The Agenda to Eliminate the Soul and the Holistic Solution | TCM #58 (Part 1)

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In this episode, Laura and Bernhard talk about the Matrix Agenda to eliminate the soul with medicine and the holistic process of soul embodiment that is necessary to counteract it. They talk about the importance of spending time in nature and not getting sucked into the information overload, how modern medicine is being abused, and how the world is disconnected from nature in general.

They talk about the importance of addressing trauma and exploring the body via somatic therapies to help heal the individual, and how the mainstream medical industry tends to promote pharmaceuticals instead which numb people and lead to a disconnection from creativity, intuition, conscience, and their Essence and hinders the soul integration process.

They discuss Rudolf Steiner’s work in light of the new Covid mRNA vaccine and pharmaceuticals— in general—relating to Steiner’s quote about “The soul will be made non-existent with the aid of a drug”. Furthermore, Laura and Bernard give tips and suggestions on how to counteract the ant-divine agenda and what we can do to anchor the soul via the four-fold approach of holistic self-work.

In the second part, Laura and Bernhard dive deeper into the long-term adverse effects of the Covid mRNA Vaccine in light of the depopulation and eugenics plan of the globalist elite, and how non-vaccinated people are getting negatively affected by people who have taken the jab. They discuss the numerous reports coming in from women who are non-vaccinated—but have spent time around vaccinated people—who are now reporting adverse effects on their own periods, irregular cycles, and even miscarriages, and that the possibility the vaccine is a bioweapon that is worse than the Covid virus ever was.

They talk about how everyone is affected differently based on soul resonance and soul integration and the importance to address and work through your unconscious wounds and trauma in order to bring forth essence, your true self, as the ultimate form of protection.

Furthermore, they talk about how occult hostile forces take over our bodies most when we are out-of-body, and how this ties into the long-range agenda of the hyperdimensional matrix overlords. They also discuss the importance of connecting with like-minded people, while also being able to let go of old friends with who we no longer align, and the necessity to engage in sincere holistic self-work as the key to transcend the matrix and transmute the darkness being revealed, within and without.

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