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“The impact of ChatGPT OpenAI was felt instantly. How many jobs are now obsolete for humans? We live in the digital age of information. A.I. has already taken over many tasks, and its role in our lives is only increasing exponentially as we move into a Transhumanism age with its attempt to merge man with machine.

From an occult spiritual perspective, this agenda could further entrap humanity and diminish the human soul and spirit. The fundamental basis of the Transhumanism concept is the A.I. downloaded into the human mind from the Negative Aliens and Satanic Forces, in their quest to survive and achieve immortality by hijacking human consciousness and ultimately possessing the human host body.

Instead of being “taken over” by A.I. through our unconscious programming, wounds, and blindspots, my hope is you can use this information as an inspiration and catalyst to deepen your inner work, your connection to the Divine, and embrace the friction and battle to rise up as the spiritual warriors you came here to be during this Time of Transition, maximizing your soul potential in The Process of Awakening.”

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