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Bernhard Guenther and Laura Matsue talk about discernment in relationships, different types of relationship, what it actually means to be in a “conscious” relationship and how to prepare for one among relating topics. We will go deeper into psychological and esoteric work in the context of relationships, compatibility, and how the sacred container of a committed relationship can catalyze each person’s soul evolution on the path towards awakening. We will also touch upon occult interferences and various traps of trying to manifest a relationship (Part 1).

Show Notes Part 1:

  • Introduction of your hosts and a little bit about ourselves
  • Discernment in Relationships: Different types of relationships (not just romantic)
  • Limitations of doing Self-work on your own. Importance of relationships to learn about ourselves
  •  Matrix-based relationships vs. “conscious” relationships
  • Importance of both partners committed to growth and self-work
  • Being collinear – “Looking into the same direction”
  • What is a “conscious” relationship?
  • The trap of desperately looking for a partner. Relationship with the Divine (true Self) is the most important relationship.
  • Preparing for a conscious relationship. All there is are lessons.
  • Radical self-responsibility without blame/victim consciousness
  • Romantic projections vs. true recognition
  • Love is not a feeling but a state of Being. Importance of finding your unique soul purpose
  • Compatibility and the x-factor. The trap of “wrong” union. Essence vs. personality
  • Relationship as a catalyst for spiritual evolution. The trap of jumping from relationship to relationship – Trap of isolation and relationship phobia. Purpose of conflict/friction in a relationship.
  • The danger of trying to manifest a relationship vs. setting intentions. Emotional maturity.
  • Most common core wounds. Tough Grace.
  • Occult forces/entity interferences in the relationship of two individuals who are meant to be together from a divine perspective vs. Love Bite/Dark Side of Cupid relationship.
  • What is your intention in life?
  • Spiritual bypassing
  • Importance of 100% commitment

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • Occult forces and hyper-dimensional interferences in relationships (including personal experiences within our relationship)
  • The Love Bite and the Dark Side of Cupid
  • Basic relationship psychology
  • Wound bonding
  • The dance of the Narcissist and Empath
  • Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine
  • Alchemical marriage of the inner male and female
  • Toxic/distorted Feminism in official culture/matrix
  • The danger of externalizing and trying to manifest a relationship; occult traps
  • Distortion of the New Age Twin Flame concept
  • Esoteric concept of the polar couple

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