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Laura and Bernhard discuss how we can be a healing force for others and the world. They talk about the role of the bodhisattva (including wanderers, star seeds, lightworkers), Chiron and the path of the wounded healer, the various traps we can get caught up in when being of service, trying to help others, and how to maximize our potential to be of service.

Laura goes over all the various Chiron placements in an astrology chart and what it means for you; they talk about the true meaning of Service to Others (STO) and Service to Self (STS) and the distortion of it. Furthermore, they talk about the necessity of “payment” and “paying with yourself” from an esoteric perspective when engaging in sincere inner work and asking for help, the karmic consequences of trying to get anything for “free” and more.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • The beginning of a new astrological year and cycle
  • As within, so without: Heal ourselves and heal the world
  • The role of the bodhisattva
  • Opening the heart to the suffering of the world
  • Dis-identifying with the ego-personality, bringing forth Essence, and the necessity to still the mind
  • Higher developed souls: wanderers, star seeds, lightworker, and how the [wounded] ego can easily hijack these concepts
  • Chiron and the wounded healer archetype
  • The new moon in Aries conjunct Chiron
  • The two ways Chiron can manifest in your life
  • Bernhard’s experience with his Chiron placement
  • The power of evolutionary astrology when used with deep psycho-spiritual inner work
  • We can become a teacher/healer in the area where we were wounded IF we have healed ourselves so we don’t wound others unconsciously
  • The traps of the Chiron/wounded healer journey
  • The danger of interfering with someone’s soul lesson
  • When the ego hijacks the idea of “helping others” or “waking others up”
  • The power and deeper lesson of struggling with oneself
  • Do not give if it is not asked for (universal law)
  • Anyone you help and do deep work with may project on to you, enacting in unconscious transference projection
  • Helping others and being of service is not a royal path – it is difficult to work dealing with many opposing forces and projections
  • Being aware not to bring in your own triggered wounded material when the person you are helping is projecting on you
  • The prerequisite of helping others
  • Reflection questions

In Part 2 (only for members) we go deeper into:

  • The Chiron placements for all 12 signs and houses and what it means for you
  • Your Chiron placement symbolizes your archetypal core wound and soul lesson
  • Laura’s Chiron lesson
  • Chiron opposing Uranus for 40 years – major trauma signature
  • The concept and origin of Service to Others (STO) and Service to Self (STS)
  • Many distortions in the New Age about STO/STS
  • The Ra material and channeled material in general
  • Owning/being aware of the selfish part of your ego-personality (STS)
  • The ego hijacking the idea of being STO
  • The big spiritual distortion is that “being of service” needs to be free
  • A mutual exchange is necessary – nothing is free in the entire universe
  • Payment and paying with yourself
  • A test of sincerity
  • The trap of trying to get teachings and help “for free” (Karmic debt)
  • Lack of sincerity can get you into all kinds of dead ends, false teachings, and traps via temptation and laziness
  • A message and suggestion to people who can’t afford our course
  • How Laura and Bernhard started self-work and attracted the right help and resources
  • The Matrix poverty program
  • Bernhard’s experience of helping people and giving services for free
  • The deeper aspect and multi-dimensional meaning and effects of Karma
  • The oversimplification, distortion, and abuse of the idea of Karma
  • Manly P. Hall on Karma (the law of cause and effect)

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