From Darkness to Light: How to Evolve Consciousness during Challenging Times | TCM #31 (Part 1)

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In this episode, Bernhard Guenther and Laura Matsue discuss how to work with the collective darkness that has taken over the world and use it to evolve consciousness by transmuting it into light. Looking beyond the various theories about the coronavirus, from the 3D level to the hyperdimensional level, they discuss the collective “trauma installment program” that has gripped the planet, and how we can rise to the occasion by “holding the tension between opposites”, balancing both the light and the dark, within and without. They offer insight into the larger planetary forces at play here, astrological lessons from Uranus in Taurus, and speak about “resting in the unknown”, the phase between life and death. They also offer various tools that they use to boost their immune system and some ideas on how to stay in a higher frequency of health, vitality, and love.

In the second hour, they discuss strategies on how to consciously release anger/rage that may be coming up, how to use shadow work during these times of upheaval and work with triggers/projections, why it’s important to address toxic shame through self-compassion, and how we need to become “antifragile” by using these experiences to get even better and stronger than we ever were before. They discuss Saturn and Pluto karmic lessons behind all this and speak about Tom Montalk’s “Art of Hyperdimensional War”. They also offer more ideas on the importance of bringing in the light by consciously creating appreciation and joy in our energetic field, and the importance of play and creating beauty as expressions of this light as our higher selves direct us to keep shining throughout these times of transition.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • The various theories about COVID-19 and the Coronavirus
  • There are different level to look at it
  • A war on consciousness on unseen levels
  • The mind can’t fully grasp what is happening
  • The world is going to change big time
  • Kali Yuga: The Collective Dark Night of the Soul
  • The Collective Trauma Installment
  • Extreme fear-mongering in the MSM
  • People starting to police each other
  • Anxiety and fear lead to trying to control the outside and other people
  • There are bigger forces at work beyond our control
  • Becoming warriors with our attention and what we focus on
  • The drive to (mentally) organize reality around different belief systems
  • The ability to hold the tension between opposites, not grasping onto hope or fear
  • Resting in the unknown and meditating on death
  • The current energies are fertile ground for shadow work and transformation fo the phoenix to rise out of the ashes
  • Uranus in Taurus lessons
  • Connecting to the assisting divine and elemental forces
  • Mind-Body-Healing needed more than ever
  • Getting out of the age of the victim and empowering ourselves
  • The foundation of psychological, emotional, and spiritual health
  • Focusing on things that bring joy, vitality (life force) and creativity
  • Learning how to breathe consciously to clear out stale life force (Qi/Prana) and fill up clean/charged life force to boost the immune system
  • Various Breath Work techniques
  • Preventive Medicine vs. “Health Care”
  • Natural ways to boost your immune system for free
  • The benefits of intermittent fasting and being in Ketosis

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • The Astrological perspective of this crisis and opportunity for transformation
  • The Plutonian lesson of anti-fragility and resilience
  • There is an abundance of spiritual lessons if we’re willing to answer the call
  • The occult hyper-dimensional perspective and the teaching function of “evil”
  • Black Swan events
  • The importance of becoming anti-fragile
  • Applying basic shadow work when we get triggered and projected on
  • The trap of being over-sensitive
  • Projection is a function of the psyche to come to wholeness
  • The importance of never taking anything personally
  • Getting out of the perceptional mental world and into the felt-sense in the body
  • Living from Within
  • The Art of Hyperdimensional War
  • Everyone has an “evil persona” (Sri Aurobindo)
  • Choose your energy, time, and “battles” wisely for there are many distractions
  • Developing compassion and empathy for self and others
  • Be discerning who you surround yourself with and who you give energy/attention
  • The limitations of the written word and online communication
  • The lesson behind getting “annoyed” with people
  • Harnessing the Plutonian energies
  • How to work with Anger and Rage and process it consciously
  • The interrelationship between Anger and Shame
  • The collective suppressed anger is coming to the surface
  • Activism fueled by suppressed unconscious anger
  • Gabor Mate’s realizations as an anti-Zionist activist
  • The lesson of humility and having empathy for ourselves
  • Toxic shame/guilt vs. healthy guilt
  • Anger is a surface emotion. There is pain underneath it.
  • Techniques for raising your frequency and connecting to the joy of the inner child, your essence without spiritual bypassing
  • Your body reflects how you feel about yourself- it is your living biography
  • Notice how your body responds to positive suggestions
  • Healthy self-love vs. toxic narcissism
  • The importance of practicing gratitude and appreciation
  • What brings value and joy into your life?
  • Playfulness, Beauty, and Creativity

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