The Difference Between Matrix & Evolutionary Relationships | TCM #63 (Part 1)

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In this episode, Laura and Bernhard discuss the difference between Matrix relationships and Evolutionary relationships. They discuss the four different types of relationships based on the evolution of consciousness and what the prerequisite is to use relationships as a container for spiritual growth and inner work. They talk about the difference between relationships based on the attraction of the false personality and how that differs from relationships based on essence and the true self.

Furthermore, they talk about growth vs fixed mindset in relationships, how to evolve from the consensus/matrix state to the individuated soul state, why people tend to have a hard time letting go of outdated relationships, and the ongoing splitting of humanity happening right now based on the fact that some people are waking up while others aren’t, and how this process tends to change our relationships to the people around us rapidly.

In the second hour, Bernhard and Laura share 8 key points of what an evolutionary relationship entails and what work needs to be done to use relationships as a spiritual path. They talk about the pitfalls and distractions that happen when one “crosses the threshold” from the consensus state to the individuated state, and they also talk about the trap of developing a new “spiritual ego”, such as identification with being a lightworker, Starseed, wanderer, etc.

They also discuss how the individuated states/spiritualized states can be tricky to work with, as people can seem to have a sense of “spiritual knowledge” (even holding “Ph.D.’s” in certain spiritual topics) but their opinions and values are not truly “individuated/spiritualized” but are still matrix-based as their “opinions” are not their own rather just reflections of the mainstream/consensus state that they operate within.

Furthermore, they share more about the process of individuation, how it takes “super-efforts” to stay individuated and not to fall back into the consensus/matrix state, what it takes to connect to essence in relationships, and make relationships centered around the Divine, and much more.

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