How Can I Help The World During These Times? | TCM #54 (Part 1)

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On this episode of the Cosmic Matrix podcast, Bernhard and Laura discuss their thoughts on how we can rise to be of service to help the world during these times and what that entails. They begin with discussing how being of service to others we first have to be in the position ourselves to do so, the importance of sincere self-work, the Virgo/6th house (being of service to others) archetype, and how that relates to this process of being of service, our work, and developing humility.

They also talk about the importance of context and consent when helping others, the importance of only “giving” when it is being “asked”, and how this relates to Universal Law and respecting Free will, the importance of developing our own relationship to Essence, the Divine and how this relates to Frequency Resonance Vibration, finding our unique gifts and building our skill sets via working on ourselves.

In the second hour, Bernhard and Laura speak about how we can help others and find those who we may offer our unique medicine, the importance of individualization when finding the right path to serve the world and why it’s important that we don’t skip this critical step.

They also speak about this process of individualization in light of the evolution of consciousness as it relates to “forced equality” and collectivism implemented by the far Left communist/socialist agenda, and how this process of individualization is necessary to break us away from the herd and hive mind. They talk about the concept of “Organic Portals, i.e. “soulless” humans in light of the Matrix, hive mind programming, and that we have all unique paths which we must forge on our own if we are to truly offer our unique “genius” to the world.

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