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How can we speak truth in times that call for conscious action while also balancing our lives with self-care to take care of inner life as well? Bernhard and Laura share ways so that you can find the balance between speaking out and self-care on this episode of the Cosmic Matrix podcast. They discuss why it’s important to speak your mind during these times of great censorship, that seeking truth is a fluid process and a spiral in and out, the importance of choosing your battles wisely, social media detoxing, and the importance of understanding logical fallacies. On the self-care side of things they talk about how to apply the 80/20 rule to your life, the importance of longer meditations, how to balance the elements in your body using your astrology chart, how to process trapped emotions like anxiety/fear, the importance of checking in with your body constantly, and much more.

In the second hour, they go deeper and discuss the process of cognitive dissonance and disillusionment, unconscious core beliefs and how they shape our reality, the trap of people-pleasing/conflict-avoidance, authenticity vs attachment, the trap of virtue signaling, meditating on death to become clear about what truly matters, the importance of being able to activate your inner “predator” energy and learning how to say no and fight, warriorship and developing courage, the great friend cleanse of 2020, the importance of being discerning on who you allow on your “team”, the painful birth process that we are going through and how this is a long process, the new era that is about to be birthed and much more.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • Overall update on the crazy times we are in
  • The push for the second COVID wave, General Flynn exoneration
  • Bernhard’s Qanon article and interview with David Whitehead
  • Creating new exclusive offerings in the next few months (limited space and only via an application process)
  • Why it is important to have a balance (inner and outer work)
  • What does it mean when you speak truth?
  • “Even if I’m wrong in the future right now this is what I believe”
  • Why it is also important to balance speaking out with self-care
  • Seeking truth is a fluid process, awakening is a spiral in/out
  • Many different levels to look at things
  • The Law of Three by Gurdjieff
  • Changing views based on conscious learning/research and self-work is a sign of growth
  • Astrological Cancer season and what that means: emotions, home, family, nurturing, taking care of our inner child, divine mother qualities
  • What does self-care mean to us? What are some practical ways that we implement self-care on a daily basis?
  • The danger of going into occult/esoteric knowledge without the proper foundation
  • Matrix runs on the scarcity program
  • The importance of boundaries
  • Mars in Aries season – choose your battles wisely, then put some battles back.
  • The trap of being over-concerned about what other people think about you
  • The Warrior acts in spite of fear with courage
  • People getting triggered when they get deleted/blocked
  • The importance of understanding basic logical fallacies
  • Look at who you’re dealing with and their intention: is their intention to have a healthy debate? Are they sincerely interested in truth or do they just want to attack you or prove you wrong?
  • Warrior mode and researching, male aspect of consciousness, but we must not neglect our personal/inner life.
  • Detox from media, social media, take time just for yourself.
  • Number one self-care tip. Find the 20% of what you do that is responsible for %80 of you feeling good and do that.
  • The importance of longer meditations
  • Fear is stored in the body
  • Depending on your astrology chart, you may need to balance out your chart with a different element(s)
  • Anxiety and fear perpetually are air and water energy trapped int the body. A good cure with this is fire activity, like breathwork, intense physical exercise (Laura likes HIIT).
  • Notice when you get locked in fear and death scrolling Facebook/social media or just glued on the internet – often this is because you’re ignoring how you’re feeling
  • Check-in with your body constantly
  • Homework exercise: What are some ways that make you feel safe, relaxed, nurtured?  What are the 20% of things you do that is responsible for %80 of you feeling good?
  • Who is someone you’ve been afraid to be truthful with in your life? Commit to having an honest conversation with that person at the end of this week
  • More info on upcoming offerings and how to get astrology readings from Laura

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • A deeper understanding of cognitive dissonance
  • We cannot reach people purely by sharing information.
  • Basic example: 9/11 and cognitive dissonance
  • Gurdjieff and buffers and the importance of shocks to the system.
  • Qanon and Bernhard’s process of cognitive dissonance
  • Disillusionment is a good and necessary process
  • Core beliefs and how they are mostly unconscious
  • Someone has to be at a certain level of openness and level of being in order to take in new information
  • Our beliefs are mirrored in the world
  • Various types of core beliefs
  • Beliefs we have about ourselves, ancestral, the “I’m not good enough” program
  • People have to be willing to let go of old beliefs if new information contradicts old ones.
  • It’s not about getting comfortable with speaking truth, but learning how to feel the anxiety/fear and do it anyway
  • Values and the importance of acting from those values
  • The matrix tags into our wounds and tries to keep us silent and complacent and how trauma ties into this
  • The trap of people-pleasing/being afraid of conflict
  • Authenticity vs attachment
  • The value of true friendships who stay when you speak your truth
  • The trap of virtue signaling
  • Being inauthentic can make you literally sick and die prematurely
  • Learning to say no early in life
  • Meditating on death
  • When we speak our truth, people who mostly connected with us on a surface level will get upset (Agent Smith syndrome)
  • Laura’s experience with projections and people’s cognitive dissonance
  • We are literally on the verge of a new era about to be birthed, a lot of things will die, change, etc. – this is always painful for our human self
  • Friends will be cleaning themselves out of our lives.
  • The importance of willpower and acting like a soldier
  • The inner predator/jaguar and consciously activating the sympathetic nervous system
  • Again, going back to the topic of self-care. We must take space to feel into the body, to grieve, to let go of what we’re holding onto, to make space for what that process brings up for us
  • The importance of growing a soul through suffering
  • How everything is stored in the body and needs to be processed to completion
  • Fear stored in the body
  • The great friend cleanse of 2020
  • Be very discerning who is on your team
  • It’s fine to let go of the blood family if it is necessary
  • You will find new people who will be in alignment with who you truly are if you are willing to let go of the past
  • The importance of feeling our emotions
  • There is only so much self-work we can do on our own
  • Be willing to invest in yourself and opening the flow
  • Reminder: we are currently at the end of an era. You will have to let go of things. Things will have to die, change, morph.
  • Birth is painful. Birth/Death changes people forever. This is what we are all doing: rebirthing a new era.
  • This is a long process. We have only just started.
  • Why we are committing to doing group work with people with the balance of inner/outer work.
  • Quote by Ken Wilber on Speaking Truth and Authenticity

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