Bernhard Guenther at the Maitreya Festival, Australia – Interview

By Bernhard Guenther, March 6th, 2016
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Bernhard Guenther at the Maitreya Festival, Australia – Interview

UPDATE March 14th, 2016:

I just returned from the Maitreya Festival and I’m back in Melbourne. As some of you may have heard, the festival got cancelled last minute due to some “permit” issues. The local Council and police shut it down completely a day before it was supposed to start. The organizers tried their best to make it happen over a month long legal battle, however the “Nanny state” here in Australia went on an over-blown campaign to make sure the festival doesn’t go ahead. I was at the location since Wednesday and camped out there for five days seeing it all unfold. What has happened goes way beyond “permit” issues since the cancellation of the festival also affected the local community of Charlton, a small drought stricken town that counted on the festival since it would bring hundreds of thousands of dollars to the community as it did last year.

All the locals supported the festival and plead to the Council (local government) to give out the permit. However, the Council didn’t listen to the citizens it represents and kept hiding behind ridiculous “laws and regulations”, claiming the festival was too “dangerous” and had “safety issues” for anyone attending. What followed was a smear-campaign with all kinds of distorted facts which got picked up by the mainstream media here in Australis and was all over the news. For the ones who have followed this on the media outlets, do not believe everything you read. There is lots of corruption and hidden agendas behind the public eye…as it is with any government institution.

Beyond the permit issue, the local government had also also issues with the “Fire/Smoking Ceremony” that was supposed to be held by the Aboriginal people at the festival. It is an ancient custom of great significance to Aboriginal people and most non-Aboriginal people of Australia that is performed to welcome guests (‘Welcome to Country’) to the traditional lands of the Dja Dja Wurrung. The Council and Fire Department tried to put a stop on that as well. We had police coming to the location and they had road blocks as well.

For me personally it was also a crash course and experience of the Police State in Australia and the ongoing racist policies and treatment of Aboriginals in a desperate attempt to not bring the ongoing plight of the Natives of this beautiful land to awareness.

While there were certainly organizational issues and lack of communication on part of the festival organizers (and there are lessons to be learned for next time), the crackdown by the government and police was completely out of proportion and turned even surreal as I witnessed it with my own eyes. The Council could have easily given the permit if it was willing to do so to support the local community but it engaged in fear tactics and irrational stubbornness. Unfortunately this also resulted in a split and in-fighting within the Maitreya community and some festival attendees who bought into the fear tactics/frequency with all the blame games and hostility by some individuals, especially over social media, including (paid) “trolls” aka “agents” and “spies” at the location who reported back to the police. Divide and conquer is and will always be the name of the game.

Anyone who has just a little awareness of what is really going on in the world understands and knows that the cancellation of the Maitreya festival had really nothing to do with just missing “permits” or any other bureaucratic convoluted nonsense but it is a war on consciousness and personal freedom. The festival was clearly a threat to “official culture” and the status quo, especially this 10th anniversary which included talks and workshops addressing “bigger picture topics” for the first time.

Ironically, I was invited to the festival (among many others, including Max Igen) to speak about exactly what we saw unfolding. Two of the topics we were supposed to talk about and discuss together were:

– “Lore vs. Law: Can we become sovereign citizens of planet earth and save our species from the slavery prison of the blood-letting cult of destruction?”
– “Social Political Consciousness – a Personal Responsibility”

On a positive note, about 500 of us did not let this fear campaign stop us from having a good time. Camping out for four nights at Wooroonook lake we had lack of resources but we shared food and water, organized our own sound system and camping accommodations and many artists kept building their amazing art structures and installations. I stayed at the camp site of the Pata Mumunya Chill Space and met amazing people. We had great conversations and I also gave may talk “Understanding the Hyperdimensional Matrix Control System” which was very well received and resulted in a great discussion from a “bigger picture” perspective, especially in light of what has happened.

We were also able to have the Smoking Ceremony with a few Aboriginal Elders to bless to land, despite it being an “illegal” activity. One hour after my talk and right before the Fire/Smoking Ceremony a black military Apache Helicopter flew right over the lake and our camp site. It topped off the surreal experience of this festival crack-down. The locals said that they haven’t seen a helicopter in 30 years over that area, let alone a military helicopter. It was clearly psychological warfare with the message “We are here and we see everything you do. Big brother is watching you!”

Much gratitude and love to all the beautiful people who made it happen despite the struggle and for all the support, synergy and sincere heart connections I have experienced. You guys are true warriors and renegades. So far my experience in Australia has been amazing. This whole crackdown didn’t come as a surprise to me at all. In fact, all this attention and desperate attempts to destroy this gathering show that we/you are doing something right and it gave my talk a real-life present example of how the Matrix works in order to suppress awareness, sovereignty, freedom and ultimately consciousness of a higher frequency. But they can’t stop what is unfolding. As always, fear was the real killer. Some people submitted to it, others didn’t buy into it and transmuted it into an experience I will never forget, especially all the personal heart connections that resulted from it in all their rawness and vulnerability.

Much respect to all the Aussies I was blessed to meet in “the Bush” and in Melbourne and thank you for the bottom of my heart for your hospitality and friendships. I’m off to Sydney in a couple of days, catching up with more Aussie friends and more adventures. And yes, traveling and meeting people in person tops any social media virtual connections. So, get out more and connect with people in person. The time is now. Aho! ?


Matt Violi, one of the organizers of the Pata Mummunya Chill Space at the Maitreya Festival, asked me to do an interview via email prior to the start of the festival. Topics include: music, drums, psychedelics, bodywork and the Healing Arts in relation to my personal journey and early years; my views on depression, the process of awakening, personal sovereignty, politics and government:

“Our connection to drums is reminiscent of the beat of a heart – the first sounds we hear as a foetus is the sound of our mothers gushing amniotic fluid and the beat of her heart.  It is as if the beat of something is innately within our beings, because we have always been a part of a beat. Our mothers, and now our own heart beat.  We beat in a rhythm; a rhythm is a set of points distanced apart by a specific amount of time. Drumming, in a way, can act like the way a clock does, reminding us of the passing of time.  Do you see a connection between your relationship early on to percussion, and your deep interest in positive human connection?”

Music, and especially drums and rhythm had an impact early in my life. Growing up emotionally very sensitive and being a loner in High School, I had a hard time connecting with others and was also bullied in school. Listening to music at home and dancing along to it helped me to process and express emotions I couldn’t express verbally and didn’t even know how to handle it since public education certainly doesn’t teach kids how to deal with their emotional inner life.

I remember when I was a kid, about 12 years old, I started to get affected very deeply by listening to certain music. I would spend hours in my room, listening to records, day dreaming and just moving my body along to it. I didn’t even think of it as “dancing” consciously. Certain rhythms, sounds and lyrics triggered certain emotions in me and I just “translated” them into body movements. However, it was not just all “happy dancing along”. It triggered something far more profound and deeper, a sense of emotional nurturing like I never felt before. Back then I was very much into heavier music (Hard Rock, Metal), getting in touch with my anger, frustration and “teenage angst”. Dealing with depression, rejection, and a highly sensitive nature growing up, I was able to confront my darker side and its emotional realm through music. I always felt better after listening to what people refer to as “dark” or “heavy” music, like a cleansing.

During that time I remember watching a TV show about drumming. Seeing these drummers using their four limbs to create amazing rhythms and sounds had a deep impact on me. But it wasn’t until after high school that I actually started playing drums myself, mainly because I was living in a small apartment with my parents and they wanted me to play the piano, rather than the “noisy” drums. Due to my insecurity back then I was also very much influenced by the status quo of society with the pressure to get a “proper education” and prepare for a good career to “make a living”.

When I was going to the University of Munich, studying business, shortly after high school, a good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to play drums. He was a guitar player and had a drum set in his basement. I still remember the first time I was sitting behind the drum set and started playing. It literally changed my life. Playing the drum-set was like dancing and making music at the same time. I quit university and started taking drum lessons and at the age of 22 I moved to Los Angeles to study drums and percussion at the “Percussion Institute of Technology”.

Playing the drums, hitting them as hard as you can, playing in rhythm to music which you can bury yourself in emotionally as well, has probably been for me by far the best therapy from the age of 19 to 33. It helped me processing and integrating the darker aspects of my psyche and releasing them. I used to play drums a lot, up to 6hrs. a day for about 10 years, played in various bands, toured and eventually formed my own band Revolve. I didn’t even like to go on vacation during these days, because playing the drums and music was the paradise I sought. In a sense I used drumming to do Jungian shadow work, although I didn’t realize that back then and it also became my meditation/spiritual practice, playing myself into an altered trance state, like shamanic drumming, but I also didn’t know anything about shamanism or “spirituality” back then. I was just exploring rhythm and let it take me wherever it lead me within myself.

Another big shift in my life happened when I was invited to go to a rave in the desert in the mid 90s. That was my initiation into psychedelics, especially psilocybin mushrooms. It changed my whole perception of music and I was also introduced to psy- and progressive Trance. For about four years, every month on a full moon, we’d go out into the desert to these “Moon Tribe” parties. Each time I’d dose myself with some shrooms and just danced through the night and also played percussion along to the music. It was like a “rite of passage” and a lot came up for me during these years. It also helped me to open myself up more without fear which has resulted in positive heart-centered human connections and lasting friendships. Dancing and drumming literally “opened up my heart” without fear.

Nowadays I listen and dance more to music than playing drums, and I can always trust that it gives me healing/nurturing when I need it, however I feel and whatever I choose to listen to in order to go within, from Ambient to Downtempo to Trance and Break Beats to Heavy Rock and anything in between. I don’t necessarily choose my music by style,; I choose it by the measure of spiritual, emotional or intellectual depth (as a drummer I enjoy complex poly-rhythms) I can get out of it and relate to it, in particular emotions I cannot integrate in our dysfunctional and disconnected society. It’s all about sound and rhythm for me. Lyrics are welcome as well, if I can relate. Nothing is more annoying to my ears than a singer who doesn’t sing from the depth of his/her being.

In the end music, drums and dancing are my allies in my life, my medicine and connection to spirit, something that cannot be possibly expressed in words or understood intellectually. Without it, I don’t think I’d be alive today. It has saved me from periods of despair, depression and suicidal thoughts. With regards to psychedelics, although they assisted me at the beginning of my journey, there is also the other side of the coin, the “negative side”, especially from an hyperdimensional perspective and I needed to step away from them for a while. That’s a whole topic on its own. I wrote about it HERE.

“So, Bernhard, you originally studying rhythm and music, can you tell us how this led to your work in body work and the healing arts?”

I was introduced to bodywork at one of the aforementioned desert parties. I actually received my first bodywork session while coming down on shrooms after a night of dancing and drumming and that was how I met my “mentor” who also become my friend and roommate shortly after. I guess the saying “the teacher appears then the student is ready” applies here. He was already an experienced bodyworker and yoga teacher. When he was working on me that morning out in the desert I was still feeling the effects of psilocybin. During that session, as he was doing deep work on me, I had a very visual experience of receiving bodywork. The psilocybin infused visuals in my “mind” changed and morphed in sync with his hands working on me and I had flashes of childhood memories coming up, stuff I had repressed and wasn’t consciously aware of.

It showed me on an experiential level that our muscles and tissue, the body in general, carry memory and that our life-story is stored in the body. Our body is our living “biography” of everything that happened to us and we have experienced. Most of it is unconscious. It also showed me that all is energy and our body is not just a mechanical machine. The body is the mind and the separation of body-mind is really just an illusion, re-enforced by a society that “lives in the head”. People have forgotten their connection to their bodies and essentially nature…they have become desensitized to it. By receiving bodywork I was able to let go and process a lot of stuff I was carrying within. It helped me to connect with who I truly am.

So, my first introduction to bodywork started my own healing journey on a somatic level. During that time my friend also taught me a lot bodywork techniques. Since we become roommates, we spent a lot of time working on each other and exploring bodywork, trying out new things, giving feedback to each other, etc. I learned a lot by just receiving and through my own healing process. I also discovered a new talent and that I had the “touch” and good hands to do bodywork. It somehow came easy to me. I started to work on my friends and over time more and more people asked me to work on them.

Back then I was just having fun and didn’t even think of pursuing it as a “career”. I was still focused on my band and wanting to “make it” as a musician/drummer. During that time I also noticed and realized how closely bodywork and drumming are related. Intuitively I always tuned into the “rhythm” of the body I was working on. Everything is about rhythm. Within the body, there is the heart beat, as you mentioned, then there is the rhythm of the breath and even on a more deeper/subtle level, there is the pulse/rhythm of the cerebral spinal fluid that pulsates at about 6- 12 cycles a minute. You can only detect it if you have very sensitive hands. That rhythm is called the “breath of life” in cranio-sacral therapy. It’s interesting to note that the pineal gland is surrounded/affected by the cerebral spinal fluid. Doing this kind of work also affects the pineal gland, the “third eye”.

As I learned more and did more bodywork, I started to realize how my training as a drummer has actually helped and prepared me to become a bodyworker. My sense of rhythm helped me to tune into any person I worked on to his/her particular rhythm and it became like “playing the body like an instrument” in its particular “tuning”, or rather help to get the body in tune, literally. I also started to use and create specific music playlists and synced my bodywork with the music and rhythm, creating a bridge or link between what came out of the speaker and the person I was working on. I noticed it helped them to go even deeper and their bodies “opened up” more. This ties also into how sound frequency have healing effects.

I did that for 4 or 5 years and I wasn’t until my band broke up and I was tired of the musician life style that I went to massage school. Basically I was thinking, well I have “found” this new talent I didn’t know I have so let’s pursue it 100{7462fd5d987b5b45f145d4c829bd68725759e65e7695f1e074740579327beb1f}. It’s kinda my approach to life in general. Whatever I feel called to do, I want to do right, be it drumming at first or bodywork then. it was an interesting transition. Looking back it happened very naturally as if I was meant to do this and I also went through massage school very easily. The work always came easy to me. There was no struggle, but it also inspired me to learn more and more. I started to take more workshops, studied under various teachers that came into my life, went to the Esalen Institute and learned many different modalities over the years and essentially created my own style of “Integrative Bodywork”.

During that time I was also introduced and became interested in the healing arts in general, in particular yoga, Tai Qi and Qi Gong. In fact, I incorporate Tai Qi movements in my work as a bodyworker. It helps me to tap into the “universal energy” and I just act as a conduit/vessel for “higher energies” to work through me rather than giving away my own energy. I think that is actually key for any bodyworker in order not to deplete oneself. I don’t play drums in bands anymore and interestingly I don’t miss it at all. I never looked back. I still love to play drums here and there and dance and even giving bodywork is like a dance to me. Again, it’s all about rhythm. I also noticed that when I do bodywork I get into the same “zone” as when I would when I play drums. It’s a very intuitive approach. I’m not “thinking” about it when I do it. So it’s all connected.

It’s interesting looking back; I never “consciously” planned to do what I do now (including being a writer, doing research about more fringe and “conspiracy” topics). If anyone would have told me 15 years ago what I would be doing now, I’d be laughing in his/her face out of disbelief, since all I wanted back then was to play drums and be a musician, record albums, tour, etc. It just shows you that you can only connect the dots looking back and you’ll never know what life/spirit has in store for you or what you are meant to do and that what you “think” you want is maybe not always aligned with your true purpose. This ties into the saying “tell god your plans and he’ll laugh at you”.

I was always just going by what I feel drawn to or as Joseph Campbell said “follow your bliss”. It was never an intellectual head-decision of what “career” to pursue, more like an alignment and responding to what life brought to me. I’m not saying that all this was an easy process (even though doing bodywork itself came easy to me), because in the midst of all that I was also processing my own stuff and a lot came up for me which I needed to look at and heal; lots of shadow work in particular; kinda like the archetypal journey of the wounded healer.

“A lot of people seem to either be suffering from anxiety or depression, what would your advice be?” 

I was dealing with of a lot of depression early in my life and especially in my twenties. I had a very hard time to adjust to social norms and the status quo of what it means to be “successful” and “happy”. I couldn’t relate to the idea of “just” finding the right career, make money, get married, have a family, work, entertain yourself, retire and die. Even as young kid I always questioned that there must be more to life. But beyond that curiosity it was my suffering and depression that forced me to question it all even more and dive deeper. I remember the day when I woke up in my mid twenties in deep depression, crying and feeling very lost. I was doing my best I can to pursue the music thing in LA while having a draining day job just to get by. Things didn’t go as I hoped they should and it was a phase of disillusionment as my romantic notion of coming to LA and pursuing “The American Dream” came crushing down. Even with music, I just wanted to pursuit it artistically. The whole business side of it was very depressing, especially in LA, where it is most often about image and “who you know” rather than true artistic expression.

That morning, as I was dealing with despair, the realization kicked in “I need to figure myself out, otherwise I will die”. It literally felt like death looming over me. Even just making music and playing drums became harder. Something needed to change. I needed help. A few days later I went to a bookstore and there was this little book laying out on a table that caught my attention. it was “Freedom from the Known” by Krishnamurti.  I bought it and reading it blew my mind. On thing lead to the next and I came across Carl Jung’s work and the concept of the shadow which was my introduction to deeper psychology. Around the same time I also discovered psychedelics and bodywork as mentioned above.

It pushed me into an intense phase of seeking, reading and studying, not only spiritually and psychology but also questioning consensus reality and what we have been told and taught, which lead me to the world of “conspiracies” and fringe topics, like the UFO phenomenon, hyperdimensional realities, etc. My entire understanding of the world, the universe and my place in it went through a huge transformation as I questioned literally everything. But I also noticed early on that “seeking truth” is a two-fold process. It requires inner work, sincere self-work(seeking truth within) and outer work, doing research, reading and tumbling down the rabbit hole. For me the two were never separated.

I also realized that depression, anxiety and many other “psychological issues” people are being labeled with are in fact a normal reaction to a society that is very much removed from nature and spirit. They are not pathologies in the sense the mainstream culture/society tells us, which then treats people with pharmaceuticals or limited “psychology” based on “brain chemistry” or limited Freudian psychology of “it’s all your mommy/daddy stuff”, trying to adapt people to the “matrix cult-ure” so to speak, instead of realizing that depression for the most part is a cry/call from the soul/spirit begging for attention. It’s a normal reaction to the pathology of the world which has become normalized. As Krishnamurti said: “It’s no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society”. Depression is most often a spiritual crisis and it doesn’t get healed by focusing on the symptoms as most modern, cultural/social approved treatments do.

I also noticed that if you have faith and are sincere in your questioning, no matter how much you suffer, the “universe” will respond and help and guide in whatever form (be it a book, person, healer, teacher coming into one’s life). That is also the true meaning of the esoteric phrase ”Ask and you shall be given”. The “New Age” and Oprah-style “pop-spirituality” have distorted this idea into “getting material stuff” based on the ego’s socially conditioned desires of what people believe will bring them happiness, mostly money or the “perfect” relationship. In fact, lots of popular self-help style books are based on adjusting a person to the workings of the matrix, rather than helping them to become truly free, sovereign and transcend the matrix. A lot of deeper esoteric truths have been distorted, diluted, corrupted or even left out and morphed into “sales bits” which we also see a lot in the so-called “New Age Movement”, which also ties into the distortion of the popular “you create your own reality” idea among other things.

My main advice for people struggling with depression and anxiety is not trying to escape it or using over-simplified “spiritual truths” as a buffer which ties into spiritual bypassing. The path towards healing and wholeness entails shadow work, making the darkness conscious. This means to dive deep and feel what is coming up without judgment; loving what arises. That process is the alchemical transmutation from lead into gold, from matter to spirit. it’s not a comfortable process at times as I can attest out of experience but the only way out is through. We are being assisted in the process and there is light at the end of the tunnel. That’s where faith comes in as well, but we need to do the work within ourselves. Getting into body is key as well and not getting caught up in intellectual analysis-paralysis. It is also important to watch out for victim-consciousness when we tend to blame others or our circumstances for the way we feel or our situation. We all have our own unique lessons to learn in the process of awakening and in the end all there is are lessons for the purpose of soul evolution. As Carl Jung said: “One doesn’t become enlightened by imagining figures  of light, but by making the darkness conscious”.

“You talk about making a shift in consciousness to separate the truth from the lies, darkness and light, but isn’t that a matter of perspective, or is their something more constant within us all?”

There are absolute truths from an esoteric view. The interplay of dark and light is part of the duality we live in this 3D experience. For example, yes, we are all one from a higher perspective but on our level of existence the “oneness” is manifested in many different ways (the “different faces of god” as taught in Sufism), hence not everyone is the same when it comes to one’s individual soul evolution. There are 7 billions people on this planet with vast different levels of being, some even lacking an individualized soul. This is a bigger topic which all ties into the polarity of good vs. evil and what that actually means. There are forces that try their best to steer us away from who we truly are for their own interests and agenda. Most often people who are starting to wake up become prime targets of these (unseen) forces in order to keep them from awakening and anchoring a “higher” frequency and fulfilling their soul potential. This happens most often via temptation and false light teachings, as well as working through others who act unconsciously as “matrix agents”, targeting our own weaknesses, blind spots, wounds, and wishful thinking.

It’s a free will universe and everything and everyone has a right to exist. The universe/creator/spirit or whatever you may want to call it respects free will, hence even “evil” has its right to exist. It cannot be done away with on a 3D level but we can transcend it; not to be confused with ignorance and denial of the “dark side”. That work entails separating truth from lies, within and without. Truth in that sense is associated with the creative principle of the universe and lies are associated with entropy, moving further away from the “light”. The trap in this is what we see in the “New Age” as well: the idea that truth is only a matter of perspective and always subjective and that there is no objectivity. That is the concept of solipsism, the notion that one’s own mind is all that really exists. One’s mind and perceptions are equated with truth and reality. The most common worldview that develops from solipsistic-based consciousness can be summarized as “there is no truth”, or “there is no such thing as truth”. It’s a very distorted and corrupted view that contradicts what various ancient esoteric teachings have transmitted.

Of course we all have our own personal lessons to learn and talents to develop, which could be seen as one’s personal/subjective truth which is different from person to person. Also, in our state of existence we will never realize true objectivity. However, on the spiral out of esoteric soul evolution we become more objective in the process, within ourselves and with the world, as our level of being raises. That is important to keep in mind. Awakening and seeking truth is a process. There will always be the mystery and the unknown. There are different stages and thresholds to overcome.

The constant being within us is our higher self/connection to spirit. It’s about fully embodying our soul and becoming conscious transducers of the higher self. In the end that is the process of “Ascension”. This process, as mentioned before, entails deep shadow work and clearing the vessel for higher frequencies to anchor. It also entails disillusionment, de-programming ourselves from cultural, social, and religious programming. As Adyashanti said: “Enlightenment is a destructive process. It? has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the ?crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing? through the facade of pretense. It’s the ?complete eradication of everything we?imagined to be true.”

“What exactly is a sovereign citizen, how does it benefit us and what is your opinion on law-enforcement officials and agencies in the USA ranking the moment as the single greatest threat to their communities?”

On the most basic level, you can only be a sovereign citizen if you don’t follow any authority or let any authority tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. By that definition, as long as we believe in government we cannot be fully sovereign. In the end we are citizens of the earth, not of nations based on imaginary borders and illusory systems of government and national identification. No government can bring true freedom to the individual, on matter who is in charge or what system is being implemented. The political systems and governments are also not broken and don’t need “fixing” as many people proclaim. They are means of social control and social engineering. However, we’ve been living under these political systems and governments for so long that we don’t even question them anymore, but accept them like in a global Stockholm Syndrome, idealizing them and not seeing reality for what it is. We are so conditioned and programmed that we don’t even question the need of a “government” to begin with. Most people are afraid of the “chaos” that they believe would ensure if there were no government or authority to ‘lead’ them, which is ultimately rooted in the fear of true freedom, taking responsibility and claiming our individual power and sovereignty. When you vote you literally give permission to be ruled. Form a metaphysical perspective it also keeps you enslaved out of your free will, regardless of one’s well meaning intentions.

Beyond sovereignty as a citizen, there is also spiritual sovereignty, not giving away our power to a religious/spiritual “authority”, be it the church or any of the world religions as well as priests, gurus or any deities, so-called “Ascended Masters” or even “aliens”, which some people wait for to “save us”. Yes, there are benevolent spiritual forces out there that help and guide us and we are not alone but true positive higher forces know that we have to do the work ourselves for our own spiritual evolution. We need to learn our lessons and become truly sovereign in our own embodied soul potential. Even government and statism is a religion itself. it is entirely based on belief. In order to have true shift of consciousness we need to transcend these old systems of control, not fix them. The old needs to “die”, before the “new” can emerge. This outer process is no different from our own inner process when it comes to spiritual evolution. Voting is like changing the tapestry in a prison cell without ever breaking out of the prison and not even realizing that one is in a prison.

Cops and law-enforcement officials are the extension of any governments system to enforce control. Fighting cops on that level alone is not going to change anything. It’s like getting distracted by the shadows on the wall and there is also the danger of falling into the “trap of the revolutionary mind”, fighting the matrix on a 3D level alone, especially when it triggers violence. However, I’m not suggesting to just be passive and just “ meditate on peace” or “send love and light to the cops”(another New Age fallacy) and put up with abuse. We need to stand up for ourselves and others and help each other. But what I notice with people who attempt to fight the system on a 3D external level alone is that they lack sincere self-work, emotional intelligence and externalize their own issues via shadow projection. From an esoteric perspective it is about being “wise as serpents and gentle as doves”, which means not getting baited into reactionary behavior which in the end only feeds and works in favor of the matrix controllers.

As I wrote in my blog “Individuality, Embodiment, and the Anchoring of a Higher Frequency”:

I see a lot of people becoming very frustrated with the ever-increasing levels of police brutality in our society, and understandably so; at the same time, I see so much hate and rage being projected around this issue that goes well beyond “righteous anger”. Let me be clear here: anger itself is not necessarily a “bad” energy – it’s a frequency that can help us to stand up for ourselves and others, if used and channeled constructively in the cause of justice and fairness. However, stating things like “Fuck this cop! or “This cop deserves to be killed/beaten up” is a less-than-constructive mindset and does nothing to help the emancipation movement – in fact, such thoughts actually reinforce the “problem” of violence on an energetic level. However, repressing these feelings is not a solution, either. The question then becomes, how do we go about engaging with this issue in a more conscious and constructive manner? Can we express our anger (and ultimately transmute it) and be compassionate towards the perpetrators of injustice at the same time?

Most people – cops, prison guards, military personnel, and any other order followers – are deeply wounded and programmed people, inflicting their own unacknowledged pain onto others by abusing their illusory authority “rights” which were given to them by the state. Even most pedophiles are profoundly victimized people that take out their own unresolved anguish (most of them have been molested/raped as children themselves) through traumatizing young children. They don’t require punishment or “deserve” to be hated as a response to their unconscious behavior. I am not suggesting that we seek to justify their actions or make their choices “right” – what I am saying is that these deeply-troubled individuals require rehabilitation.

The same response is required with regards to those people who claim that the best solution to the ‘global predicament’ would be to round up the psychopathic elite and just shoot them. Do you really think that such an act will solve anything? At the end of the day, psychopaths and their choices are animated by 4D (hyperdimensional) negative entities – by projecting hate onto them (fueled by the disgust that is generated through revelations of their terrible crimes against humanity), we do exactly what the hyperdimensional overlords want us to do. Recall that these entities feed off of that kind of projected negative emotional energy, no matter the source, keeping us trapped on a 3D level of awareness as a result, giving them the “food” they want out of our own free will. Of course, this doesn’t mean to suggest that we should bombard them with “love and light” or “send them love” or just “play nice” with them, as this is the other extreme of the solution scale, and it won’t get us anywhere, either.

The frequency of Evil (sometimes referred to as the ‘wetiko virus‘ and expressed in socio-cultural terms as ‘ponerology‘) and psychopaths have their place and their own purpose in the trajectory of our conscious evolutionary arc. Being more compassionate with their existence in our lives does not mean that we must excuse their behavior, or just accept the consequences of their actions, and it certainly doesn’t mean that we should simply “turn the other cheek” or look away. There is a place for self-defense when our sovereign rights are being violated, but we need to understand the bigger picture here, which involves the evolution of collective consciousness, with all of the different “faces of god”, playing themselves out in the game of duality.

The overarching reality is that humanity is never going to succeed in completely eradicating or removing “evil” from our worldly consciousness, nor will everyone be capable of experiencing “rehabilitation”, either. But while we acknowledge these facts, there may be a different way of going about seeking to mitigate the impact of evil in our societies – and the key in this endeavor involves understanding frequency/vibration and how this relates to reality. There are predators/psychopaths who are predators by choice – they have their own purpose in this incarnation, and cannot be changed. Hence, understanding “evil” and darkness in humanity’s cosmic play (with all the discernment this requires) is a crucial component, as opposed to denying it, running from it, trying to get rid of it or attempting to fight it on a purely 3D level.

If we believe that “evil” can and should be eradicated, or that we need to “save the world” by fighting it on a purely 3D level – or even deny the possibility of evil and believe it doesn’t exist – then we will remain ignorant with regards to the whole purpose of this miracle called life on earth and the evolution of consciousness.

“There seems to be an increase in disillusionment towards current politics and a general distrust in politicians, what do you think this means for the future of politics and the world?”

See answer to the previous question. I don’t believe in politics period because I’m not a statist and don’t believe in government which becomes clear when looking at the definition of “politics”:

– activities that relate to influencing the actions and policies of a government or getting and keeping power in a government.
– the work or job of people (such as elected officials) who are part of a government.
– the opinions that someone has about what should be done by governments : a person’s political thoughts and opinions.
[from Merriam-Webster Dictionary}

In the end disillusionment is a good thing and a necessary part before we can attain any truly higher state of consciousness, collectively and as individuals. It’s the first step, the threshold to cross as depicted in many esoteric parables and metaphors. Disillusionment is just what many people try to avoid because ultimately that process will force them to confront themselves. Carl Jung said it well again: “There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul.”

Thank you for this interview. I’m looking forward to be part of the Maitreya Festival and the Fire Side Chats.



Here’s the FULL PROGRAM for the Maitreya Festival 2016 Speakers @ Maitreya Pata Mumunya Chill Space.

Saturday March 12th 

12 mid FIRE SIDE CHATs & YARNs (1 hr)
Topic 1 – Stuart Smith: “The Importance of Ritual for the
Punter at the Festival”
Topic 3 – Sam & Seth Nolan: “Aboriginal Yarning Circle”
Topic 4 – Open Chalk Board Punter

Max Igan, Bernhard Guenther, Uncle Robbie Thorpe
Chair: Boffin
“Lore vs Law”
Can we become sovereign citizens of planet earth and save our species from the slavery prison of the blood-letting cult of destruction?

3.00 pm FIRE SIDE CHATs & YARNs (1 hr)
Topic 1 – :Dr. Dan Karmin: “The last humans: recent coexistence with other homo species and their legacy”
Topic 2 – Aaron McDougal Fisher: “Sacred Teacher Plant Series” –
Cannabis: a Psychonaut’s guide.
Topic 3 – Kup-Murri Uncle Phil
Ceremony, History & Practice
Topic 4 – Open Chalk Board Punter

Julian Palmer, Daniella Buntman, James Jesso, Mari Kundalini, Ray Thorpe
Chair: Dr. Graham St John
“Entheogens in Art, Spirituality and Well-being”
Entheogenic practices said to literally “awaken the divine within” are becoming commonplace – an “Entheogenic Reformation”. Today, ayahuasca, DMT, psilocybin, Salvia, iboga, and other psychoactive compounds, blends, and decoctions are having a profound impact in the arts, on spirituality, and upon well-being.

6.00 pm FIRE SIDE CHATs & YARNs (1 hr)
Topic 1 – “Sacred Teacher Plant Series”
Cactus Alliance Stu Smith & Julian Palmer
Topic 2 – Open Chalk Board Punter

7.30 pm Smoking Ceremony Uncle Rick & Mob
Welcome to Country

Sunday March 13th 

12 mid FIRE SIDE CHATs & YARNs (1 hr)
Topic 1 – Rob Marsh: “Beyond Western Duality”
Topic 2 – Aaron McDougal Fisher: “Phenethylamine psychotechnics:
Mescaline’s bastard children.”
Topic 3 – Open Chalk Board Punter

Bernhard Guenther, James Jesso, Ray Thorpe
Chair: Julian Palmer
“Why We Do What We Do”
Psychedelic Psychoactive Entheogen Plant Culture the narrative of the now with Mother Earth.

3.00 pm FIRE SIDE CHATs & YARNs (1 hr)
Topic 1 – Max Igan: Deconstructing the Matrix and
Finding the Way Home
Topic 2 – Daniella Buntman: Psy Trance Culture a Woman’s
Topic 3 – Julian Palmer: “Sacred Teacher Plant Series”
Changa ,DMT & MAO Allies
Topic 4 – Open Chalk Board Punter

4.00 pm FIRE SIDE CHATs & YARNs (1 hr)
Topic 1 – Ray Thorpe: A ravers survival kit-what I Ray Thorpe
always carry in my medicine chest

5.00 pm FIRE SIDE CHATs & YARNs (1 hr)
Topic 1 – Bernhard Guenther: Understanding the hyperdimensional
matrix control system.
Topic 2 – Rob Marsh: “Sacred Teacher Plant Series” –
Psilocybin Mushrooms my local Ally
Topic 3 – Open Chalk Board Punter

6.00 pm KUP-MURRi
Community Feast

7.30 pm Smoking Ceremony Uncle Rick & Mob
Welcome to Country

“The Pineal Enigma:
The Dazzling Life and Times of the ‘Spirit Gland’“
While even Dr Gonzo wouldn’t touch “extract of pineal,” the same could not be said for Dr Strassman. In this presentation I explore the enigmatical career of the pineal gland following clinical psychiatrist Rick Strassman’s trials with DMT conducted at the University of New Mexico in the early 1990s. Strassman’s idea, documented in his book DMT: The Spirit Molecule, that the DMT-producing “spirit gland” is “the intermediary between the physical and the spiritual” has influenced diverse spiritual and religious practices, new paradigm science, and inspired horror movie scripts.

Evolution of Electronic Music Culture 70s, 80s, 90s
Come with us on a ride through music and story as we follow the EVOLUTION OF ELECTRONIC MUSIC CULTURE from the early 70’s to the end of the 90’s. Along the way I’ll play music and talk about how it all started and how each new sub-genre and sub-culture came about and transformed over time, with a particular emphasis on the trance lineage through the 80’s, Goa and beyond.

Monday March 14th

12 mid FIRE SIDE CHATs & YARNs (1 hr)
Topic 1 – James Jesso: “Sacred Teacher Plant Series” –
Psilocybin mushrooms: psychospiritual
maturation and Emotive-psychosynthesis
Topic 4 – Open Chalk Board Punter

Max Igan, Boffin, Uncle Robbie Thorpe, Ray Thorpe
Chair: Bernhard Guenther
“Social Political Consciousness a Personal Responsibility”
Necessity of “disillusionment”, de-programming of social/cultural/religious conditioning. Transcendence/creating a different Timeline, instead of getting caught up in “fighting the system” (not to be mistaken with apathy/denial/ignorance) Understanding the nature of “evil” as part of the duality which cannot be fully eradicated. Individual process, personal sovereignty.


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