Timeline-Reality Split and the Birth of a New World | TCM #38 (Part 1)

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Bernhard Guenther and Laura Matsue talk about the timeline-reality split and the new world we are entering. They discuss frequency resonance vibration, soul individualization, Orwellian doublespeak in the social justice warrior cult, racial division and ancestral karma, misusing spiritual teachings to put up with toxic people, how shocks are a form of compassion trying to drive us forward, the importance of the choices we make now, what we align with, and how as our being/frequency changes so does our outer reality during this Time of Transition.

In the second hour, they dive deeper and discuss how people will likely take one of 3 paths during these times: disintegration, resilience or suppression, or becoming anti-fragile. They talk about the paradox of suffering, the Age of Aquarius and what it means for online learning and entrepreneurship, working with prayer and aligning with God’s will, Organic Portals, the importance of clearing the mind/body complex, seeing this collective death as a great opportunity, the interrelationship between individuality – sovereignty – being, the divine/toxic feminine/masculine, Qanon and not getting caught in the savior trap, and much more.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • Big changes are happening and there is a lot of friction and division
  • mandatory mask-wearing  and virtue signaling
  • Socially engineered Divide & Conquer matrix agenda, pitting humans against humans
  • Divide and conquer and how it plays out politically and how the left is being used by the occult forces to maintain power
  • Timeline-Reality Split, Frequency Vibration, and the Hidden Forces of Life (article, ebook)
  • This has been a successful propaganda campaign by the media/celebrities/politicians
  • We are at the of the end of the era
  • Soul individualization
  • Racial division and ancestral karma
  • Orwellian doublespeak in the social justice warrior cult
  • The murderous spirit and the importance of boundaries
  • Misusing spiritual teachings to put up with toxic people
  • Jesus walked away from toxic people. Quote from “When to Walk Away”
  • When this splitting happens some people will not be able to withstand the frequency
  • Laura’s story about a guru from an ashram she visited in India, who told that if the divine consciousness were to incarnate onto this planet and it was to happen gently, only 65% of people would be able to survive the shift, If it were to happen fiercely, only 30% would survive
  • Frequency Resonance Vibration relates to soul embodiment and the self-work you have engaged in, connecting you more to essence, your true self and being more open for Divine Guidance
  • This splitting relates to Frequency Resonance Vibration related to the level of Being, soul lessons (soul family) and the Supramental consciousness (Divine) descending on this planet during this Time of Transition
  • As your Being/frequency changes you don’t “resonate” anymore with certain people or where you are living
  • Finding the silver lining
  • The Plutonian process and how it will create shocks if necessary to wake us up
  • Shocks are actually a form of compassion trying to propel us forward
  • We have choices we can make now, use this time creatively and productively
  • Working on your basic 3D life foundation: physical/emotional/livelihood
  • Frequency resonance vibrations and how it attracts certain experiences in your life
  • SJWs and blaming the outside world for the racism that they hold within
  • There is only so much self-work we can do on our own
  • People with gifts are being called by the divine to help with this transition

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • There will be 3 main paths people can take during these times: Disintegration – Resilient/Suppression – Anti-fragile
  • The paradox of suffering: who is the I that is suffering?
  • Stepping into entrepreneurship and power, The Age of Aquarius and online learning
  • Divine Will involves an active state of surrender to what God’s Will is for you
  • Working with prayer
  • Organic portals,  different densities and how they relate to OP’s  growing a soul
  • Clearing up the mind/body complex, meditation to still the mind, prayer.
  • The importance of working on our basic psychology and relationship with parents
  • Staying aligned with the Divine (or whatever you want to call the higher powers) and nurturing this relationship
  • How the occult forces take advantage of our unhealed wounds
  • 100th monkey syndrome/critical mass
  • The new world will happen in pockets as the old world disintegrates
  • The importance of healthy optimism and finding the silver lining
  • How do you start and end your day?
  • Pizzagate, pedophilia, and how researching the dark side of humanity can traumatize us
  • The importance of mental health
  • We are being put into places where we can be most of service
  • Every death is a great opportunity, collective death is an even greater opportunity
  • Tibetan book of the dead and what happens near the end of a lifetime
  • Keeping the consciousness centered around the Divine consciousness/emptiness/etc.
  • Don’t get hooked on the mainstream media agenda
  • Silent majority
  • The interrelationship between Individuality – Sovereignty – Being
  • The Divine expresses itself through us
  • The Divine Mother and the toxic feminine
  • The toxic masculine program panel discussion
  • Qanon and not getting into savior trap
  • Our work hasn’t changed, we will still continue to chop wood/carry water
  • Tom Montalk on the Timeline-Reality Split

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