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Such a phenomenal, wisdom packed episode of HEART WARRIORS with integrative, bodywork massage therapist, holistic coach and host of ‘The Cosmic Matrix Podcast’, Bernhard Guenther… We take an in-depth look at the healing journey and the importance of rising to the challenge of taking those first steps to start spiraling up… We discuss Bernhard’s rock bottom moments of darkness, drugs, lethargy and suffering… What did he actively do to relieve the pain?… We explore Qi gong, yoga, meditation, music, emotions and shadow work… We delve into freedom, authenticity, masculinity, purpose and inner Divine union… We open up the topics of pornography, victimhood, anger, triggers and childhood wounds… And as always we come home to the heart, what role does the heart play in a healthy, healed man?

Thank you Bernhard
Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world

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