “vessel” for higher energies to be able to anchor themselves in you, reconnecting you to who you truly are (activating your original blueprint/DNA). That process has profound effects on the outside world (which is not really “outside” or separated from “you”) with regards to a reality-creation process that is based upon your internal healing journey (and resulting increase in embodied “Being-ness” frequency). This is very different from what is being promoted these days within the distorted New Age idea of “reality creation” or “law of attraction”, where the focus is usually restricted to a series of positive thought creeds, daily affirmations and visualization techniques.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with any of that (focusing on positive thoughts, making affirmations, and engaging in visualizations). The problem is only if we do it forcefully, resulting in suppression of the shadow; oftentimes, this fear of “negative” thoughts and emotions (or even of “negativity” that’s taking place in the world around us) is because we feel that, by looking at it, we will conjure up that “darkness” in our own lives. The truth is, in fact, the exact opposite: whatever you suppress and /or ignore within yourself will, at some point, be mirrored back at you, and manifest itself in your life, waiting to be confronted and healed.

This New Age approach regarding “reality creation” can also result in black magic, especially when people call in “beings” to help them, thus creating a “pact with the devil” (so to speak) and involuntarily making contracts/traps of agreement with negative entities (posing as positive ones) who are more than “happy” to help you with your manifestation-goals, only for you to realize later (or not) that you are being hijacked into a STS (Service to Self) path. This situation arises even more frequently if you are trying to manifest desires which arise from the conditioned ego personality.

The more that you are in alignment with Divine Will (and have embodied your connection to spirit), the less you will have any need to engage in any form of manifestation techniques because you are “in the flow” of divine creation, and positive synchronicity occurrences – which are in alignment your with individual and unique soul growth potential – will increase exponentially.

This a state of being where you don’t fight the world, or find yourself at odds with it (because you realize – on an embodied level – that the inner and outer are not separate, and all there is in this life are lessons for your personal soul evolution); you disconnect from any forced, will-full doing, and instead act from a grounded place of being, fully tuned-in to the present moment as you respond consciously to what life brings into your sphere of influence. Instead of making decisions from head-centric analysis, you become a conscious instrument/vessel for spirit/the divine to work through you.

This is also based on a deep ‘knowing’ and trust in both life and yourself, connected to your inner guidance which is grounded in your belly/pelvic floor. However, it’s a long road to reach that level of fully awakened Being-ness, and the path itself is different for each of us; regardless of individual circumstances, this journey is not without obstacles and opposition as we continuously learn (and re-learn) our lessons.”

The so-called “Law of Attraction” (as it is commonly used these days in corrupted New Age/pop-spirituality concepts of “You Create Your Own Reality”) is a gross distortion of its deeper esoteric meaning and source, just as the saying “Ask and You Shall Be Given” has also been corrupted from its original esoteric meaning and watered down into “I can have anything I want from the “universe”, if I just “ask” for it and align my thoughts and emotions with my desires”.

First of all, the “law of attraction” (based on the saying “like attracts like”) was geared towards the sincere seeker engaged in esoteric self-work, meaning that he/she will “attract” (through his “SINCERE asking”) anything that will help him/her for his/her soul evolution with the aim of union with the “One”, i.e. soul embodiment, self-realization, awakening/enlightenment, etc. . The phrase “Ask and You Shall Be Given” also relates to esoteric Knowledge, Truth, assistance, and “occult secrets” that will help him/her on the path , not a “thing” (or job, money, relationship) based on the ego’s culturally-conditioned cravings.

However, what he/she will be “given” or “attract” is not up to “him/her”, but relates to his/her soul lessons and even includes (besides “positive” things, such as the right teacher/teaching, and assistance appearing at the right time) challenging situations, trials and initiations (including attacks by occult forces, which can be teachings/initiations in disguise) that may seem “negative” to the uninitiated eye, but are necessary lessons for him/her to pass through as part of the awakening process. They have nothing to do with “attracting them because of his/her negative attitude”. In the end, it’s about letting go of the monkey mind conditioning, and realizing the illusion of “personal will” (ego identification) so as to give way to Divine Will – becoming an embodied sovereign Individual, a conscious instrument for Spirit to work through, expressing itself in this reality plane by merging with him/her/it as a unique frequency anchor.

“To those people who simply pry into the occult from mere curiosity, we have nothing to say. They will obtain just as much as they deserve, and nothing more. “Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you” is equally as true today, in relation to esoteric knowledge, as it was 2000 years ago. … It invariably presupposes that the supplicator and the knocker are in real earnest, and that they seek only to satisfy the deep yearnings of the immortal soul.

The doorkeeper, or guardian of the temple of truth is as mute as a granite rock to all others. They may supplicate, they may shout and bawl until they are hoarse, they may knock and buffet the door until they rouse a nation with their clamour, and if they approach in any other spirit than [earnest desire to satisfy the deep yearnings of the immortal soul], it is all to no purpose. We can never take the Kingdom of Heaven by storm.

Those students who are unable to comprehend the sublime import of the mighty system of cycles and periods … would preferably be occupied in eschewing occult studies for the adoption of others adapted to their sphere of thought. … They must remain contented until the time arrives when conditions are evolved in the scale of the succeeding human races, conditions which will permit of the expansive budding and blossoming of their soul’s now latent attributes.…

There is no such thing in the entire cosmos as equality. There is, instead a hierarchy, not as something tyrannical, and especially not based on birth, riches, or the power of the stronger, but as a “sacred authority” sanctioned by the nature of things. There is only one royalty, one aristocracy: that of intelligence. … This alone can lead to cosmic equilibrium and happiness. …

There are also numerous students who, although being in a condition suitable for the perception of truth, and for the true significance of nature’s grand mysteries, are yet totally unqualified for the perception of this knowledge, owing to their natural but terrible elemental affinity. The result of this fearful psychical condition is … that the occult powers which they might develop, would be used for purposes of a purely selfish and worldly nature.

It is quite a minority of this class who can grasp any actual power, for upon the contrary they frequently become the very dupes and slaves of the powers they so ardently seek to control.

To all such we fervently and solemnly say: abandon all thoughts of spirit-intercourse, flee from occultism, and spiritualism, as you would from a pestilence, and may the divine guardians of the human race preserve your souls from the bottomless abyss, upon the brink of which you may possibly have been unconsciously reposing.”

– The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor: Initiatic and Historical Documents of an Order of Practical Occultism by Joscelyn Godwin

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Related quotes and excerpts from other sources:

“It is usually the psychic [soul, higher self] which guides the being. One knows nothing about it because one is not conscious of it but usually it is that which guides the being. If one is very attentive, one becomes aware of it. But the majority of men haven’t the least idea of it. For instance, when they have decided, in their outer ignorance, to do something, and instead of their being able to do it, all the circumstances are so organized that they do something else, they start shouting, storming, flying into a rage against fate, saying (that depends on what they believe, their beliefs) that Nature is wicked or their destiny baleful or God unjust, or… no matter what (it depends on what they believe). Whilst most of the time it is just the very circumstance which was most favorable for their inner development.

And naturally, if you ask the psychic to help you to fashion a pleasant life for yourself, to earn money, have children who will be the pride of the family, etc., well, the psychic will not help you. But it will create for you all the circumstances necessary to awaken something in you so that the need of union with the Divine may be born in your consciousness. At times you have made fine plans, and if they had succeeded, you would have been more and more encrusted in your outer ignorance, your stupid little ambition and your aimless activity.

Whilst if you receive a good shock, and the post you coveted is denied to you, the plan you made is shattered, arid you find yourself completely thwarted, then, sometimes this opposition opens to you a door on something truer and deeper. And when you are a little awake and look back, if you are in the least sincere, you say: “Ah! it wasn’t I who was right — it was Nature or the divine Grace or my psychic being who did it.” It is the psychic being which organized that.

If you have within you a psychic being sufficiently awake to watch over you [individualized soul embodiment, connected to the Divine], to prepare your path, it can draw towards you things which help you, draw people, books, circumstances, all sorts of little coincidences which come to you as though brought by some benevolent will and give you an indication, a help, a support to take decisions and turn you in the right direction. But once you have taken this decision, once you have decided to find the truth of your being, once you start sincerely on the road, then everything seems to conspire to help you to advance.”

from “The Psychic Being – Soul: Its Nature, Mission, and Evolution, Selections from the Works of Sri Aurobinbdo and The Mother”

“[…]What makes the YCYOR (You Create Your Own Reality) evangelist fatuous is precisely the fact that all such personal decreeing, positive thinking and confident imagining takes place in an inevitable context. There are implications! There are repercussions! No one decrees in a personal or private, solipsistic vacuum. There is a variegated World of myriad “pulls” and “claims” coexisting along with the private desires and designs of the given ego-subject.

But “so what?” we hear the die-hard “reality-creator” claim “don’t we remain untouched by those ‘co-existents’ as long as we keep secure in the confidence of our own private deservedness, our own authoritative affirmations and specific commissions of positive thought-re-inforcement?”

No. Man does not live by “commission” alone. This is why you do not create your own reality, but merely generate reality-hypotheses or scenarios which are continuously reflected and tested against the Whole; and the Whole, being inseparable from the Potential of your own innate-global Being, is constituted by the explicit and implicit alike, by that which is produced through active or positive commission and that which results from the gaps, blind-spots and vacuums of interpretive omission. All the lines, potential and actual, exist within one’s being and are inevitably calculated into the total account! This is what it means when we say there’s a context in which all our desire-formulation and “decreeing” takes place.

This is a Deity-centered reality, not an ego-centered reality. Only the totality of the soul-nature is in touch with the Totality of Spirit-being. Anything else necessarily involves a partial perspective, a conceptual self-estimation producing inevitable blindspots.

What you have selectively omitted from “your reality”, is manifested as well! We can of course say the “victim” still deserves his fate or has drawn his fate to himself by a quality of callousness embedded in his characteristic thought-formulae; and occasionally this interpretation may touch on some real factor involved in the negative effect. But neither the simple presence of some attitude toward elements of the ultimate negative resultant, nor explanations of residual “karma” (or anything of the kind) may adequately account for all cases in the same category. It is just simply not true that every rape victim somehow “invited” the experience as a personal form of “commission”.

The converse implication of this, of course, is that only in alignment and integral consonance with the Whole-value of Being may Reality be accurately manifested through the medium of “personal expression” for then there is no discrepancy between “personal” and Universal, the perspectival “part” and the indeterminate Whole.

For, understood in this way it may be seen that unimaginable effectiveness results when the expression of one’s “personal” will is not different than or removed from the Spirit of Divine Will, i.e. the Will to reveal Spirit as the Truth and authentic character of everyone’s illimitable Being. This means that, in terms of “personal will”, only the Spirit of the Teaching Function remains.

There is no will remaining in the repertoire of “personal will” except that which expresses perfect alignment, integration and identity with Divine Will. This is the Destiny of everyone.

Contrary to unwarranted popular opinion, such initiated alignment with the Will of Absolute Spirit-being does not result in “working one’s will unopposed”. On the contrary, the very presence of the Awakened Truth in the form of the Spiritual adept has always generated immediate opposition; it has always “awakened” a corresponding reaction from the collective ego’s self-protective slumber.

This fact does not belie the Whole-being efficacy of that “will” which is so aligned with the Totality.

It simply means that such opposition itself, having become part of the manifesting pattern, incorporates as occasion of the Teaching Demonstration as well in whatever form expresses through the “confrontation”. Initiated alignment of will with the creative Whole doesn’t guarantee “smooth personal circumstances”; on the contrary, look at the story of every adept, examine the events surrounding the Masters known to history. Rather it ensures that such events will possess the character of an authentic teaching-demonstration, to all who have the Soul to see.

It ensures the Will of the Whole is always done, regardless the partiality and prejudice by which that Whole may be perceived in any given case.”

from  Why “You” Don’t “Create Your Own Reality” by Michael Topper

“The only free will in the world is the one divine Will of which Nature is the executrix; for she is the master and creator of all other wills. Human free will can be real in a sense, but, like all things that belong to the modes of Nature, it is only relatively real. The mind rides on a swirl of natural forces, balances on a poise between several possibilities, inclines to one side or another, settles and has the sense of choosing: but it does not see, it is not even dimly aware of the Force behind that has determined its choice. It cannot see it, because that Force is something total and to our eyes indeterminate.

Behind this petty instrumental action of the human will there is something vast and powerful and eternal that oversees the trend of the inclination and presses on the turn of the will. There is a total Truth in Nature greater than our individual choice.

This apparently self-acting mechanism of Nature conceals an immanent divine Will that compels and guides it and shapes its purposes. But you cannot feel or know that Will while you are shut up in your narrow cell of personality, blinded and chained to your viewpoint of the ego and its desires. For you can wholly respond to it only when you are impersonalized [embodied] by knowledge and widened to see all things in the self and in God and the self and God in all things.

The state of ignorance in which you believe that you are the doer of your acts persists so long as it is necessary for your development; but as soon as you are capable of passing into a higher condition, you begin to see that you are an instrument of the one consciousness; you take a step upward and you rise to a higher conscious level.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Integral Yoga

“In truth, there really are no limits. But how easy is it for you to shed your present limits? Is it enough to merely think to yourself “there are no limits” and off you float above the ground as gravity, formerly a limit, no longer remains part of your reality? The fault of YCYOR is in making the phrase “there are no limits” appear more general, easily applicable and achievable than it really is.

While we exist here in physicality, there are several types of limits. Illusory limits are those that truly do not exist, except in your mind as a consequence of your lack or suppression of awareness. These include such things as personal insecurities, false beliefs about your intellectual or physical abilities, glass ceilings, and subconscious programs.

Practical limits exist at the boundaries of your spiritual evolution. They are things you are not capable of because you have not evolved to the point where you can do them. Surpassing these limits requires spiritual evolution, often through struggle and the active use of knowledge/ awareness.

Imposed limits are those placed upon you by beings with higher freewill than you. They may be aspects of your own consciousness, such as your Higher Self. These limits are mere handicaps, placed upon you so that you can exist within this reality and learn other lessons.

Earth is like a weight training room…resistance all around, the quickest way to bulk up. Too little resistance, and progress is slow. Too much resistance, and progress is impossible. The purpose of true Reality Creation is to remove unnecessary weights so that resistance is just right.

The greatest example of an imposed limit is that of physicality, including all its laws which are nicely described in the laws of physics. Negative forces abuse physics through their technology, which can result in manipulations so cunning that most people cannot even fathom their existence.

Practically speaking, then, there are indeed limits. What you must do to surpass these limits determines how objective they are. Illusory limits are mainly psychological, and getting rid of them will do wonders enough in one’s life. No limits are insurmountable, it is just that some limits are damn hard to break through.

When YCYOR says “there are no limits”, it accurately states that illusory limits are not real. However, one would be a fool to think that the phrase applies to all types of limits, that imposed or practical limits are as easily bypassed as illusory ones. Some extreme forms of YCYOR do incorporate this idea, and its followers think that reality is so much a function of their belief that they need merely believe they are invincible, and so they become it. Never mind that they lack the spiritual evolution and awareness to do so, and are attempting to violate their own Higher freewill. They think they can exist in a world without limits just by changing their 3D mind or subconsciously programming themselves through visualization or self-hypnosis. While this does work great to rid oneself of illusory limits, other limits remain.

Now, there are cases of people who can levitate, teleport, bend spoons, and so on. Mind is definitely capable of bypassing the laws of nature. We hold a contract with physicality, which states that we collectively agree to participate by its rules. Our world or imposed limits is indeed held up by self-imposed limits, but to break through these limits, one must be at the same level that one created the limit to begin with.

For example, if you impose upon yourself a limit made on the subconscious level through some trauma followed by autosuggestion, then it is on that subconscious level which the limit must be removed. If it is the Higher Self that holds the agreement with physicality, then it is the Higher Self which can break that contract. (Let the distinction be made, however, that using technology to levitate, teleport, and time travel is a way of manipulating physicality itself, not our Higher Self).

It is clearly unwise to think that you can, at a lower state of consciousness, void the limit created and imposed from a higher state of consciousness without actually going there. Going there is often the lesson of the limit in the first place. Some of these imposed limits can be forcedly surpassed through intense meditation, but it is a way of short circuiting one’s own evolution for the gain of a few new tricks. The tricks themselves are not “bad”, merely premature. When the timing is right and they are well-earned, they will be put to good use and aid one’s evolution.

Occult practitioners of the black arts try to develop their psychic faculties without a corresponding increase in beingness, which only results in their descent further into the maw of the negative hierarchy.
For all these reasons, while there are no limits as they can all be surpassed someday and somehow, due to our present physical and mental natures, we cannot break through all limits just yet. It is necessary to be aware of what limits one is truly up against, and which ones can be changed or voided.

Negative forces with lower freewill, or perhaps higher negative forces who do not wish to violate freewill but rather coerce their targets through deception for the purposes of consuming them fresh and whole, use illusory limits to the fullest extent possible.

Illusory limits are those we give power to, despite their actual nonexistence. Nonexistent limits do not violate our freewill. If we give them power and impose those limits upon ourselves, they were indeed inspired by negative forces but actually implemented by us, and thus the negative forces do not dirty their hands with our own freewill violations, for there is no violation if we imposed it upon ourselves.

Your Higher Self does not sit idly by, not noticing any of this. It allows it to happen to teach you a lesson. Should the case arise where negative forces attempt to physically harm you in such a way that no lesson is learned and many other future lessons would be postponed, the Higher Self can intervene and re-arrange the linear timeline so that negative forces fail. In this way, some people are protected from harm despite massive targeting by negative forces. Nevertheless, the possibility that physicality itself can be used against you is reason enough to actively use your knowledge and prepare for contingencies.

Concerning illusory limits of the subconscious nature, be aware that subconscious programs are actually surrogate motivators. This means they are passive redirectors of your will, and can in themselves open you up to undesirable probable futures. Before, it was mentioned that struggle often accompanies spiritual evolution. Struggle does not always mean pain, it simply means active application of one’s will to progress and learn. As an analogy, rock climbing can be considered a struggle, but it is still fun for many who do it as a sport. When it comes to spiritual evolution, painful struggle is actually unnecessary, while fun struggle is the ideal way to evolve.

Psychologically painful struggle happens for one main reason: the dissolution of old subconscious programs. Struggle itself is an aspect of spiritual evolution, but the pain results from having to uproot old programmed illusions that one has held near and dear all one’s life. The more programmed one is with the old ways of viewing the world, and the more inertia one has against change, the greater the pain accompanying spiritual evolution. It is not a matter of struggle versus no struggle, but painful struggle versus fun struggle.

Like a stuck rudder, programs or surrogate motivators make it difficult to get one’s “boat” traveling in the right direction. Moving forward anyway creates friction, which eventually heats and dissolves the programs, but not without causing some discomfort [“conscious suffering” according to Gurdjieff]. Progressing without pain can only happen in two ways: either you have already evolved to the approaching level and are merely retracing your steps, or you are struggling with a fun attitude.

However, painful struggle can also be a sign that you are venturing beyond the planned boundaries of your pre-incarnational objectives and the recommendations of your Higher Self. This is most evident if you feel like you are moving against the grand flow, things are going terribly for you in life, it takes much willpower to succeed, and you must often employ negative or STS (Service To Self) tactics to do so. Falling into STS is like sinking into quicksand. It is a struggle to stay afloat, and even more of a struggle to get out. Your painful struggles in life are always the results of errors committed or allowed by some part of you, which placed you temporarily into a negative orientation that now requires restitution.

If you are painfully struggling for any reason other than dissolving your subconscious programs or resolving karmic issues, it is very likely that you are not acting in alignment with your Higher Self. Like assembling flat-pack furniture, if you are struggling and things keep turning out horribly, you are not following the instructions.

Fun struggle is accompanied by a thrust or intense motivation, an inner glow of joy and enthusiasm, and results in a hearty satisfaction. This is the ideal way to evolve spiritually, and virtually guarantees that one is on the right path, in alignment with one’s Higher Self. When in this “flow”, events in life click into place perfectly. Once one is relatively free from negative surrogate motivators, one is following the flow of the right destiny current and can simply “let go” and have fun with life, struggling but evolving in a positive manner.

Lack of struggle is equally suspicious. Fun without challenge, without inner satisfaction, often comes from surrogate motivators influencing one’s actions and perceptions. More often than not, something like this is considered “fun” because it is a lack of “pain”, be it social, physical, or psychological pain. For example, if you are programmed with social expectations that drinking and partying are key steps in securing one’s self-worth, and that not having a bar life makes one lame and unaccepted, then one can squander away much of life in a drunken stupor, blissfully thinking all is fun with this programmed lifestyle.

Much of humanity is lost on a permanent detour off their primary intended life path, due to these surrogate motivators which have been grafted onto their minds from birth via clever programming by negative forces through media, culture, religion, and sometimes directly through abductions and mind control.

Getting rid of these grafts is the first and best action one can take in one’s quest for a limitless reality. This will accelerate one’s evolution, and soon practical limits fall away until an evolutionary state is reached that is equal to the state where such limits were imposed. Those limits then dissolve as well.

Another trap of YCYOR and the New Age paradigm has to do with “resolving issues” and “removing karmic debt” via cheap gimmicks which only give a temporary illusion that things have been fixed. They are merely patched over and ignored, all the while festering beneath an inflated “happy” persona.

Resolving karma can only happen through forgiveness that permeates deeply into one’s subconscious. It is subconscious regrets and grudges that make us choose to incarnate again with karmic life experiences to resolve them. All karma necessitates is the learning of a lesson, not necessarily the experience of karmic events.

Nevertheless, there are those who ignore their issues rather than confronting them [or get caught up in victim/blame consciousness], who try to act positively, think positively, but are doing nothing to get rid of their surrogate motivators via an active increase their awareness and utilization of knowledge. Rather than learning a lesson, they would rather do some meditations, “clearing” sessions, crystal work, or other methods to cover up the warning signs that those lessons must be learned.

The way they try to think and act is opposite of what they are on the inside, and this conflict builds up a lot of anger and anguish [subconsciously]. It is amazing how many people, who claim to be love and light New Agers, are actually two-faced, petty, flaky, and moping individuals. They are an example of the fact that there is no shortcut to learning.”

– from True Reality Creation by Tom Montalk

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