Embodiment and Healing Trauma | The Cosmic Matrix Podcast #6 (Part 1)

The vast majority of people in the modern world are disconnected from their bodies and live in a very hard-centric existence. Official culture and the matrix keeps these people disembodied by design so that they are disconnected from their inner guidance and true creative power. Laura and Bernhard discuss this process of embodiment; which is reuniting body, mind, and spirit and how this brings us to heal the trauma stored in our bodies as we reconnect to it.

Embodiment and Healing Trauma | The Cosmic Matrix Podcast #6 (Part 2 for members)

In the second hour of episode 6, we go deeper into the topic of emotional intelligence, the difference between reacting and responding, grounding exercises, how to deal with triggered emotions, the trap of false/pseudo non-reactive consciousness; and we discuss Transhumanism, A.I., and 5G: The end game of the hyperdimensional matrix forces to take over human bodies.