How to Navigate these Times of Chaos | TCM #43 (Part 1)

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In this episode of the Cosmic Matrix podcast, Bernhard and Laura reflect on what has happened over the past 6 months and they talk about the tools of holistic self-work that are necessary in navigating these times of global chaos.

They share about how to apply what they call “the Four-Fold Approach of Holistic Self Work”. In this approach, they look at what self-work must be done on a physical level, a psychological/emotional level, an intellectual level, and on a spiritual level in order to use these times to heal and examine various areas of your life from a multidimensional perspective.  Along with this four-fold approach of self-work, they share their own personal experiences, speak about integrity, how to stay out of trauma responses during these times, the information warfare going on in the media, and more.

In the second hour, Bernhard and Laura talk about the process of seeking truth, cognitive dissonance, the trap of “staying on the fence/neutral” and not taking a stand, recent and upcoming events, like the likelihood we will see a long drawn out election, the “swamp” of the yoga/wellness community and recent attacks from the mainstream spiritual and wellness/yoga community (“Conspirituality”) on anyone who supports Qanon, the importance of owning your triggers, the traumatized mindset of ANTIFA “kids”, how to not feed into the divide and conquer agenda, the necessity of a spiritual foundation and connection/aspiration to the Divine/God in this day and age, and more.

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