Michael Lutin – Astrology, Occultations, and the 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction | TCM #20 (Part 1)

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Renowned astrologer Michael Lutin joins Bernhard Guenther on this special episode of the Cosmic Matrix podcast. Michael shares his unique approach to astrology which he has developed over decades through practicing and teaching astrology, along with his insights about the upcoming much talked about Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurring in Capricorn in 2020 and its potential effects individually and collectively. He also discusses how the discovery of new planets relate to new dimensions of consciousness, how astrology can be misused and how it can be best utilized as a healing tool. In the second hour, Michael goes deeper into “occultations” of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and how this relates to the New World Order and the global push to centralize power, occult alien forces, and the evolution of consciousness. He also gives tips and insights on how to navigate these intergalactic transitions, and much more. Michael Lutin’s website: michaellutin.com


Show Notes Part 1:

  • Michael’s background and unique approach to astrology
  • Needing to go beyond astrological diagnostics and focus on healing
  • Combining astrology and psychology
  • Astrology is a psychic art
  • Any horoscope/natal chart is a mystery
  • Astrology as a tool to gain self-knowledge
  • Limitations of astrology, depending on the level of being/awareness of the astrologer and the client
  • The astrologer-client relationship
  • Is it possible to transcend your natal chart?
  • Discovery of new “planets” relating to new dimensions of consciousness
  • Transits affect everyone differently depending on one’s natal chart and how much self-work one has done (shadow work, inner child healing, trauma work, etc)
  • Square and Trine aspects
  • The duality of pain and pleasure
  • Michael’s intention when working with clients
  • The Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 2020: Raise your consciousness and/or die
  • Saturn/Pluto triggering death anxiety
  • The whole paradigm of what it means to be alive is changing
  • A.I., Transhumanism
  • Planets not only affect us but reflect us as well
  • The issue with astrological predictions (there are gradients)
  • The birth and death experience
  • The transits at birth and the first 3 years of life set up the rest of life
  • Going beyond astrological definitions and turning it into a healing art, integrating psychotherapy
  • People mistake astrology as a prediction tool
  • Psychopathy and astrology
  • Compassion and boundaries
  • The dark side of Capricorn
  • Saturn-Pluto and historic events

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • The Occultation of Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn
  • A very powerful dark force has entered the “system”
  • Saturn-Pluto and the New World Order
  • Non-human interference
  • Trump is just the entertainment/distraction
  • Competitiveness, matrix temptations, and greed within humans increasing (dark side of Capricorn)
  • The dangling carrot of technology
  • The conditioning to accept the alien/ET presence
  • The question of Saturn-Pluto: Can we continue our lives and give up what we thought was reality?
  • Epstein and the Greta distraction
  • UFO community and disinformation
  • Fake official UFO/Alien disclosure
  • Impossible to predict where we are heading because of the occultations
  • Intimacy and personal human connection vs career and material success (Cancer/Capricorn nodes)
  • We’re in a time of intergalactic transition
  • New astrological aspects that never happened before
  • The desperation of the elite/NWO trying to hold on to power
  • The real controllers are not human
  • Global conflict between centralized power (Capricorn) and power to the people (Aquarius) intensifying as we approach Pluto in Aquarius
  • The natal chart of nations
  • Pluto return for the US
  • Michael’s new book “The Rebirth of America”
  • The personal effects of the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction
  • Death anxiety, fears, and insecurities are getting triggered
  • Tips on how to navigate this intense transit
  • Facing the Unknown
  • Your natal chart is a sacred book and your intimate connection to the Universe. Be discerning who you share it with.

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