The Toxic Feminine and The Path of Divine Embodiment – Laura Matsue & Kelsea Shanai’a Rai | TCM Podcast #12 (Part 1)

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In this special episode of the Cosmic Matrix podcast, Laura Matsue and Kelsea Shanai’a Rai talk about the Heroine’s journey of turning the toxic feminine into divine embodiment and introduce a new course they are offering to women that takes them through this journey. They discuss their own experiences of sexual trauma and the occult history of the feminine “priestess” and how it relates to a toxic feminine template conditioned by Matrix programming. They share traits of the toxic feminine, how it relates to disconnection from our bodies, the hijacking of creative energy/spiritual power/womb, how trauma and abuse has affected us collectively, princess programming, Disney, Pedophilia, MKUltra programming, the occult history of the goddess, the mother wound, divine embodiment, the importance of gathering in community and much more.

For more info about the course and to register go here: Birthing the New Feminine: An 8-week Online Transformational Course for Women  (Program Begins August 20th, 2019)

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Show Notes Part 1:

  • Introduction to the 8-week course “Birthing the New Feminine”
  • How Laura and Kelsea met
  • Kelsea’s cult experience and abuse by a “black magician”, coming face to face with her toxic feminine shadow
  • Laura’s history and experiences with the toxic feminine within herself; succubus
  • Traits of the toxic feminine (pathology has become normalized in official culture)
  • Disconnection from the divine feminine relates to dis-embodiment and the Transhumanism matrix agenda.
  • Trauma and sexual abuse from a bigger picture perspective
  • The Dark Queen archetype
  • Toxic Feminism is driven by suppressed/projected anger/rage and revenge
  • The “princess” programming
  • Disney, pedophilia, MK-Ultra
  • The Jeffrey Epstein pedophilia case – just the tip of the iceberg
  • Laura’s experiences with ritual sexual abuse by a powerful famous musician
  • Kelsea’s past life experiences with Ritual Sex Magic
  • The toxic feminine’s desire for power and way of manipulating/using men
  • The New Age Priestess distortion
  • Priestess rituals tying into Black Magic, sacrifice, resulting in traps of agreements/contracts with occult demonic forces
  • Laura’s revelation about a past life contract with a draconian entity when she was initiated as a Priestess
  • New Age Wicca and occult traps
  • The Toxic Feminine’s thirst for power
  • The Divine Feminine has no thirst/desire for anything outside herself
  • The key is getting into the body to heal traumas, cancel contracts and free the divine feminine
  • The toxic feminine works in more covert/sly ways
  • Importance of taking self-responsibility for healing abuse/trauma
  • We are in a period of deep awakening where all our wounds/traumas are coming up, going back thousands of years
  • The gateways of the womb for women to access their wisdom and all experiences
  • The hijacking of the womb, sexual abuse, and the Matrix Trauma Installment Program
  • Sex (penetration) without love creates damage in the womb
  • How to heal the womb
  • Over-reliance on technology disconnects us from our embodied inner wisdom, guidance, and intuition
  • The importance of healing the mother wound
  • Importance of community and support system

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • The Trauma Installment Program and Split Personalities
  • Soul fragmentation and holes in the aura
  • Kalsea’s childhood traumas and drug abuse resulting in a “seductress” personality, manipulating men
  • Trauma as entry points for hyperdimensional entities/forces taking over
  • Laura’s experiences and sexual abuse relating to MK-Ultra programming
  • Importance of becoming masters of our “biology” to self-regulate the nervous system
  • The Matrix sexual misery program, pitting genders against each other
  • Sexually abused female celebrities become the “perfect” vehicle for the matrix agenda of normalizing pathology
  • Victim/savior programming
  • Disney Princess programming and the reptilian agenda
  • Transhumanism and the end-game of getting people out of body
  • Grimes, girl-friend of Elon Musk, as an example for MK-Ultra and the Trauma installment program
  • Grimes’ pro A.I./Transhumanism song/video “We appreciate power”
  • MK-Ultra and the music industry
  • Laura’s experience at the Allen Memorial Institute, known for MK-Ultra experiments
  • Distortion of various “womb wisdom” teachings
  • Kelsea’s experience with a psychopathic womb wisdom teacher playing on her trauma to manipulate her
  • Normalizing of sexual pathologies is heightened in this day and age
  • Competition and betrayal between women
  • The occult history of the goddess and the Nephilim interbreeding
  • Ancient history, human’s origin, and the reptilian agenda
  • Genetic modification and trauma targeting women
  • Mary Magdalene’s and other ancient priestesses “initiation” via rape to gain power
  • Distortions of the feminine goddess teachings
  • Personal and impersonal Karma
  • Sexual energy as food for occult hostile forces
  • Importance to bring the psychic being to the front, alignment with the Divine
  • Self-work on all levels: body, mind, and spirt – physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual
  • Importance of Discernment and not romanticizing the “priestess” archetype or anything Egypt/mystery schools related
  • Divine Embodiment and healing/uniting the inner male and female – the path of freedom to transcend the matrix

Go HERE to listen to Part 2 if you’re a member or REGISTER to become a member to have access to membership section (including the membership forum.)

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