The End Game and The Necessity to Heal Ourselves – John Paul Rice | TCM #51 (Part 1)

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John Paul Rice joins Bernhard Guenther on the Cosmic Matrix Podcast to talk about current events, his experience at protests in Washington DC on January 6th, and what he witnessed at the Capitol building. As a devoted liberal in the past (having voted for both Obama and Bernie Sanders) he shares his journey and insights that led him to see the truth about who Donald Trump really is—as opposed to the media’s portrayal of him—along with how he saw the pathology of the far left and liberal class in his experiences working in Hollywood.

John talks about the dangers of the ongoing censorship and what a Biden administration could mean for the freedom of the Individual, the hidden war, and clandestine military operations. Furthermore, he shares about his own healing journey and how he realized the necessity to heal ourselves and engage in deeper self-work, so that we can realize who we truly are—which is especially important if we want to help create a new world based on a deeper spiritual foundation—and the importance of moving beyond this reactive activism we are seeing today, which tends to that tag into collective unhealed trauma.

In the second hour, John and Bernhard dive deeper into Q, military intelligence, and the Q movement. John shares his insights and research over the past years, going back to the Clinton and Podesta emails leaked by Wikileaks and to the time when Trump already started vocalizing his views on “the establishment” back in 2012. He talks about the issue of “Qanons”, and the vast misinterpretations of Q’s drops and disinformation within the Q movement—which is currently at an all-time high. They also discuss the effects of Q worldwide from a positive perspective, the danger of savior projections, and a possible “bait and switch” agenda in the long run.

John also speaks about much deeper topics, like the horrors of child trafficking, satanic ritual abuse and child sacrifice, Hollywood programming which supports all this, and how evil really is right in our faces and yet the large part of humanity cannot fully see or recognize it. Furthermore, John talks about the impact of child abuse and how it often affects all of us, and thus the importance to connect to our true Self. He also speaks about how much more effect we have on others if we lead from our Essence/true Self, rather than just trying to convince people via “information”, and much more.

BIO: John Paul Rice is an independent producer of 6 films. He spent 20 years in the Hollywood film industry and made a film called A CHILD’S VOICE in 2017 about Human Trafficking with Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and the sacrifice of children. The experience has lead Mr. Rice to see a bigger view of the world, embarking on his own healing journey, and stepping into the unknown.
Find out more about John’s work and contact here:
@NoRestrictions – Instagram, Twitter, Parler, Gab


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