How Can We Be Truly Sovereign And Free? | TCM #67 (Part 1)

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Bernhard and Laura discuss what it means to be truly sovereign and free. They talk about the necessary process of Individuation, what it entails, the trap of attaching to groups and seeking external freedom alone, what it means to “Know Thyself”, and how these times are the best opportunity to engage in the Great Work and become an authentic sovereign free Individual.

In the second hour, Bernhard shares his personal story of individuation in more depth with all the trauma, pain, and struggle it entailed. Furthermore, Laura and Bernhard talk about how reaching the point of maximum alienation and disillusionment leads to individuation and they give practical guidance and suggestions to help people individuate and gain true freedom during this Time of Transition.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • Sovereignty and Anarchism
  • External Freedom vs. Inner Freedom
  • The Process of Individuation
  • The conditioned ego personality cannot know Freedom
  • What does it mean to Know Thyself?
  • The Individuation process through the lens of Evolutionary Astrology
  • The resistance/backlash of the consensus state (masses/herd) against the Individual
  • The importance to go through the process of alienation
  • The trap of seeking “like-minded” people without having gone through the individuation process
  • Embracing loneliness to become comfortable in solitude
  • Joining and forming groups can come from wounding/insecurity
  • What is the individuated self?
  • The necessity to transcend tribal conditioning
  • Embodiment, Triggers, and Projections (Shadow Work)
  • The illusion of separation and independence
  • We can’t do self-work just on our own
  • Decentralizing and governing yourself
  • Withdrawing your projections and taking full self-responsibility without blame
  • Now is the best time to engage in the Work and the Individuation Process
  • The Trap of Identification

In Part 2 (only for members) we go deeper into:

  • The process of Individuation is challenging and painful
  • Bernhard shares his journey of Individuating
  • The trauma of alienation
  • The Hero’s Journey symbolizes the process of Individuation
  • Astrological Transits and the Individuation Process: Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition
  • Bernhard’s story about joining a spiritual/esoteric group of “like-minded” people, losing himself and being “cast out”
  • Reaching the point of maximum alienation and disillusionment leading to individuation
  • The process can be intensely traumatic
  • The outer world will be responding to/reflect the Individuation process
  • A death/rebirth process and a rite of passage which is terrifying to the ego
  • The spiritual opening and surrender to the Divine
  • Intellectualizing the process, lying to oneself, and lack of embodiment
  • Laura’s story of what started her individuation process
  • There can only be a truly conscious relationship on a higher level when both partners are already individuated
  • What is True Freedom?
  • Individuated people can inspire other people of the consensus state and “help” free them
  • Globalism, Socialism, Marxism, Collectivism are anti-divine ideologies going against the Individual and the Individuation process
  • Uniformity vs. Unity
  • The trap of group identification (identity politics)
  • The temptation of avoiding the Individuation process which would lead to true Freedom and Sovereignty
  • Allow yourself to be “cast out” by the consensus (even friends & family)
  • Divine guidance, divine intervention, and assisting forces
  • The more you are individuated, the more Free Will you gain
  • Personal Will, Divine Will, and Free Will

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