Time of Transition – A Talk with Bernhard Guenther

My good Peruvian friend and talented sound healer Fred Clarke Alvarez asked me to a share a little bit about my life, experiences, and work on camera.

Topics include:

Hyperdimensional Realities, Matrix Control System, Challenges in the Process of Awakening, Shadow Work, Reality Creation, Medicine Plants, Personal Sovereignty, Individuality, Self-Love, Soul Fragmentation, Entity Attachments, Evil, Ascension, Embodiment, Intuition, Bodywork, Psychology, Limitations of 3D Thinking, and more…

2 thoughts on “Time of Transition – A Talk with Bernhard Guenther

  1. Paul

    Very nice interview with you Bernhard! To see you speak so relaxed and in your natural environment. Very much appreciate the work you have done.

    Kind Regards,

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