What is Your Relationship to The Divine? | The Cosmic Matrix Podcast #15 (Part 1)

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In this episode, Laura and Bernhard discuss the relationship that they each have to the Divine/God/Source. They reflect on aspects of the Divine and the deeper surrender to Divine that we all will eventually come across when doing spiritual work. They discuss the religious distortions of seeing God as outside of us, the New Age Ascension movement, how to anchor the Divine in daily life, divine grace,  soul purpose, the importance of establishing the inner witness, outline steps of holistic inner work and meditation practices, and much more.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • What is the Divine/God?
  • Religious distortions, externalizing God
  • Aspects of the Divine – an Inner Experience
  • Purification Process to anchor the Divine
  • The ultimate question: Who am I?
  • The desire soul (personality) vs. true Self
  • Desires and Non-attachment
  • The fallacy of Asceticism, escaping life into “heaven”
  • Surrender and Aspiration to the Divine
  • Limitation/illusion of personal will
  • Alignment with Divine Will
  • What is soul purpose?
  • Surrender is an active state, not passive
  • The religious guilt/shame program
  • Personal Experiences of the Divine
  • The resistance of the ego and lower nature
  • Importance of consistent meditation practice to detach from the surface consciousness and monkey mind
  • The Importance of being present
  • New Age Ascension and certain fringe concepts have similar aspects of trying to escape the world as the old dogmatic religions
  • The Truth movement and Spirituality
  • It’s about anchoring the Divine and embracing life fully, not escaping the world/life
  • The true meaning of Tantra
  • All there is are lessons
  • Signs of being aligned with Divine Will and your true Self
  • Laura’s experience of Divine Grace
  • The practice of Aspiration ~ Rejection ~ Surrender
  • All Life is Yoga
  • The importance of establishing the inner witness
  • Working in tune with Nature via Embodiment
  • The only place that cannot be touched by occult adverse forces is the psychic being, your true Self.

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • Meditation practices and living from within in every-day life beyond the practice
  • How to create the right meditation practice for you (consistency is key!)
  • Not everyone is ready for certain meditation techniques
  • Discipline vs. effortless
  • Importance of posture
  • Some people need to get into their bodies first via conscious body-mind practices (and receiving bodywork) before being able to have a consistent meditation practice
  • Bernhard’s daily morning practice
  • Distortion of Yoga in the West (fitness-based, left-brain approach)
  • Tips on how to meditate and deal with intruding thoughts
  • Expanding the Awareness beyond the physical body
  • Group meditations
  • What works for one, may not work for another
  • Guided meditations
  • Trauma and meditation
  • Four steps/aspects of holistic inner work
  • Taking care of your physical body/vehicle via right diet, exercise, and any body-mind practices
  • Self-care and poverty consciousness
  • Psychological inner work and engaging in somatic psychotherapeutic work to work through, heal and transmute your wounds and traumas that are stored in the body
  • Studying and learning about the world, the matrix and understanding higher/universal/occult laws so you can see through appearances, deceptions, and distractions
  • Spiritual inner work to connect with your essence (true Self, psychic being), anchoring the Divine force and aligning with Divine Will via surrender – rejection – aspiration
  • Sincerity is the key point in all of this
  • Getting rid of entitlement
  • Importance of building a healthy ego, an individualized Self before surrendering to the Divine and essentially dissolving the ego – paradox
  • The trap of comparison
  • Spiritual progress over lifetimes
  • The healthy sense of self and relationships
  • Spiritual Materialism
  • The current times we are in, the times of darkness and what does this mean for spirituality

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