Essential Self-Work Tools For Uncertain Times | TCM #88 (Part 1)

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Laura and Bernhard give insights and practical tools for self-work during these uncertain times. They explore three main areas to work on: Mindset, Psychological Somatic Work, and Spiritual Connection. They also talk about the fear of making decisions, unconscious self-sabotage and negative synchronicities, how to empower yourself and use this opportunity for self-actualization, and much more.


A 14-week Private Online Group Coaching Program in Psychological and Spiritual Self-Work
to Activate your Soul Potential on Multidimensional Levels

with Bernhard Guenther & Laura Matsue


“This course was beyond what I expected. Bernhard’s and Laura’s experiences and backgrounds are beautifully organized into a format that helped me understand the suffering I have been carrying and showed me a way to help myself. Their support in showing you the way back to your true self is something I will be forever grateful for. Thank you, Bernhard and Laura!”

– Jennifer V.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • Facing reality and uncertain times 
  • The fake reality of social media 
  • The importance of psychological self-awareness and knowledge 
  • Information overload and Trauma 
  • 3 Key areas to work on: Mindset, Psychological Somatic Work, Spiritual Connection
  • Distractions and the Attention Economy 
  • It’s never been a better time to learn a new skill 
  • Priorities, focus, and engaging the will 
  • The inner critic and unconscious internalized shame are the barriers to healthy optimism, motivation, and inspiration 
  • The importance of self-awareness and self-observation 
  • The trap of hyper-fixating on diet 
  • The necessity for somatic psychological work 
  • The Shadow Dance: Dogmatic Woke cult vs. Dogmatic Christianity 
  • The trap of Identification
  • The different stages of the Individuation process 
  • The body, tension, and the shadow 
  • The trap of the Intellect
  • The necessity to feel all feelings and let go
  • Suffering and Essence 

In Part 2 (only for members) we go deeper into:

  • Spirituality vs. dogmatic Religion
  • The greater Self vs. the small self
  • Desire and Essence
  • The individuation process is key before one can surrender to the Divine/greater Self
  • The importance of Faith and Trust
  • Crisis, Prayer, and Divine Grace
  • What does it mean to surrender to the Divine?
  • Spirituality is not an escape from life but being fully engaged in life
  • Is 5D a New Age scam?
  • Fear of making decisions, lack of commitment, and will
  • Intuition, decisions, and occult hostile forces
  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • The trap and self-deception of “waiting till you are ready.”
  • Opportunities can be missed and can pass
  • Unconscious self-sabotage and negative synchronicities
  • Now is the time to be an entrepreneur, but it’s not a path for everyone
  • The biggest opportunity to self-actualize is now, but it requires work, dedication, and effort
  • Paying your dues and karma yoga

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