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Bernhard and Laura talk about how we can heal and recover from the past two years of psychological warfare and trauma installments. They share practical tips on how to clear negative emotions, get out of fear, and trauma freeze responses in light of the bottom-up and top-down approaches. They talk about upcoming astrological transits, the cosmic weather ahead, and how to use these energies creatively to empower yourself. Furthermore, they share compelling new research about the effects of the COVID Vaccines from the Spiritual Perspective and the consequences on the Soul, Spirit, and Life after Death.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • Major Trauma over the past two years that will affect generations to come
  • Many people are stuck in a freeze/fear state and in complete denial due to psychological mind control of the official narrative
  • How unconscious Trauma shows up in your life
  • Regulating your nervous system is key
  • The body carries all our suppressed emotions
  • Exaggerated survival mode based on fear projected into the future as a trauma response
  • We are affected unconsciously by the environmental consciousness of the collective
  • Fear is the trap that keeps people trapped in the matrix
  • How do we conquer our fear from a somatic perspective?
  • Laura’s practices of how to regulate the nervous system
  • The bottom-up and top-down approach
  • Bernhard’s approach and practices to transmute stuck emotions and fear/worry
  • Grasping on negative thoughts, trauma response, and reorientation
  • Prayer and aspiration to the Divine
  • Many people are addicted to unnecessary suffering
  • Conscious vs. mechanical suffering
  • Addiction to negativity and being “black-pilled”
  • The astrological new year and upcoming transits
  • Focus on what you want to create, plant seeds
  • Inspiration, possibilities, opportunities
  • Bernhard and Laura being heavily censored on Big Tech social media

In Part 2 (only for members) we go deeper into:

  • The Cosmic weather report for the coming months as Pluto goes retrograde
  • More opportunities for deeper shadow work
  • Important to understand the bigger cycles and how astrological transits affect everyone differently based on the level of being
  • Pluto and different generations
  • Alien disclosure coming when Pluto hits Aquarius?
  • The rabbit hole of astrology – where to start?
  • How to use astrology efficiently and responsibly
  • 61000 millennials have died in the span of 1 year from the COVID19 vaxx death shot.
  • New research data about the Corona Vaccines from the Spiritual Perspective: Consequences on Soul and Spirit, and the Life after Death
  • The adverse effects of Corona vaccinations on the physical body are only the tip of the iceberg
  • The vaxx effects in light of Anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner’s work, and super-sensible perception
  • “People will be inoculated against their disposition towards spiritual ideas. The materialistic physicians will be entrusted with the task of expelling the souls from mankind.” – Rudolf Steiner
  • The mRNA vaxx create entry points for hostile entities to take over the body and “eject” the soul (the vaxx itself contains a “vaccine being”)
  • Fascinating reports from CranioSacral therapists who did bodywork on vaccinated patients
  • The afterlife effects of vaccinated people who died: earthbound spirits stuck in the lower astral realm
  • Psychiatric drugs, allopathic medicine, chemotherapy, etc has adverse effects on the etheric body/soul and the after-death process
  • It’s important not to make generalizations: the vaxx affects everyone differently based on level of being and other factors
  • How to heal and negate the adverse effects of the vaxx
  • Trauma and soul fragmentation
  • The level of soul embodiment and the state of consciousness at the moment of death determines the after-life experience
  • New Age fringe disinformation that the “tunnel of light is a trap”
  • The Tibetan and Egyptian Book of the Dead
  • Preparing to die is to live life fully and consciously with full self-responsibility
  • We live on borrowed time – the importance to meditate on death

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