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Relationships are a path to spiritual growth, but how can we create these types of partnerships? Bernhard and Laura discuss this question on this episode of the Cosmic Matrix podcast. They speak about the importance of commitment to the path and the divine that is necessary for both partners before they enter a relationship, choosing a partner and getting past romantic projections, attachment patterns and being authentic in relationships, relationship tools, and the new paradigm of relationships that is evolving on this planet. In the second hour (only for members) they go deeper and discuss their own relationship and their personal experiences of the divine before meeting, the healing of traumas and initiations they went through before they met, conflict and occult interferences in relationships, and much more.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • Relationships as a path to spiritual growth
  • What does spiritual work entail?
  • Importance of combining psychological and spiritual work
  • Both partners need to be 100% committed to growth, to the relationship, and to their individual process
  • Imbalances in relationship dynamics
  • What is the foundation of the relationship based on?
  • Romantic Attraction and positive shadow projection
  • The trap of trying to “wake up” your partner
  • Attachment vs. Authenticity
  • False personality vs. True Self
  • Different levels of Love depending on the level of Being
  • What does mean to be authentic?
  • The tantric relationship
  • The mirror of relationships
  • The partner you choose is going to be the most important person in your life (most influential)
  • Attachment patterns: Avoidance vs Anxious, and Secure
  • Safe relationships and co-regulation
  • Choosing a partner
  • Romantic Projections vs Recognition
  • The trap of making your partner the source of love
  • The most important relationship is your relationship to the Divine
  • Healthy Discernment vs. being over-critical or image of the “ideal dream partner” (positive shadow projection)
  • Addicted to relationships and relationships phobia (two sides of the same coin)
  • Both partners have to have a foundation of self-work before they get into a relationship
  • Relationship tools
  • Collinearity and evolutionary relationships
  • A new paradigm of relationships
  • Issue of trying to “force” a conscious relationship

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • The relationship between Bernhard and Laura
  • Laura’s personal experiences and realization of the Divine leading up to meeting Bernhard
  • Importance of healing the parental wound and being aware of childhood wounds
  • Spiritual Practice and relationship to the Divine is the most important foundation
  • Falling in Love with your own Life
  • Bernhard’s relationship experiences
  • Dark Side of Cupid/Love Bite relationships high-lighten once’s unconscious childhood wounds/trauma
  • Bernhard’s process leading up to meeting Laura
  • Asking the Divine for Guidance and Surrender
  • Obsessing over past partners is a trauma response (stuck in Trauma)
  • Trauma work cannot be done alone
  • Trauma/wound bonds mistaken for Love
  • Some issues can only come up in a relationship in order to be healed
  • Reality-check your projections
  • Importance of basic understanding of Trauma before being able to enter a “spiritual” relationship
  • The Divine will show you what is in the way of having the relationship you want (from essence)
  • Conflict is inevitable in relationships and needs to be embraced/utilized as a catalyst for spiritual growth
  • How to deal with conflict in relationships
  • Conflict vs abusive relationship
  • Occult interferences in relationships
  • What is a secure relationship?
  • Difference between entity attachments and entity interferences
  • The importance of 100% commitment of both partners to the relationship; Indecision (“one foot in, one foot out”) creates openings for attacks and interferences
  • Meeting potential partners (Internet vs. real life)
  • Destiny, Divine Timing, and Divine Will
  • The trap of trying to manifest a partner vs. Intention
  • Relationships and service to the Divine

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