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In this episode, Bernhard Guenther and Laura Matsue talk about the next stage of the evolutionary cycle of death: destruction, endings, and rebirth. They talk about the recent energies of the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction and how they see it already creating big changes on the world stage, the subsequent increasing “divide and conquer” agenda playing out, the necessity to become spiritual warriors during these times and how the matrix works through our own minds, the Saturn and Capricorn lessons of this year around the masculine, the father, integrity, and how shadow work is imperative during these times of deep transformation and rebirth.

In the second hour, they talk about the issue with blaming “entities” or people outside of you for how you feel and how to instead use your relationships as a mirror. They share moments of destruction and rebirth in their own lives, discuss the disembodiment epidemic that we are all affected by living in a left-brain world,  seeing your triggers as an opportunity to resolve karma in the body, and the chaos/death anxiety that many are currently facing during these Plutonian times and much more.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • Big changes and shifts, collectively and individually
  • The longterm view of the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction
  • Pluto energies: Lord of the Underworld, Sex, Death/Destruction, Rebirth, the Occult
  • Saturn representing authority, father, government, authority, limitations
  • The clashing of freedom vs. control
  • How the Pluto/Saturn energies are affecting us in in our individual lives and how they play out collectively
  • The clearing-out of what is not working anymore
  • The importance of having a healthy spiritual and psychological foundation for the times to come
  • The polarization (Divide & Conquer) is going to increase (especially on a political level)
  • The media keeps us distracted and head-centric
  • The importance of being able to still your mind
  • What you consume with your mind greatly affects your body and health
  • Discursive thinking and tension in the body
  • Being able to have a certain level of mastery over your psychology
  • “Escaping” the matrix is an inside job
  • The necessity for spiritual warriors
  • The age of spiritual materialism with the ego hijacking spiritual concepts
  • Disintegration and Disillusionment
  • Laura’s experience at a two-week silent meditation retreat, meditating for 6 hours a day
  • Sitting in somatic mediation with difficult emotions/feelings we usually try to avoid and escape from
  • Minute desires and projections creating more suffering for oneself
  • The Matrix works through us
  • The interrelationship between shadow projections, black magic, psychic attacks, and entity interferences
  • The Saturn lesson: Rebuilding the healthy masculine aspect in your life, how is your relationship to your father?
  • The Capricorn lessons (Integrity, foundation, structure, patience) and temptations (greed, social climbing, inauthenticity)
  • Shadow work is imperative in this day and age
  • Announcement of new courses offered by Bernhard and Laura

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • Plutonian moments of destruction and rebirth in Laura’s and Bernhard’s lives
  • Relationship challenges and public attacks
  • Tough Grace and Divine Support
  • The issue of blaming entities
  • Taking self-responsibility in every aspect of your life
  • Relationships as a mirror
  • Level of Being, Self-Work and Reality Creation
  • Who/what do you still blame?
  • Self-blame, guilt, and shame
  • Response-flexibility and healing trauma
  • Seeing yourself and the Divine in others
  • Speaking out about the matrix without projecting
  • If you are not able to be fully present with your own feelings, you can’t be present with others
  • Social media addiction (pavlovian response), loneliness, and developmental trauma/childhood wounding
  • Compassion can only happen in a real-life relationship
  • Facebook, A.I., and armchair activism
  • Developing more self-awareness by getting out of our mechanical, instinctual, animalistic responses
  • Discipline, will-power, and flow
  • The form path and the formless path
  • The interrelationship of structure and flexibility in your life mirrored in your body
  • Triggers are opportunities to resolve Karma stored in your body if we can resist blaming externally
  • Receiving projections from others and the “green bush” analogy
  • Sincerity and Discipline
  • We don’t get to move on until we have learned our lessons
  • Disembodiment is the real “epidemic”
  • The far-reaching positive effects of having a consistent meditation practice
  • The bigger picture lessons of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and building a foundation
  • Going beyond likes and dislikes, positive and negative, hope and fear
  • The internal contradictions of our fragmented self
  • Chaos and Death Anxiety
  • Surfing the waves of change during these accelerated energies

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