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Relationships are becoming more challenging during this Time of Transition and “splitting of humanity”, especially for those who are waking up, questioning the mainstream hive-mind narrative, and learning how to think for themselves. In this episode, Laura and Bernhard speak about how to work with projections in relationships and how it relates to the individuation process, and also about how it’s necessary to create the necessary “inner marriage” with our soul/spirit to become whole within, and much more…

Show Notes Part 1:

  • Relationship challenges come up a lot for people during this “splitting of humanity”
  • What are projections and learning how to withdraw your projections
  • The ego and wounded self like to justify and rationalize projections and triggers, falling into the victim/blame trap
  • Recognizing when projections happen [positive & negative]
  • The necessary foundation of sincere self-work: objective self-observation and not identifying with any thoughts and emotions
  • Silencing mind and nervous system regulation
  • Self-compassion and humility are needed in this work
  • The big difference between the ideas/thoughts/feelings we have about another person as opposed to who he/she really is
  • Be curious about your projections without taking them as facts and then self-inquire
  • The first seven years of your childhood set up the rest of your life with many unconscious patterns, desires, and internalized relationship patterns related to your parental figures
  • Retrieving the unconscious suppressed emotion somatically is more important than “the story”
  • Questions for self-inquiry
  • Facing the unconscious darkness and potential for evil within you [slaying the dragon]
  • Misconceptions about shadow work
  • How to work with projections if it is you who is being projected on
  • Projections and unconscious core beliefs within us
  • The ego’s projections/triggers like to be validated by others[“shit-talking”, gossiping, especially on social media]
  • The interrelationships between projections, triggers, and occult hostile forces
  • Anyone who triggers you has power over you and is essentially your “teacher” for self-inquiry in light of shadow work
  • The trap of attack and defense
  • Shadow Work is the apprentice piece – Anima/Animus is the masterpiece

In Part 2 (only for members) we go deeper into:

  • Why are we attracted to certain people and dislike/neutral to others?
  • Most attractions are based on very mechanical unconscious patterns and projections
  • Falling in love and positive projections
  • Breaking habitual relationship patterns
  • Growth vs. Fixed mindset relationships
  • What is the number one prerequisite for a conscious relationship?
  • Unconscious trauma bonds is mistaken for love
  • Shadow work introduces you to your personal unconscious and Anima/Animus integration introduced you to the qualities of your own soul
  • Definitions and characteristics of the Anima in Man and the Animus in Woman
  • To engage sincerely shadow work and Anima/Animus integration “great sacrifices also are required – of such precious commodities as one’s pride, one’s self-image, one’s self-righteousness.” [Liz Greene]
  • Taking self-responsibility with shaming/blaming the self
  • The difference between healthy guilt/shame-based on a healthy mature conscience vs. pathological/toxic guilt/shame
  • Romantic love always consists of Anima/Animus soul projections
  • What was your relationship with your opposite-sex parent?
  • You can waste many years in this work by just intellectualizing the process without somatic integration
  • Characteristics of a man without an integrated Anima and with a healthy Anima
  • The superficiality of New Age/pop-spirituality divine masculine/feminine teachings and polarity teachings
  • Characteristics of a woman without an integrated Animus and with a healthy Animus
  • Suggestions on how to integrate Anima/Animus
  • Becoming clear about your values in relationships [not just intimate]

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