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Actualizing our creative potential is the greatest rebellion we can engage in to counteract evil and the matrix hostile forces. Bernhard and Laura talk about the importance of creative expression, sowing the seeds for the next era, how to access your creativity and your talents via shadow and trauma work, what it means to follow your bliss and more.

In the second hour, Laura and Bernhard talk about the interrelationship between Sexual Energy and Creative Energy, and how the Matrix forces manipulate humans to feed off of their sexual [creative] energy. They discuss the daimon in light of the process of Individuation, the importance to find your “mission” and purpose, the epidemic of imitation and plagiarism on social media and they dive deeper into the connection between creativity and abundance, and much more.


A 12-week Private Online Group Coaching Program in Psychological and Spiritual Self-Work
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July 25th – October 15th, 2022

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“I felt drawn to Laura and Bernhard’s work because I was looking to take my self-work to a deeper level and find the tools I needed to move through this time of transition with my eyes and heart open. They both bring their unique wisdom and experience together to deliver a holistic and authentic offering on seeing beyond the tangible world and not being afraid of its truth.

Through this course, I have deepened my appreciation for, and connection with, the Divine as well as with myself. It exceeded my expectations in learning ways to embody the anti-fragile, empowered, spiritual warrior, and so now I feel more prepared to navigate these times with genuine courage and trust. I am so grateful for this much-needed work, especially right now, and encourage anyone who is sincere about their path to awakening to Self and universal knowledge, to do this course! This is the real work.”

– Brianna O.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • The importance to activate our creative potential during these times as Pluto moves into Aquarius
  • Sowing the seeds for the next era
  • Being in doom & gloom survival state blocks our creativity
  • Creativity and Divine Will
  • Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence
  • Evil is not capable of creating anything new [lack of creativity]
  • Humans have become consumers instead of creators
  • Accessing your creativity and talents via shadow work
  • Emotional suppression and trauma
  • The link between creativity and inspiration
  • How to open the flow
  • Be mindful of what kind of media you consume
  • Creative expression requires risk, courage, and self-responsibility
  • Creativity and the Leo archetype in evolutionary astrology
  • Your creative potential is directly linked to your unique soul “purpose”
  • What it means to “follow your bliss”
  • Our creative potential is covered up with trauma, childhood wounds, social/cultural conditioning, etc.
  • People who complain, gossip, and criticize a lot are out of touch with their true Self, purpose, and creativity
  • A challenge for you!
  • Some reflection questions and suggestions to help you uncover your creative potential

In Part 2 (only for members) we go deeper into:

  • Sexual Energy and Creative Energy
  • The distortion and misuse/abuse of sexual energy in our hyper-sexualized modern world
  • The Matrix forces manipulate humans to feed off of their sexual [creative] energy
  • True beauty and Divinity as opposed to “modern art” and the low frequency of mainstream pop music tagging to the lower self
  • Transmuting sexual energy into the higher octaves
  • The daimon [creative spirit] and how it relates to creativity
  • Creativity and the drive towards individuation
  • The daimon and Jungian psychology
  • The importance to have a mission and purpose
  • The mission of art
  • The necessity for openness to receive creative ideas and inspiration
  • Why the mob psychology and woke ideology gets in the way of your creativity
  • Pharmaceuticals and psychiatric drugs block true creativity
  • You have to be willing to be canceled and for people to be triggered if you want to express your creative potential and authentic self
  • The interrelationship between freedom, sovereignty, and creativity
  • We live in the age of imitation and plagiarism [especially on social media]
  • Examples of how Bernhard’s and Laura’s work has been ripped off and plagiarized
  • The interrelationship between creativity, abundance, and generating income
  • Opulence is the nature of the universe
  • The root meaning of being “spiritual” in connection with the creative principle

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