Jordan Sather: Qanon, UFO Disclosure, and the Bigger Picture | TCM #39 (Part 1)

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Jordan Sather joins Bernhard Guenther on the Cosmic Matrix Podcast to talk about his in-depth research being one of the first Qanon researchers since 2017. We discuss the many misconceptions/misinterpretations of Q’s data, common false assumptions about the Qanon community, the importance of not sitting back in complacency nor waiting for any “saviors”, and the trap of getting attached to any one source in the process of seeking truth and much more.

In the second hour, Jordan talks about LARPs and COINTELPRO within the Qanon community and within the so-called truth movement. He shares his research into the UFO topic, his views on Disclosure, and his experiences speaking at various UFO conferences. We talk about disinformation within the UFO community and the MSM’s attempt to stage a soft UFO “disclosure” as a distraction from what is really going on. Jordan also talks about his personal spiritual process in light of the evolution of consciousness and the bigger picture, and much more.

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Show Notes Part 1:

  • Jordan’s initial awakening phase, research, and dark night of the soul
  • The 2016 elections, Wikileaks, Pizzagate and the Podesta emails
  • UFO conferences and research
  • Jordan came across Qanon very early on at the end of 2017
  • The importance of a holistic approach when seeking truth
  • Trump’s election in 2016, triggers and projections
  • Qanon and Intel drops: PsyOp or the real deal?
  • The big difference between what Q posted as opposed to what people think Q said and how they interpret it
  • Who is Q?
  • COINTELPRO and Disinformation
  • A benevolent PsyOp?
  • Importance of non-attachment to any source
  • Q is applying the Socratic method (The Socratic method (also known as the method of Elenchus, elenctic method, or Socratic debate), is a form of a cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions)
  • The growing interactive research network of anons
  • The necessity for disinformation to distract/throw off the enemy (not all Q drops are for anons) – Art of War strategy
  • The importance of reaching the mainstream and raising awareness in light of the evolution of consciousness
  • Q drops, timeline shuffling and Project Looking Glass: “Future Proves Past”
  • “Nothing can stop what is coming” and Divine Will
  • Regarding skeptics asking why Q is not exposing 5G, 9/11, vaccines, etc?
  • Trump’s strategy and the Art of War
  • The importance of not sitting back, and not projecting savior qualities on Trump or Q; it’s a two-way street
  • The idea of complacency
  • The blind spots of the Q community
  • It is not about Democrats vs Republicans or two wings of the same bird as it was in the past (pre-Trump) but the archetypal battle of Dark vs Light
  • Online censorship

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • LARPs and COINTELPRO in the Q community
  • Austin Steinbart claiming to be Q
  • NESARA “coming soon” and JFK Jr. being alive is Disinformation which has never been mentioned or confirmed by Q
  • Anonymous (which has been around for many years) is CIA sponsored COINTELPRO/controlled opposition
  • Regarding the allegations of Trump’s having raped a minor
  • Trump’s connection to Epstein/Maxwell
  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s connection to Anonymous
  • CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp
  • Jordan being invited to Infowars to talk about Q
  • Everyone has biases. Check your own bias!
  • The balance between being too open-minded (without discernment) and too closed-minded (over-skeptical)
  • Jordan’s views and research into the UFO phenomenon and Disclosure over the years
  • Shills and disinformation within the UFO community
  • Recent New York Times article: “No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon’s UFO Unit Will Make Some Findings Public”
  • First NYT article about UFO Disclosure in late 2017, right after Q first started posting
  • Deep State UFO distraction: limited hangout disclosure
  • Leaked John Podesta emails (Wikileaks) with Tom DeLonge about UFOs
  • Netflix is a mouthpiece for the Deep State
  • Joe Rogan’s UFO “researcher” guests: controlled opposition
  • Edward Snowden shill/COINTELPRO agent
  • Jordan’s experience being invited to speak at “Contact in the Desert” UFO conference
  • Hit pieces/smear campaign targeting Jordan (Dark Journalist and Cliff High)
  • Richard Dolan’s questionable associations
  • Censorship within the UFO community and at Gaia
  • UFO community is ignoring the topic of elite pedophilia and human trafficking
  • Regarding Integrity and Sincerity in Seeking Truth
  • Divide & Conquer within the UFO community
  • WHO is going to disclose WHAT?
  • White-washed mainstream UFO disclosure
  • Steven Greer’s connection to John Podesta, the Clintons, and the Rockefeller Foundation
  • Q drops about UFOs and the Secret Space Program
  • Jordan’s personal spiritual process
  • The bigger picture topics Jordan is focused on
  • The importance of speaking out and not submitting to the dear frequency of the matrix
  • Personal attacks, slander, and projection by the “peanut gallery” on social media

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