Aaron Nichols – Masculinity, Sexuality, and the Male/Female Polarity | TCM #24 (Part 1)

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Aaron Nichols joins Bernhard Guenther on the Cosmic Matrix Podcast to talk about masculinity, sexuality and how we can harmonize the male/female polarity. They discuss how society and political correct cult-ure have distorted masculinity, the difference between healthy and toxic masculinity, the struggle and pressure of men trying to appeal to women, the nice guy and white knight syndrome, authenticity vs. inauthenticity, the masculine wound, patriarchy, feminism, their personal experiences and more. In the second part, Aaron and Bernhard discuss the importance of embodying masculine attributes, the warrior archetype, casual sex, hook-up culture and polyamory, the corruption/sexualization of Tantra, the alluring attraction of porn and fantasy from a Taoist Occult perspective, male sexuality, self-cultivation (semen retention), the importance of emotional intimacy in relationships and when engaging sexually, toxic shame vs healthy shame, how men are becoming more isolated, the importance for men to bond with each other, and much more.

After co-founding and exiting a multi-million dollar software company, Aaron Nichols has returned to his passion for supporting the world in achieving harmony between the sexual poles. He’s currently authoring an essential guide for men in relating with women, founded in ancient wisdom, common sense, and audacious authenticity, and he’s working on a metaphysical mobile application to be released this year. Aarons’s blog: https://medium.com/@macrovirtue and offering: https://www.supernature.men

Show Notes Part 1:

  • Aaron’s background
  • The struggle of men to step into their vulnerability
  • Social conditioning and the masculine wound
  • The shadow side of the #metoo movement
  • Toxic Masculinity and the PUA (Pick Up Artist) movement
  • The masculine ego, manhood, and success with women
  • The nice guy and white knight syndrome
  • Toxic masculinity, cultural/childhood programming, and childhood wounding
  • Assertion, Aggression, and Passivity
  • Misconceptions around Authenticity
  • The trap of trying to get you self-image validated
  • The importance of finding your calling as a man
  • The social/cultural distortion of masculinity
  • The healthy aspects of being a man
  • Patriarchy vs. Patri-focal consciousness beyond gender
  • The male and female aspect of consciousness
  • The alchemical marriage if the inner male and female
  • The over-masculinization of women and feminization of man
  • Personality and Essence
  • Feminism, Transgender, and gender wars from a Matrix perspective
  • The trap of Identification
  • The evolution of consciousness, karma, past lives, and individual lessons
  • White privilege and white guilt
  • The disease of collectivism and group identity
  • The matrix program of blame and victim, divide & conquer
  • Men being blamed for “everything”
  • Trauma and finding one’s calling
  • Our limited view and getting caught up in our minds
  • The importance of taking self-responsibility

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • Healthy and toxic masculinity
  • The cultural/social distortion of masculinity
  • The interplay/dance of yin and yang
  • The importance of embodying the masculine attributes
  • Boundaries and healthy anger/aggression
  • The trap of niceness
  • The archetype of the warrior
  • Shadow work around masculinity
  • Hook-up culture and polyamory
  • The corruption/sexualization of Tantra
  • Sexual suppression and over-sexualized culture/media in the US
  • The virus of hyper-sexualization infecting the world
  • The danger of the two extremes of sexual liberation (“anything goes”) and sexual suppression (Religion)
  • There is no such thing as casual sex
  • Lack of conscious sexual education
  • Porn and sex addiction
  • The energetic and emotional consequences of having sex
  • The importance of emotional intimacy
  • The alluring/dangerous energies of Porn and Fantasy
  • Sexual Trauma in childhood can create hyper-sexualized individuals (disconnection of the physical act of sex from emotions)
  • Kids (girls and boys) use internet porn as an “instruction” of how to engage sexually
  • Shame and guilt around watching porn
  • Porn and fantasizing sexually from a Taoist occult perspective
  • The danger of creating entity attachments based on sexually charged thought projections
  • Masturbation and healthy self-cultivation
  • Semen retention and sexual Qi Gong
  • Wilhelm Reich and the Function of the Orgasm
  • The ‘no fap’ movement
  • Men becoming more isolated
  • True celibacy from the yogic perspective
  • The importance of Discipline and Integrity
  • Healthy Shame and Toxic Shame
  • Holistic self-work and the four-fold approach

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