Orwellian Lockdown in Victoria and Free Range Humans – Matthew Stephen | TCM #42 (Part 1)

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Matthew Stephen joins Bernhard Guenther on this episode of the Cosmic Matrix Podcast to talk about his struggles, process of awakening, and seeking truth. Living in Victoria, Australia, Matthew shares about the increasing draconian lockdown and Orwellian laws and police tactics that are currently affecting millions of Australians, the history and psychology of the Australian people, and their relationship to the “nanny state” which keeps many citizens complacent. They discuss the Technocratic Chinese Marxist/communist influence in Victoria using Melbourne as a blueprint of what may be the globalist’s plan for the whole world and what Australians can do to counteract the NWO agenda and help each other. Furthermore, they look at the silver lining, the blindspot of the hostile forces, the necessary shocks in the process of awakening, and more.

In the second hour, Matthew and Bernhard dive deeper into the Hyperdimensional matrix and the bigger picture of the process of awakening during these times, the birth of a new world, the alchemical marriage of the inner male and female, the process of embodiment, the distortions of spirituality, and the trap of getting lost in the rabbit hole. Furthermore, Matthew shares his research into Qanon and personal realizations, the importance of doing sincere research first before making conclusions, the origin of the Qanon community and who they really are as opposed to the MSM lies about them, the division within the “truth movement”, the role of Trump, the Art of War, Game Theory, how to deal with personal attacks, slander, and projections, and much more.

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