Finding Connection in Times of Isolation | TCM #45 (Part 1)

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Many people are dealing with loneliness and isolation during this ongoing Orwellian global lockdown. The path of seeking truth and spiritual work can also be very lonely. Laura and Bernhard discuss how to find connection in times of isolation and polarization, the spiritual lesson of solitude, making connections in ever-day life, unconscious fear of connection with others, the inter-relationship between trauma and avoiding relationships/others, how technology has made us even more isolated despite being able to reach more people online, and more.

In the second hour, Bernhard and Laura talk about the necessity to connect to our true Self, the Divine/Kingdom within. There is an opportunity during these times to engage in deeper self-work and spiritual work. They talk about the true state of our Being/soul/essence, how to receive guidance from the divine, working with prayer, the importance to engage with the world and not trying to escape the world, community and the importance of group work, finding the profoundness in the ordinary. Furthermore, they discuss the “Great Awakening” and what’s happening in the world from a bigger picture perspective on multi-dimensional levels, the trap of negativity and the “doom and gloom” mindset in the “truth community” and much more…

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