The New Age Deception and Spiritual Bypassing | The Cosmic Matrix Podcast #7 (Part 1)

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What is the New Age movement and how have spiritual/esoteric teachings become corrupted through its popularity? In this episode, we look into some of the popular New Age beliefs and how they tie into the topic of spiritual bypassing. We explore the topic of reality creation and law of attraction, the ego hijacking spiritual concepts and spiritual materialism, the limitations of astrology, the esoteric significance of the moon and the Matrix Control System, the “positive” alien deception as well as the distorted New Age concept of “Twin Flames”, the “Neo-Tantra” movement and much more.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • What is the New Age? Origin of the New Age Movement
  • Truth is mixed with Lies
  • Opiate for the Masses
  • Definition of Spiritual Bypassing
  • Feel-good teachings
  • True and False Resonance
  • Solipsism
  • Trap of Superiority
  • You create your own reality/Law of Attraction
  • Positive vs. Negative
  • We’re all one but we’re not all the same
  • The pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain
  • Ego hijacking spiritual concepts
  • Blind Compassion
  • Anger phobia and conflict phobia
  • Trap of “just follow your feelings/heart”
  • Mistaking emotional highs for Love
  • Spiritual Materialism
  • Critical thinking
  • Fake personality mask based on an ideal spiritual self-image
  • Boundaries vs. fake niceness
  • Warrior attitude
  • NWO agenda of feminizing men
  • Collectivism and New Age one world religion
  • Engaging in life vs. escapism
  • Divination (Astrology, Tarot, etc.)

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • More on distortion/limitation of astrology
  • The positive side of astrology when used as a tool but not as a foundation
  • Moon worship and full moon ceremonies
  • Distortion of Wiccan and Pagan practices
  • The mystery of the moon in light of the matrix control system
  • Full moon and hyperdimensional attacks
  • The “positive” alien deception and the New Age savior program
  • Distortion of the wanderers/star seeds concept (feeding the ego/spiritual bypassing)
  • The distorted New Age Twin Flame concept
  • The Alien Love Bite – The counterfeit Twin Flame simulation
  • The Vegan agenda (note: we are not telling what anyone should or shouldn’t eat nor do we judge anyone based on what they choose to eat)
  • Laura’s experience of having been vegan for 30 years and resulting health issues.
  • Distorted New Age/Spiritual/Religious beliefs regarding Veganism
  • Veganism is becoming like a religion – Divide and Conquer
  • The NWO, UN Agenda 21 and the mainstream pushing Veganism
  • Occult attacks and a vegan diet
  • Neo-Tantra and the over-focus on sex and sexuality
  • What is true Tantra?
  • Distortion of sexual energy
  • Ego hijacking tantric teachings
  • Neo-Tantra can help some people overcoming shame and guilt regarding sexually but can be harmful to people dealing with severe sexual abuse/trauma.

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  • July 10, 2019, 8:17 am  Reply

    Dear Bernhard and Laura, Thank you for these podcasts. I find them very validating and sometimes provoking investigation as to my integrity and sincerity. I love the way you bounce the topic between you both. The listener feels involved, conversationally. I’ve posted on these topics on my blog You might enjoy them. Love, Gail

  • O Wel
    July 23, 2019, 11:28 am  Reply

    I wouldn’t say a “solipsism” is false, at all…. In fact, the observer principle in physics supports this concept: phenomena cannot exist without a conscious observer behind it. I think where it comes up short is that just because reality more or less COLLAPSES without the observer (you or me), it doesn’t mean all the other observers somehow annihilate. Solipsism merely proves our individuation

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