Baseline – Decentralization and the Evolution of Consciousness – Xavier Hawk | TMC #47 (Part 1)

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Visionary entrepreneur and blockchain expert Xavier Hawk joins Bernhard Guenther on the Cosmic Matrix Podcast. Xavier talks about his experiences of creating permaculture communities which led him to discover bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He architected the world’s first asset-backed decentralized cryptocurrency with Social Governance called Permacredits which got him the attention of powerful people in the “elite”. He shares his personal experiences and insights of meeting people in positions of high power and how it relates to the current events and the attempted socialist-communist take-over by the “cabal”. Xavier talks about how we can use technology consciously to create a new decentralized system as he envisions in his project Phireon. Furthermore, he shares his views on Trump and the current political situation in light of the evolution of consciousness and STO (Service to Others) and STS (Service to Self) polarities, and more.

In the second hour, Xavier goes deeper into the origin of Bitcoin, how blockchains work, and the various ways they can be used. He shares about the dark side of blockchain technology as it is being used by China, social credits, and looming Technocracy taking over the world, and how we can counter the dark forces. Furthermore, Xavier and Bernhard talk about the necessity for a spiritual foundation in anything we intend to create, the importance for the “pockets of light” to unite and get organized against the anti-divine forces. Xavier shares his profound near-death experiences which shifted his entire direction and view on life, the importance to recognize our unconscious behaviors, the inter-dependence, and oneness of creation while respecting the individual, the necessity to stand up for ourselves and embody healthy self-esteem and warrior within, and more.

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