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In this episode of the Cosmic Matrix podcast, Bernhard Guenther and Laura Matsue talk about the recent riots/protests in the world from an occult perspective and how the divide & conquer agenda and wetiko virus (the predator mind) is fuelling the madness on an occult level. They talk about Antifa, the killing of George Floyd, PsyOps, the Q phenomenon, the Pluto return of the US, and how to strategize and get into warrior mode during these times.

In the second hour, they further discuss how these occult forces affect humanity through fear/hate, the end of the era of Pisces being the end of the age of the victim, the collective unconscious forces according to Carl Jung, the dawning of true Christ Consciousness and the second American revolution and what this Pluto return means for us in our individual lives.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • Recap of recent events: From COVID to protests, rioting, and looting
  • More facts coming out regarding Obamagate but MSM is ignoring it
  • Trauma Installment Program in full force
  • ANTIFA involvement, organizing riots nationwide
  • The killing of George Floyd, red flags, and anomalies [*Correction: The medics did check Floyd’s pulse]
  • A PsyOp to fuel a political agenda
  • The mainstream media distortions of what is really going on, claiming white supremacists
  • The definition of a PsyOp (Psychological Operation)
  • The background and intention of ANTIFA
  • The MSM fueling the riots and justifying the actions of ANTIFA
  • Laura’s past as a “Social Justice Warrior”  and her past hate towards white people based on her unhealed wounds and traumas
  • Laura’s experience with racism and the virtue signaling of white people
  • The danger of unhealed wounds/traumas coming through social activism
  • George Soros funding BLM
  • The wetiko mind virus infecting people who then become feeding grounds for occult hostile forces
  • The predator tagging into people’s wounds and traumas and taking them over
  • Occult forces working through people, i.e. Agent Smith Syndrome
  • The Divide and Conquer agenda
  • Racism is being used as a political agenda
  • The MSM’s attempt to debunk any “conspiracy theories”
  • The matrix is on overdrive
  • Trump is being blamed for everything
  • The TDS and how he left has gotten completely hijacked by the hostile forces/wetiko
  • Cognitive Dissonance is an unconscious coping mechanism to avoid disillusionment
  • The connection between being open to taking in new information and healing trauma
  • It’s time to be warriors and not let the trauma installment program get you
  • Bernhard’s process of researching Q
  • Seeking truth is a process and being open to change
  • The spiritual bypass of staying “neutral” and “non-duality”
  • The misconception of not falling int the Divide and Conquer agenda (spiritual/philosophical bypassing)

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • Rudolf Steiner on occult hostile forces manipulating humanity and feeding off of fear, hate, anxiety
  • It’s a loosh feast out there for the hyperdimensional occult forces
  • Anger infused with hate is the most destructive force
  • The cabal and hostile forces are getting desperate hence sloppier as  their agenda becomes more obvious
  • The MSM has control over the masses perception
  • The importance of making boundaries and not falling into blind compassion
  • The trap of over-sensitivity
  • Plutonian wartime
  • The role of the bodhisattva
  • Self-importance and taking things personally weakens the warrior
  • Seeing both, the divine essence and the suffering
  • Feeling all feelings but not identifying with feeling and not identifying with your “story”
  • The end of the age of Pisces is the end of the area of the victim
  • Understanding logical fallacies and applying the basics of critical thinking
  • What is happening in the world right now is huge and affecting everyone
  • Approach life as if you’d die any moment in service of the Divine
  • The Warrior hooked on infinity
  • Sincerity with everyone is a weakness (Gurdjieff)
  • Self-honestly and self-sincerity
  • Who is on your “team”? Who do you surround yourself with?
  • It’s not the time to be “on the fence” but we are forced to make a choice
  • Riding the waves of change without getting tumbled under
  • The collective unconscious forces according to Carl Jung
  • From an occult perspective, they try to get us trapped in a frequency prison
  • Everything is interrelated/connected and nothing is isolated
  • Unifying all the different parts within you (body – mind – spirit)
  • The dawning of true christ consciousness
  • The Pluto return of the US and the “second American Revolution”
  • Mainstream astrology has been hijacked and distorted by the left SJW movement
  • Starseed Astrology
  • Pluto is like Kali energy during this Kali Yuga
  • The trap of socialism from an occult metaphysical perspective relating to traps of agreement
  • Pluto in the 2nd house lessons for the US
  • New opportunities will arise with a new form of abundance
  • Self-initiative and becoming self-sufficient, self-empowerment
  • Letting go of outdated past beliefs regarding money and abundance
  • The world is in chaos, now is the time to strategize, create and prepare  for a  new  life
  • The more you heal yourself and connect to your essence/the Divine within the more creative potential you can access

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