Common Traps On The Path Of Awakening And How To Avoid Them | TCM #74 (Part 1)

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Bernhard and Laura talk about the common traps on the path of awakening during these times and how to avoid them.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • What is the awakening process?
  • Do people really want to awaken?
  • The battle of ego vs. soul
  • Attachment to victimhood
  • The trap of helping others who are stuck in victimhood
  • “Throwing pearls in front of swine”- not all asking is sincere
  • The obsession with just physical health and physical appearance
  • Materialism and the fear of death
  • The necessity for a holistic integral approach to life
  • A new level of spiritual bypassing
  • The New Age revival and distorted dogmatic Christian teachings (savior program)
  • Insincerity on the path and the deeper nature of evil within us
  • The trap of superiority

In Part 2 (only for members) we go deeper into:

  • We didn’t come here for vacation (Neil Kramer quote)
  • Life is a school and battlefield and we are in a time of war
  • The trap of trying to escape the world and “reality”
  • People can waste years and decades of “Self-work” and “shadow work” if it’s not applied correctly and sincerely while lying to themselves that they are more “advanced”
  • The challenge of withdrawing projections and “living in the house of the gathering” (Carl Jung)
  • People justify their triggers [blame/vicitm] instead of using them as an entry point for self-inquiry
  • The alchemical inner fusion and crystallization of the soul, keeping the fire alive within
  • Humility is a key ingredient on the spiritual path and applying “Beginner’s Mind”
  • The trap of creating a spiritual identity [lightworker, star seed, reborn Christian, etc.) as an unconscious trauma response, spiritual bypassing, and the ego hijacking it
  • The trap of wanting to be “special”
  • The trap of joining groups, movements, and communities as an “identity” and skipping the individuation process
  • Pluto in Aquarius and the Individuation process
  • Crossing the threshold and the point of no return
  • Passivity on the spiritual path and the necessity to engage the will
  • The true meaning of surrender from a spiritual perspective
  • The difference between mechanical [forceful] will-full doing and consciously engaging the will

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