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“I invited Laura Matsue and Bernhard Guenther onto the podcast as part of my Real World Couples series, where I feature couples in incredible relationships who serve as models for others.

This was one of my favorite episodes so far, with so much rich discussion – can’t wait for you listen!

We start out with an overview of evolutionary relationships (and discuss our upcoming masterclass on this topic on Oct 6, 2022, see link below) and how we are seeing that people are ready for a new level of spiritual partnership.

From there, we get into:

– The story of how they met (on Facebook!)
– Some incredible signs Laura received before they even met
– Why this relationship felt different to them this time around
– How they define evolutionary relationships (or conscious relationships) and how most relationships are unconscious
– How everything comes up in relationships – attachment wounding, trauma, shadow stuff – and how these are opportunities to heal and evolve
– Getting into the evolutionary astrology angle where some people are more open to growth + evolution, based on their birth charts
– Navigating conflict (addressing both conflict avoidance and the conflict volatility)
– A fascinating discussion of the current state of affairs with love, sex, and relationships – where are we collectively?
– The agenda behind the war on love, sx and relationships
– How social media has replaced healthy human connection
– Why now, more than ever, we need healthy + secure relationships
– How the world of therapy has been overtaken by the ‘woke cult’
– The rupture of the family unit and the counterbalance happening
– Laura and Bernhard end with their biggest keys that shifted how they do relationships

It was such an honor to speak with them, and we hope you find this episode helpful.”

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