Time of Transition and the Seeds of the New World | TCM #59 (Part 1)

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We are in the midst of the Time of Transition, where we are between the death of the old world while the seeds for the new world are beginning to sprout. Bernhard and Laura explore what this “transitionary” period for mankind is all about, they discuss the various esoteric teachings over the ages who have talked about it, the challenges it brings, the opportunities it offers, and what we need to do to bring this new era into fruition of its highest evolutionary potential.

They talk about the necessity to spiritualize our being in light of the Great Work and how this Time of Transition is reflected in Evolutionary Astrology. They speak about what the end of the Pisces age means and how we can be “seed” people for the coming Age of Aquarius. They talk about how current events are manifestations of the shift between ages, the importance to separate from the herd mentality in order to individuate and bring this world to light in the bigger picture of the evolution of consciousness, the dangers of globalism/collectivism, and the rise of a socialist centralized state that will result in the loss of individual freedom as Sri Aurobindo and other teachers over the ages have warned about. They speak about the splitting of humanity, the importance to speak out and not self-censoring oneself, and how we can work with these energies descending onto the planet, and more.

In the second hour, Bernhard and Laura dive deeper into this purification process and speak about why it’s important to discover our creative gifts so we can unlock how we can contribute to the world during this transitionary age. They speak about how Divine Grace relates to this process and how evolutionary astrology can help us to understand these cosmic forces operate from a more objective standpoint, as well as the meaning behind the Capricorn-Aquarius archetypes. They discuss the necessity and right use of the nature of “judgment”, and why it’s important to not fall into false “non-duality” teachings during these times as a way to spiritually bypass participating in them and taking a stand on the issues that really matter to us.

They also discuss the importance to have a bigger spiritual framework so that we can know what we believe and what to stand for during these times. Furthermore, they talk about the necessity of de-conditioning from the programs of culture, society, and our family, and truly becoming an individualized being, and how truly individualized beings will by nature disrupt the status quo. They also speak about the importance to engage the will and tap into your creative potential to make any changes that are necessary during these times in that process of individualization. They also give various suggestions on what you can do to connect more with your true Self and be an active Force to contribute to the world in a conscious way during this period and more.

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