Embrace Your Dark Side – Bernhard Guenther on FreemanTV

FreemanTV, March 4th, 2017
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“Are you too intelligent and emotionally sensitive for this world? What emotions are hiding in your dark side? Can you face them? Our emotional bodies are real and in our cosmos, no energy is wasted. What feeds off of our negative frequencies? This is the perilous path towards awakening!

As the cosmic energies of our planet become increasingly infused with the contrasting expression of light and dark frequencies during this Time of Transition, many of us (whether we are conscious or not of this elevation in contrasting vibrations) are experiencing breakdowns and breakthroughs at an accelerated pace. We are being pushed to awaken – to align with the divine force. This process is bringing up anything that is not of the same frequency that our spirit is currently “downloading” in order to be transmuted….”







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