What is Happening on a 3D/4D Level & Possible Future Scenarios – Tom Montalk | TCM #52 (Part 1) 

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Tom Montalk returns to the Cosmic Matrix to talk with Bernhard Guenther about recent and current events regarding the political situation in the US, and various theories regarding Trump’s actions. Tom shares his research into the Q material and people’s expectations and assumptions, the issue with anticipating specific events from a quantum/metaphysical level, the necessity to expose the corruption and evil to the whole world, and the silver lining in the current situation to initiate a mass awakening securing a more positive future.

Furthermore, Tom talks about the role of the military and various possible strategies happening behind the scenes, the evident election fraud, Durham’s role, and the idea that Q is a psy-op based on a 1920 Bolshevik disinformation campaign called “Operation Trust”, the interrelationship between our inner psychology/the shadow and oppressive political systems like communism and fascism, what we can do as individuals to stay grounded, aligning with a more positive timeline, and more.

In the second hour, Tom dives deeper into the 4D/hyperdimensional aspect of reality, possible alien agenda scenarios, resulting in open contact and partial “faux” disclosure, how it ties into the cabal’s agenda of “The Great Reset”, Transhumanism and a totalitarian Technocracy. Tom shares his view on the different alien factions, how humanity is being conditioned to embrace a China-Style social credit system, how Communism has been infiltrating the US for many decades, setting the stage for what is happening now, the possibility of various alien factions working within government, JFK’s attempt to blow the lid on the UFO cover-up, dismantle the CIA, and the growing patriotic resistance since JFK got killed.

Tom talks about various possible future scenarios, genetic manipulation, the splitting of humanity and a possible Timeline-Reality split, tying into STO and STS frequency vibration and quantum reality manifestation, Terence McKenna’s Timewave Zero, and a quantum leap of novelty which makes it impossible to accurately predict anything, how to tap into our intuition and creative potential, the necessity to still the mind and disconnect from the information overload, and much more.

Tom’s website: montalk.net


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