The Totalitarian Take-Over And What We Can Do About It | TCM #65 (Part 1)

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David Whitehead and John Paul Rice join Bernhard Guenther for another warrior roundtable on the Cosmic Matrix Podcast to talk about current events, the deeper issues at hand, and what we can do to counteract the totalitarian globalist agenda.

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Show Notes Part 1:

  • Current projects David and John are engaged in
  • The push for mandatory vaxxinations and vaxx passports
  • The ideology of Collectivism vs. the Individual
  • Is the tide turning and more people are waking up?
  • The globalist psychopaths are getting desperate
  • The shame/blame/guilt game
  • Deflection and Divide&Conquer
  • The importance of being aware of their agenda without falling into Doom&Gloom
  • The process of individuation out of the consensus state in light of the evolution of consciousness
  • The splitting of humanity and the necessity for polarization
  • The silver lining and opportunity during these times
  • Does protesting work? – Practical solutions, self-responsibility, and action beyond protesting
  • The importance of personal connections beyond the internet
  • Facing reality as it is – The battle is without AND within
  • Activating our creative potential and stepping into your authentic individuated self
  • Little ripples make big effects
  • Finding other warriors out there and supporting each other
  • Evil contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction

In Part 2 (only for members) we go deeper into:

  • Is there a real virus out there? What are our assumptions?
  • The work of Jon Rappoport, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, and Dr. David Martin
  • The biggest con psy-op and humanitarian crime in modern history
  • The depopulation agenda goes back hundreds of years
  • Careful of infighting [real virus vs no virus] and not throwing out be baby with the bathwater
  • The potential for a Nuremberg 2 trial
  • Was the virus ever isolated?
  • Massive contradiction in the official story and no common sense, logic, nor proper scientific method
  • We are dealing with liars and criminals of the highest order, dark occultists, and a level of evil most people have no idea of going back thousands of years
  • David shares more about his in-depth research and upcoming series “Cult of the Medics”
  • Forget about trying to wake up the sleeping masses
  • Know Thy Enemy – Know Thyself
  • The trap of the New Age cult
  • This is a spiritual multi-dimensional war of consciousness going way beyond what we see now on the surface level
  • Not everyone is sincerely engaged in the process of awakening
  • The necessity for the warrior mindset to battle the opposing forces within and without
  • The deeper psychological mechanisms of cognitive dissonance in light of shadow work and facing one’s darkness
  • Ancient trauma that altered the human psyche is being reactivated
  • The inversion of the left/right hemisphere in the brain based on blood-ritual sacrifices over thousands of years
  • The trap of externalizing evil and waiting for someone to arrest/get rid of the psychopaths in power
  • The blindspot and Achilles heel of evil
  • The difficulty of truly helping others and being of service
  • The false duality of evil and good and the necessity to fight evil while understanding its role [paradox]
  • Our blindness to evil [within ourselves and in the world] allows it to persist

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