Tom Montalk – Coronavirus: The 3D, Hyperdimensional, and Spiritual Perspective | TCM#30 (Part 1)

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Tom Montalk returns to the Cosmic Matrix Podcast to talk with Bernhard Guenther about the current Coronavirus crisis and the possible agendas from a 3D and hyperdimensional perspective. Tom shares the premonitions that came to him via his dreams leading up to the early warnings he gave publicly about the collective impact the crisis would have. He talks about the 3D agenda behind the pandemic and weaponized virus, the blind spot of mainstream medical science, the occult/metaphysical dimension of disease, the socialist NWO agenda, transhumanism, the 4D/hyperdimensional perspective, Trump and the globalist agenda, and suggestions of what to do and coping strategies.

In the second hour, Tom and Bernhard discuss Qanon and the Q movement, the so-called “Storm” and claims about “mass arrest of the cabal”. Tom shares his research into the origin of Q and how it ties into Project Paperclip, JFK, the military-industrial complex and various fringe patriot anti-globalist movements. He talks about the positive and negative sides of Qanon, the good cop/bad cop psy-op aspect of the Q agenda, adrenochrome, celebrities, and the coronavirus, and how the 4D alien agenda/hyperdimensional matrix ties into it all. Furthermore, Tom talks about how this war is being waged through our own minds, the bigger picture of negative/positive timelines, soul resonance and reality creation, quantum entanglement, the importance of focusing on metaphysical/spiritual education, self-work, creativity, and much more.

Tom Montalk:


Show Notes Part 1:

  • Tom’s premonition dreams and research leading up to his early warning about the collective impact and economic supply chain interruption
  • Suppression of Information, Pattern Recognition, and Mass Panic Buying
  • Case numbers suppressed and faked in China
  • It’s in the interest of most governments to lie about the numbers
  • Two different tests for Coronavirus/COVID-19: Antibody test and PCR test
  • The issues with testing: false positives and false negatives
  • The mutation of natural viruses vs. weaponized viruses
  • World Event 201 World Pandemic Simulation (Bill Gates, John Hopkins, WHO) in October 2019 followed the same trajectory we’re on right now
  • Germ Theory (mainstream medical science) vs. Environment Conditions (Food, air, water, etc)
  • Mainstream medical science doesn’t take into account the psycho-somatic factor, the Body-Mind connection, and how (suppressed) emotional/psychological states can manifest in illness/disease
  • The occult/metaphysical dimension of disease
  • Voodoo Death and Nocebo (opposite of Placebo); manifesting disease via the fear contagion
  • The issue of OCD/neurotic level of cleanliness and paranoia/fear of germs/illness, attracting/manifesting that which you are afraid of
  • Precautions on a physical and metaphysical/spiritual level
  • The 3D agenda behind the pandemic and weaponized virus
  • The socialist NWO, social engineering, and Transhumanism
  • The trap of universal basic income
  • The Hegelian dialect of problem-reaction-solution
  • The 4D/hyperdimensional perspective: a “loosh” feeding ground for occult hostile/4D STS forces right now
  • Trump and the globalist agenda
  • Looking at it form different levels: 3D, 4D alien agenda, Occult, Spiritual
  • Tom’s suggestions of what to do and how to protect yourself
  • Coping strategies
  • Focus on meditation, spiritual knowledge

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • Qanon and the Q movement
  • The connection to Project Paperclip, Nazi Intelligentsia moved to the US, creation of the CIA and Military-Industrial Complex
  • The JFK connection
  • The rising anti-globalist movement, the Fringe Patriot movement, Tea Party
  • The NESARA psy-op and New Age disinformation
  • Obama was one of the best lapdogs for the 4D STS occult forces
  • The origin and timeline of Q
  • Trump’s social media coordinator and people in the Trump administration linked to Q
  • Trump’s best buddy is a fringe conspiracy researcher
  • The positive and negative side of Qanon
  • The good cop/bad cop psy-op aspect of the Q agenda
  • Q movement is just focusing on the tip of the iceberg of the so-called cabal
  • There is a vast difference between what Q actually posts and how people interpret it or add on
  • The leftists hyping the fear
  • Adrenochrome, celebrities, and the Occult perspective (4D harvesting)
  • The scale of evil going way beyond what people are aware of
  • The external savior program
  • The 4D alien agenda
  • The assassination of JFK right before was going to blow the lid on the UFO/Alien topic
  • The positive and negative alien factions
  • Trump and the art of war
  • The war of 4D STS/STO is through us
  • Underground tunnel warfare
  • The bigger picture of negative/positive timelines
  • Soul resonance and reality creation
  • We are quantum-entangled collectively
  • Common sense around physical protection
  • It’s not productive/helpful to stay glued to the screen/media/news about this crisis
  • Importance of focusing on metaphysical/spiritual education, self-work, creativity, to be of service
  • Focus on what brings the best out in you!
  • This is a test of the soul
  • Focusing on B Influences vs. A Influences (Mouravieff, Gnosis)
  • How to use suffering to connect to your untouchable true/higher self
  • The Timeline-Reality Split and the Splitting of Humanity

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