How To Break The Spell Of Mass Formation Psychosis | TCM #76 (Part 1)

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Laura and Bernhard discuss the bigger manifestations of the mass formation psychosis, how to break the spell, the different levels of the awakening process and soul evolution, the in-fighting in the “truth movement”, how we all are transducers of higher energies [divine & anti-divine forces], the trap of the paranoid/fearful mind, questioning virology and allopathic medicine, and more.


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April 11th – July 2nd, 2022

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Show Notes Part 1:

  • Humanity has been under a spell for thousands of years
  • A dark force has taken over humanity (wetiko, occult hostile forces)
  • The way out of the mass formation psychosis is the Great Work
  • Pathology has become normalized in the modern world
  • We’re in a battle for the human soul
  • Society’s obsession with youth and the physical body
  • The importance to stay human
  • The different levels of consciousness within humanity: consensus, individuated, spiritualized
  • Joe Rogan, Robert Malone, Jordan Peterson, etc. are still in a consensus state pushing towards individuation
  • The truth movement, gatekeepers, and controlled opposition
  • Different levels of the awakening process – everyone plays their role
  • Seeking truth is an ongoing learning process
  • Infighting within the “truth movement” based on the tunnel vision of external information warfare
  • Truth movements/communities can easily be taken over by wetiko/hostile forces if there is a lack of sincere psychological and spiritual self-work
  • Art of war strategies and keeping the bigger picture in mind
  • The matrix is not “out there” but a mind program working through people
  • Most people that have been “red-pilled” are still attached to the consensus state and the temptations of the matrix
  • Positive [hero] projections on tennis star Novak Djokovic
  • Evil works through your shadow, blind spot, weaknesses, ego, trauma, in more subtle ways
  • Practical suggestions and reflective questions on “how to break the spell”
  • The short attention span epidemic, ADD, and lack of focus is a matrix program

In Part 2 (only for members) we go deeper into:

  • We all are transducers or higher energies [divine & anti-divine forces]; the ego-personality is not in charge
  • The Divine always uses anything and anyone to do HIS work to the best ability relative to the ignorance, deficiencies, and soul lessons
  • Sri Aurobindo on The Divine and the Undivine
  • The key point to understand: the war is THROUGH us
  • Many truthers are trapped in the paranoid mindset which is most often a trauma response
  • People distorting and abusing the concept of wetiko and occult hostile forces
  • Instead of getting caught up in fighting the matrix “out there”, look within and see how the matrix works through you
  • Connecting and surrendering to the Divine will highlight everything that is in the way of it
  • No steps can be skipped in light of the evolution of consciousness
  • Fear and paranoia attract the hostile forces
  • Questioning virology – do viruses exist?
  • Dr. Tom Cowan’s and Dr. Andy Kaufman’s work
  • Questioning our assumptions and beliefs around modern medicine, illness, viruses, the flu, cancer, etc.
  • Allopathic medicine doesn’t consider the emotional, psychological, and spiritual health of a person
  • Psychosomatic illness, black magic, and belief
  • The relationships between [unconscious] victim consciousness and people getting sick
  • The materialistic tunnel vision that an illness/disease has only one [external] cause
  • It is time to uproot the whole Rockefeller and Big Parma sponsored medical system, education, and allopathic medicine
  • Dr. Tom Cowan’s view on controlled opposition and the necessity to ask the right questions
  • The body’s natural process of detoxification is mislabeled as “having caught a virus”
  • We’re under a spell of corrupted materialistic based “medicine”
  • Death is part of life

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